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Route 1 (Hau'oli Outskirts)


The following day, as you and mom are enjoying another Alolan dayS/nightM, the doorbell rings again. Mom asks you to open the door, only for Kukui to let himself in again. He's here to take you to the festival in Iki Town, but now that you have your own Pokémon, there is something he would like to show you first. The professor leaves to wait outside for you. Instead of traveling west, head east this time and follow the path northward.

Route 1

Route 1

Kukui is waiting near a patch of tall grass, where he and his Rockruff demonstrate how to catch a Pokémon. After the tutorial, he gives you ten Poké Balls and five Potions to prepare you for your travels. You are now free to explore the route, and begin catching Pokémon of your own! Route 1 is largely divided into three parts—the area near your house; the northeast cliffs overlooking the bay; and the path near Iki Town. The wild Pokémon species found in these areas vary by location, as do their levels. Before the festival in Iki Town, wild Pokémon cannot break out of the Poké Balls thrown at them.

After you've caught the Pokémon you like, make your way through the route. Behind the second patch of grass, you can find a Potion. Ahead, you can fight Youngster Jimmy and Lass Audrey. Behind the patch of grass near Lass Audrey, you can find a Poké Ball. There's also a fence on a small ledge. Walk around it and you can find an Antidote. At the intersection, you'll notice there are three paths to take. However, the path north and south are blocked off, so take the path westward. Behind the patch of grass, you can find another Potion. Ahead, you can fight Preschooler Oliver. Behind the last patch of grass, you can find a Paralyze Heal.

When you're finished exploring, head north to Iki Town.

Iki Town

Iki Town

As you enter Iki Town, Hala approaches you. He explains that the Alola region is made up of four islands, each with its own guardian Pokémon. The festival held here is meant to express thanks to the guardians for their protection.

Rival Battle 2

Hau can be found a short distance ahead, while Kukui and Lillie arrive a moment later. Kukui explains that during the friendly competition, people battle in the name of Melemele Island's guardian, Tapu Koko. Hau cannot wait to battle, but Hala takes a moment to heal your Pokémon first. The kahuna delivers a few remarks before you and Hau step up onto the stage.

Hau has caught a Pichu since your last battle with him. Its Static Ability can paralyze your Pokémon if they make contact, in which case the Paralyze Heal from earlier will help. Hit his first partner Pokémon with supereffective moves to deal extra damage.

  If the player chose Rowlet:

  If the player chose Litten:

  If the player chose Popplio:

After the battle, Tapu Koko can be heard in the distance in a cry of approval. Hala then equips you with a Z-Ring, fashioned from the Sparkling Stone he borrowed. This bracelet is said to draw out the power that lies deep within a Pokémon, known as its Z-Power, but requires a Z-Crystal to function. He believes that Tapu Koko has a mission for you, and the kahuna and the professor encourage to you begin your island challenge. Kukui says that he will explain more a bit later, so for now he and Lillie accompany you back to your home.

Route 1 (Hau'oli Outskirts)

The next dayS/nightM, the doorbell rings again. It's not the professor this time, but Lillie. It seems that Kukui sent her to show you the way to his Pokémon Research Lab. Before you can leave, Mom walks outside and gives you $30,000 to see you on your way.

Head south across the street and down the hill. Here, Lillie informs you that Nebby is a Cosmog, a rare Pokémon from far away, and that it once saved her from a group of people who want it for its power. Since only those she trusts knows about Nebby, she asks that you keep it and the events at Plank Bridge a secret. She goes on ahead, so follow her southward to find the Research Lab on the beach.

Pokémon Research Lab

Lillie is waiting outside the lab. Inside, Kukui asks to see your Pokédex for a moment, and upgrades it with new parts that were just delivered. With this upgrade, the Pokémon Rotom, which has a body similar to electricity, can inhabit the Pokédex and act as a virtual assistant, resulting in the Rotom Pokédex. Hau arrives, and Kukui goes on to explain the island challenge—Trainers must travel the four islands and clear seven trials before challenging the four kahunas to battle. The professor hands you and island challenge amulet, which you attach to your Bag, and directs you to the Trainers' School to learn the basics of Pokémon training.

Outside, head back north to the main road and turn west to find Lillie. She leads you inside the Pokémon Center and explains the services offered. The nurse at the counter will heal a Trainer's Pokémon to full health for free. The PC on the counter is always available for Trainers to organize their Pokémon. Poké Marts offer a wide range of items for sale, from Potions to Poké Balls. Finally, the Pokémon Center Café sells various drinks, which come with a free item and some Poké Beans with your first drink order of the day.

At this point, several new Menu options are now available: Quick Link, which allows trading and battling over a local Wi-Fi network, and Festival Plaza, which does the same for players worldwide. The Plaza also enables access to the GTS, where Trainers can search for or offer specific Pokémon to trade; and Wonder Trade, where Trainers can send a Pokémon off to a random Trainer somewhere around the world and receive a random Pokémon in return. QR Scanner and Battle Video have now been added as well.

Leave the Pokémon Center and head west to find Lillie. A Tauros blocks the road farther west, so follow her inside the Trainers' School instead.

Trainer's School

Trainers' School

Outside the Trainers' School, Kukui introduces you to one of their Teachers. She intends for you to battle four of her students to gain some real-world experience. Kukui gives you the Exp. Share, a very useful item that will distribute the experience points earned from every battle among your entire party, even to Pokémon that did not participate. Visit the school to brush up on the basics; the left room on the second floor is particularly full of useful books and blackboard notes.

Explore the grounds to take on the teacher's challenge. Lillie will heal your Pokémon whenever you speak with her.

A Lass on the east side of the building, near the incinerator A Youngster on the west side of the building, past the gate to the grassy areas
A Preschooler inside the building, near the stairs on the first floor A Rising Star on the courts in front of the school; refuses to battle until the others are defeated

After defeating Rising Star Joseph, he rewards you with TM01 (Work Up). Just then, someone calls you over the PA system, making Lillie wonder what you might have done. Head to the school's second floor, where you are met by the teacher. She is impressed that you have defeated her students, and would like to battle you for herself. Upon her defeat, she gives you five Great Balls as a reward. Kukui and another man, who introduces himself as Captain Ilima, arrive soon after. Ilima welcomes you to Alola and says that he will be looking forward to you taking on his trial, then leaves. The entire school gathers to see you off, and Lillie decides to show you more of the city. Unfortunately, that wayward Tauros still acts as a roadblock. Hau and Hala are there, and the latter requests you pat Tauros first. The Pokémon is calmed and Hala leads Tauros away, leaving you free to head into Hau'oli City with Lillie and Hau.

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