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The second set in the Pokémon Ga-Olé Grand Rush series was released on September 12, 2019. It features 64 standard disks and two secret disks. It is the seventeenth set overall.


The second Grand Rush set includes a large selection of Generation III Pokémon plus a number of high-grade Pokémon that continue to support the new Double Rush and Combo Rush mechanics. Grade 5 Legendary Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre could both be encountered on the flagship launch course, each of which has the ability perform Double Rush. Courses added to the play roster during the set's duration introduced more Grade 5 Legendary Pokémon able to perform Double Rush, including the Eon Pokémon Latias and Latios from early October, the Synthetic Pokémon Silvally from mid-October, Kalos Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal from late October, and the Boundary Pokémon Kyurem from early November. Most standard courses began to feature an Ultra Beast Appears! icon on the course selection menu from October 17, 2019, indicating players could encounter Ultra Beasts Nihilego and Xurkitree during play. Both appear as Grade 5 Pokémon with the Double Rush ability. Pokémon supporting the Combo Rush mechanic in this set include the final evolutions of the Generation III starter Pokémon Sceptile, Blaziken, and Marshtomp, and Legendary giants Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. Each Pokémon within these groups of three can Combo Rush with one another. Eeveelutions Espeon and Umbreon can also Combo Rush with each other, as can Meteorite Pokémon Lunatone and Solrock.

As part of a tie-in with the anime, a special Alola League Champion Course became available to play on September 16, 2019 following the first broadcast of Enter the Champion! a day earlier in Japan that saw Ash become a Pokémon League Champion for the first time. This course includes the five Pokémon used by Ash during the Manalo Conference, which are dispensed as Promotional disks if captured. When used in-game, Ash will appear on-screen just before one of these Pokémon attacks.

Promoting the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games, a special roulette could randomly activate in place of the regular Attack Roulette starting October 17, 2019 for the remainder of the set's duration. The Pokémon Sword & Shield Roulette! (Japanese: ポケモン ソード・シールド ルーレット!) replaces all attack bonus values with differently-colored symbols bearing silhouettes of the Generation VIII starter Pokémon. Successfully selecting the green symbol will summon Grookey to attack with Razor Leaf; selecting the red symbol will summon Scorbunny to attack with Ember; selecting the blue symbol will summon Sobble to attack with Water Gun. If a Pokémon is summoned, it will attack before the player's chosen Pokémon uses its move.

Trainer and Battle Mode became available to play from October 24, 2019 and provided a new roster of opponents to battle. The lineup included two new Trainers classes and a new Battle Leader, Ibure, who could not be challenged until the other four Trainers had been defeated. Promotional Solgaleo or Lunala could be dispensed for an additional ¥100 following a battle with Ibure, with 'WINNER' versions available to those who successfully defeated his team. Solgaleo and Lunala are also able to Combo Rush with one another.

Pinsir and Heracross were added as Support Pokémon from this set. Players registering a Ga-Olé Pass for the first time would automatically receive Heracross as a Support Pokémon as part of the Pokémon Ga-Olé Welcome Campaign.

Course summary

Standard courses
Kyogre & Groudon Double Rush Course
Playable at set launch
Let's Begin Ga-Olé! Course
Playable at set launch
Alola League Champion Course
Playable from September 16 to November 3, 2019
Latias & Latios Double Rush Course
Playable from October 3, 2019
Xerneas & Yveltal Double Rush Course
Playable from October 24, 2019
Kyurem Double Rush Course
Playable from November 7, 2019
Limited courses
  Available for Pokémon Ga-Olé Members to redeem from September 12, 2019 for 1,000 Member Points
Get It! Mega Diancie Course
Playable from September 12, 2019 to January 31, 2020
  Available as an insert in the October 2019 issue of CoroCoro Comic, released on September 14, 2019
Rush Combo! Rayquaza & Deoxys Course
Playable from September 14 to November 27, 2019
  Available as an insert in the November 2019 issue of CoroCoro Ichiban!, released on September 21, 2019
Get It! Primal Groudon Course
Playable from September 21 to November 27, 2019
  Available as an insert in issue 65 of Pokémon Fan, released on October 4, 2019
Get It! Primal Kyogre Course
Playable from October 4 to November 27, 2019
Silvally Double Rush Course
Playable from October 17 to November 6, 2019
Special Xerneas & Yveltal Double Rush Course
Playable from October 24 to November 27, 2019 on select units

Trainer and Battle mode opponents

Refreshing Boy Rin
Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆
  Water Gun
   Leech Seed
   Leech Seed
   Leech Seed
  Giga Impact
   Leech Seed
Silent Boy Kazuya
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Alolan Raticate
  Hyper Fang
   Leech Seed
   Leech Seed
  Flash Cannon
   Leech Seed
  Stone Edge
   Leech Seed
Café Employee Natsuki
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
  Stone Edge
   Leech Seed
  Ice Beam
   Leech Seed
  Flash Cannon
   Leech Seed
  Giga Impact
   Leech Seed
Literary Girl Mami
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
  Meteor Mash
   Leech Seed
  Sky Attack
   Leech Seed
   Leech Seed
  Stone Edge
   Leech Seed
Battle Leader Ibure
Difficulty: ★★★★★
  Sparkling Aria
   Leech Seed
  Hammer Arm
   Leech Seed
  Sunsteel Strike
   Leech Seed
  Moongeist Beam
   Leech Seed

Set list

Disk No. Name Type Grade
GR2-001 Treecko    
GR2-002 Grovyle    
GR2-003 Sceptile    
GR2-004 Sceptile    
GR2-005 Torchic    
GR2-006 Combusken     
GR2-007 Blaziken     
GR2-008 Blaziken     
GR2-009 Mudkip    
GR2-010 Marshtomp     
GR2-011 Swampert     
GR2-012 Swampert     
GR2-013 Wooper     
GR2-014 Quagsire     
GR2-015 Quagsire     
GR2-016 Gulpin    
GR2-017 Swalot    
GR2-018 Swalot    
GR2-019 Cacnea    
GR2-020 Cacturne     
GR2-021 Cacturne     
GR2-022 Spheal     
GR2-023 Sealeo     
GR2-024 Walrein     
GR2-025 Walrein     
GR2-026 Duskull    
GR2-027 Dusclops    
GR2-028 Dusknoir    
GR2-029 Dusknoir    
GR2-030 Espeon    
GR2-031 Espeon    
GR2-032 Umbreon    
GR2-033 Umbreon    
GR2-034 Lunatone     
GR2-035 Lunatone     
GR2-036 Solrock     
GR2-037 Solrock     
GR2-038 Regirock    
GR2-039 Regice    
GR2-040 Registeel    
GR2-041 Beldum     
GR2-042 Metang     
GR2-043 Metagross     
GR2-044 Metagross     
GR2-045 Turtonator     
GR2-046 Turtonator     
GR2-047 Gastly     
GR2-048 Haunter     
GR2-049 Gengar     
GR2-050 Gengar     
GR2-051 Riolu    
GR2-052 Lucario     
GR2-053 Lucario     
GR2-054 Lucario     
GR2-055 Latias     
GR2-056 Latios     
GR2-057 Kyogre    
GR2-058 Groudon    
GR2-059 Kyurem     
GR2-060 Xerneas    
GR2-061 Yveltal     
GR2-062 Silvally    
GR2-063 Nihilego     
GR2-064 Xurkitree    
GR2-021★ Cacturne     
GR2-025★ Walrein     

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