OLM, Inc.

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OLM, Inc. & OLM Digital, Inc.
OLM logo.png
OLM, Inc. logo
Founded October 3, 1990
Headquarters Setagaya, Tokyo
Type Private
Industry Anime

Worldwide: olm.co.jp

OLM, Inc. and OLM Digital, Inc. (Japanese: 株式会社オー・エル・エム Kabushiki-gaisha OLM), formerly Oriental Light and Magic, is a Japanese animation studio founded in 1994, located in Tokyo, Japan. OLM is responsible for animating the Pokémon anime, Pokémon movies and other anime series. The title is partially derived from George Lucas's visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic (also known as "ILM"), which is a subsidiary of Lucas's production company, Lucasfilm. Since ILM is widely considered to be the greatest visual effects company in the entire worldwide film business, mainly because the company has broken ground in almost every visual effects area imaginable in film, OLM was given that name as a homage to the legendary visual effects house. Their most prominent work is the Pokémon anime. The company also produced the Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 Animated Trailer.

List of anime animated by OLM

OLM animates the Pokémon anime and other anime, such as:

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