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The second Pokémon Ga-Olé set was released on September 15, 2016. It features 42 standard disks and 3 secret disks.



The Genetic Pokémon Mewtwo served as the focal Pokémon for the second set, appearing as a Grade 5 Pokémon in the Mewtwo Course, one of the launch courses. Its counterpart, the New Species Pokémon Mew could be encountered on the same course as well, though much less frequently. Mew was also the first Pokémon Ga-Olé disk to have a collection number of "XXX". The Beginning Course acts as an introductory course, featuring relatively low-Grade Pokémon, including the Generation IV starter Pokémon, as well as some Pokémon from the first set.

A number of high-Grade Pokémon, including Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde, could be encountered in the Zygarde Again Course, available to play from October. November saw the release of the Kyurem Course, in which the Boundary Pokémon Kyurem could be encountered as a Grade 5 Pokémon. The Greninja's Bond Course, available to play in conjunction with the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon in Japan, introduced a Grade 5 Greninja with the ability to transform into Ash-Greninja.

The second set also included some changes to game mechanics, including an increased capture rate across all Pokémon, and an increased encounter rate for Grade 4 and Grade 5 Pokémon. This change also increased the chances of a player encountering secret Pokémon, such as Shiny Pokémon. Conversely, the rate at which Fighting Spirit could be raised during gameplay was reduced. Another minor addition was the ability to give players a second opportunity to capture Pokémon after a failed attempt. Pokémon that did not enter the Get Chance state during a round and were not captured had a small chance to appear again in the following round, retaining the same HP.

A new game mode, Trainer and Battle (Japanese: トレーナーとバトル) was introduced with the launch of the second set, providing a similar gameplay experience to that of Challenge Battle from Pokémon Tretta. Trainer and Battle mode features 5 different Pokémon Trainers to battle against, each with a team of 4 Pokémon. Each of the Trainers have a difficulty rating based on the Grade of Pokémon in their team. Defeating a Trainer will earn the player a trophy, which can be retained if they have a Ga-Olé Pass. Trainer and Battle mode consists of a single round, and can only be won by defeating all of the opponent's Pokémon—if the round reaches the time limit, it still counts as a loss. Last Chance! follows the conclusion of Trainer and Battle mode as with Get by Battle mode, offering the player an opportunity to capture and dispense random Pokémon for an additional ¥100. Evolution Chance! and Grade Up Chance! will also follow the conclusion of Trainer and Battle mode if the player used any eligible disks.

Course summary

Standard courses
Mewtwo Course
Playable at set launch
393 392 388
Beginning Course
Playable at set launch
716 718C 717
Zygarde Again Course
Playable from October 6, 2016
Kyurem Course
Playable from November 3, 2016
Greninja's Bond Course
Playable from November 18, 2016
Limited courses
Ga-Olé Ticket Available at participating stores with Pokémon Ga-Olé arcade units from September 15, 2016
387 390 393
Sinnoh Setting Off Course
Playable from September 15 to December 7, 2016
Ga-Olé Ticket Available for Pokémon Ga-Olé Members to redeem from September 17, 2016 for 1,000 Member Points
115 445 080
Mega Evolution's Power Course
Playable from September 17, 2016 to March 31, 2017
Ga-Olé Ticket Available as an insert in issue 50 of Pokémon Fan, released on September 20, 2016
658 130 009
Water Types One After Another Course
Playable from September 20 to December 7, 2016
Ga-Olé Ticket
150 663
Special Mewtwo Course
とくべつ ミュウツーコース
Playable from October 7 to 27, 2016 on select units
Ga-Olé Ticket
444 443 445
Gible Outbreak
Playable from October 20 to November 2, 2016
Ga-Olé Ticket Available as an insert in the December 2016 issue of CoroCoro Ichiban!, released on October 21, 2016
147 718 704
Overthrow! Dragon Course
Playable from October 21 to December 7, 2016
Ga-Olé Ticket
Ga-Olé Ticket
Ga-Olé Ticket

Trainer and Battle mode opponents

Fashionable Kid Chiemi
Ga-Olé Trainer Fashionable Kid.png
Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆
Tretta Ground type.pngTretta Electric type.png
Tretta Ground type.png Mud Bomb
Tretta Dragon type.png
Tretta Normal type.png Tackle
Tretta Electric type.pngTretta Fairy type.png
Tretta Electric type.png Nuzzle
Tretta Water type.pngTretta Psychic type.png
Tretta Psychic type.png Confusion
Hot-blooded Boy Yoshiaki
Ga-Olé Trainer Hot-blooded Boy.png
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Tretta Fighting type.pngTretta Dark type.png
Tretta Dark type.png Crunch
Tretta Bug type.pngTretta Grass type.png
Tretta Bug type.png X-Scissor
Tretta Poison type.png
Tretta Poison type.png Sludge
Tretta Water type.pngTretta Flying type.png
Tretta Water type.png Water Pulse
Uniform Girl Rio
Ga-Olé Trainer Uniform Girl.png
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Tretta Grass type.pngTretta Ground type.png
Tretta Ground type.png Earth Power
Tretta Fire type.pngTretta Fighting type.png
Tretta Fighting type.png Close Combat
Tretta Water type.pngTretta Steel type.png
Tretta Steel type.png Flash Cannon
Tretta Electric type.png
Tretta Electric type.png Thunderbolt
Street Boy Shōgo
Ga-Olé Trainer Street Boy.png
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Tretta Flying type.pngTretta Dragon type.png
Tretta Normal type.png Boomburst
Tretta Psychic type.pngTretta Fairy type.png
Tretta Fairy type.png Draining Kiss
Tretta Fighting type.pngTretta Steel type.png
Tretta Fighting type.png Brick Break
Tretta Ghost type.pngTretta Poison type.png
Tretta Ghost type.png Shadow Punch
Battle Leader Racto*
Ga-Olé Trainer Battle Leader Racto.png
Difficulty: ★★★★★
Tretta Normal type.png
Mega Kangaskhan
Tretta Normal type.png Mega Punch
Tretta Water type.pngTretta Psychic type.png
Mega Slowbro
Tretta Psychic type.png Zen Headbutt
Tretta Dragon type.pngTretta Ice type.png
Tretta Ice type.png Blizzard
Tretta Psychic type.png
Tretta Psychic type.png Psystrike

Set list

Disk No. Name Type Grade
02-001 Turtwig Grass Grade 1
02-002 Grotle Grass Grade 2
02-003 Torterra GrassGround Grade 3
02-004 Chimchar Fire Grade 1
02-005 Monferno FireFighting Grade 2
02-006 Infernape FireFighting Grade 3
02-007 Piplup Water Grade 1
02-008 Prinplup Water Grade 2
02-009 Empoleon WaterSteel Grade 3
02-010 Lunatone RockPsychic Grade 2
02-011 Solrock RockPsychic Grade 2
02-012 Paras BugGrass Grade 1
02-013 Parasect BugGrass Grade 2
02-014 Koffing Poison Grade 1
02-015 Weezing Poison Grade 2
02-016 Dratini Dragon Grade 1
02-017 Dragonair Dragon Grade 2
02-018 Dragonite DragonFlying Grade 3
02-019 Dragonite DragonFlying Grade 4
02-020 Fletchling NormalFlying Grade 1
02-021 Fletchinder FireFlying Grade 2
02-022 Talonflame FireFlying Grade 3
02-023 Goomy Dragon Grade 1
02-024 Sliggoo Dragon Grade 2
02-025 Goodra Dragon Grade 3
02-026 Goodra Dragon Grade 4
02-027 Kangaskhan Normal Grade 3
02-028 Kangaskhan Normal Grade 4
02-029 Slowpoke WaterPsychic Grade 1
02-030 Slowbro WaterPsychic Grade 2
02-031 Slowbro WaterPsychic Grade 3
02-032 Gible DragonGround Grade 1
02-033 Gabite DragonGround Grade 2
02-034 Garchomp DragonGround Grade 3
02-035 Garchomp DragonGround Grade 4
02-036 Mewtwo Psychic Grade 5
02-037 Xerneas FairyDragon Grade 4
02-038 Yveltal DarkFlying Grade 4
02-039 Zygarde DragonGround Grade 4
02-040 Zygarde DragonGround Grade 5
02-041 Kyurem DragonIce Grade 5
02-042 Greninja WaterDark Grade 5
02-XXX Mew Psychic Grade 5
02-019★ Dragonite DragonFlying Grade 4
02-026★ Goodra Dragon Grade 4

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