Dojo Ticket

A Dojo Ticket (Japanese: ホンキチケット Honki Ticket) is an item in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX that allows the player to enter the Makuhita Dojo for training.

The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Dojo Tickets give the player 50, 55, and 60 seconds respectively to train at the Dojo. Experience and Move Experience earned are also dependent on the rarity of the ticket, with Bronze Dojo Tickets multiplying the experience by three times, Silver Dojo Tickets by five times, and Gold Dojo Tickets by seven times.

Dojo Tickets


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Bronze Dojo Ticket Ticket Assiduité Intensivticket Allenaticket Bronzo Cupón Bronceado
Silver Dojo Ticket Ticket Assiduité A Intensivticket A Allenaticket Argento Cupón Plateado
Gold Dojo Ticket Ticket Assiduité S Intensivticket S Allenaticket Oro Cupón Dorado