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Treasure Boxes (Japanese: たからばこ Treasure Box) are items in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, that first appeared in Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness. They can be dropped from defeated Pokémon or found on the floor.

In Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Explorers of Sky, Treasure Boxes start appearing once the player goes on the Fogbound Lake expedition, and can be opened at Xatu Appraisal located in Treasure Town for 150 Poké. At the end of certain dungeons, player is guaranteed to find one to six Deluxe Boxes that can contain rare items such as stat boosters or high-rarity exclusive items depending on the dungeon. The boxes dropped by enemies have random contents: usually a ☆ exclusive item (if the enemy's evolutionary family has one, it is likely to be chosen), sometimes instead a reward for a normal mission for that specific dungeon floor. The specific odds of a Treasure Box and whether it will contain an exclusive item or not is species-specific. The enemies will never drop a Treasure Box during a Special Episode or in Star Cave.

In Explorers of Sky, Secret Stairs found in postgame dungeons can lead to Secret Rooms with Treasure Boxes; these however have dungeon-specific item pools.

In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games for WiiWare, Treasure Boxes are unlocked after reaching second rank and can appear across all versions linked to the save file in any dungeon.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, the boxes can be opened by Rampardos Box Buster for 150 Poké. Unlike in previous games, Gummis do not exist and Max Elixirs are often obtained instead, although it is still possible to find other items such as held items, and Gold Bars in amounts from one to five. Treasure Boxes can also contain Team Skills. The Team Skill, Collector, enables the player to find more Treasure Boxes from defeated enemies. There is a 15 floor DLC Map named Skill Treasury that enables more boxes to be dropped by defeated Pokémon as well. Boxes can also be found in chambers that require Keys and/or a specific Pokémon type to enter. These chambers can be found with Upgrade 2 of the Detour Guide. Upgrade 3 of the Detour Guide also sells the keys required to enter these chambers for 1650 Poké. These keys can also be bought by exchanging 5 Gold Bars at Glorious Gold in Post Town. Treasure Boxes are stored in a space separate from items in the Deposit Box.

In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, the boxes can be opened at Rockin' Lock in Lively Town. Blue-colored boxes are the most common and can be opened for 150 Poké while the rarer red-colored boxes can be opened for 300 Poké. Like the previous game, Treasure Boxes are stored in their own space in the Deposit Box.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, only the Pretty Box and Deluxe Box are present in the game, with rarer items present in Deluxe Boxes. All Treasure Boxes in the player's Toolbox are automatically opened upon exiting a dungeon and cannot be deposited in Kangaskhan Storage. Treasure Boxes can contain Oran Berries, Tiny Reviver Seeds, Reviver Seeds, Dojo Tickets, health drinks, Gummis, and TMs. They can only be sold at Kecleon Shops in dungeons.

In all games, contents of the boxes are predetermined at the moment it's generated, meaning that opening the box will always have the same result.

List of Treasure Boxes



Cute, Dainty, Nifty, and Sinister Box
from the Explorers series
Hard, Heavy, and Light Box
from the Explorers series
Deluxe, Glittery, Gorgeous, Pretty, and Shiny Box
from the Explorers series
Gorgeous, Heavy, Nifty, Pretty, and Hard Box
from Gates to Infinity
Shiny, Dainty, Glittery, Light, Cute, and Sinister Box
from Gates to Infinity
Deluxe Box from Gates to Infinity
Gorgeous, Heavy, Nifty, Pretty, and Hard Box
from Super Mystery Dungeon
Shiny, Dainty, Glittery, Light, Cute, and Sinister Box
from Super Mystery Dungeon
Deluxe Box from Super Mystery Dungeon* Pretty Box from Rescue Team DX Deluxe Box from Rescue Team DX

Blue Treasure Box from Gates to Infinity Red Treasure Box from Gates to Infinity Deluxe Box from Gates to Infinity Blue Treasure Box from Super Mystery Dungeon Red Treasure Box from Super Mystery Dungeon Deluxe Box from Super Mystery Dungeon*


In other languages

Treasure Box

Language Title
  Danish Skattekiste*
  Dutch Schatkist*
  French Coffre
  German Schätze
  Italian Forzieri
  Korean 보물상자 Bomul Sangja
  Spanish Cofre
  Swedish Skattkista*
English   French   German   Italian   Spanish   Korean
Cute Box Coffre Mignon Süße Box Tecacarina Cofre Lindo 큐티상자 Kyuti Sangja
Dainty Box Coffre Délicat Schicke Box Tecafine Cofre Gusto 귀여운상자 Gwiyeoun Sangja
Deluxe Box Coffre Luxe Luxusbox Tecalusso Cofre Lujoso 호화로운상자 Hohwaroun Sangja
Glittery Box Coffre Rutilant Glitzerbox Tecasfavillio Cofre Espejo 반짝반짝상자 Banjjakbanjjak Sangja
Gorgeous Box Coffre Faste Schöne Box Tecabella Cofre Divino 아름다운상자 Areumdaun Sangja
Hard Box Coffre-Fort Harte Box Tecasolida Cofre Sólido 딱딱한상자 Ttakttakhan Sangja
Heavy Box Coffre Lourd Schwere Box Tecapesante Cofre Macizo 무거운상자 Mugeoun Sangja
Light Box Coffre Léger Leichte Box Tecaleggera Cofre Ligero 가벼운상자 Gabyeoun Sangja
Nifty Box Coffre Chic Coole Box Tecachic Cofre Gracia 근사한상자 Geunsahan Sangja
Pretty Box Coffre Élégant Hübsche Box Tecagraziosa Cofre Bello 예쁜상자 Yebbeun Sangja
Shiny Box Coffre Luisant Funkelbox Tecabrillio Cofre Lucero 빛나는상자 Binnaneun Sangja
Sinister Box Coffre Sinistre Finsterbox Tecatetra Cofre Sombra 괴상한상자 Goesanghan Sangja

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