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Choosing a Passport photo

The player is immediately given a choice of several languages—English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese—in which to play. After that, they receive a video call from the resident researcher of the Alola region, Professor Kukui. As the character, Elio/Selene, is preparing to move to the tropical region with his/her mother, the professor welcomes them and gives a brief introduction to the Pokémon world. Next, Kukui asks the player to choose one of eight photos for his/her new Trainer Passport. This allows for the choice between gender and skin tone, which cannot be changed; clothing, eye color, as well as hair length and color can be customized later on. Finally, the professor asks for the Trainer's name, which can be up to twelve characters long. Kukui then ends the call, and the character's mother calls for help with packing away their belongings.

A short cutscene shows a mysterious girl and her unidentified Pokémon trying to escape a group of security guards dressed in white. Just when it seems that there is no escape, the Pokémon uses its power to teleport the pair to safety. The scene ends with the game's title and logo appearing on-screen.

  • Please note the 12-hour offset between Sun and Moon, where daytime in one version runs concurrently with nighttime in the other.

Route 1 (Hau'oli Outskirts)

Melemele Island
Route 1
Iki Town
Mahalo Trail

The journey begins on Route 1, in an area known as Hau'oli Outskirts on the southeast side of Melemele Island. Mother and child have just recently moved to this tropical archipelago from the distant Kanto region, and could not ask for a nicer place to live!


Three months after Kukui's video call, Elio/Selene and his/her Mom are enjoying their first dayS/nightM in their new home. Mom sends the family's pet Meowth to wake the child so they can start unpacking their belongings. Use the Circle Pad to climb out of bed, and after a short conversation with Mom, the doorbell rings. It's Professor Kukui, who officially introduces himself and welcomes the family to Alola, a long way from their native Kanto region. Mom tells Kukui that she still remembers him battling the Indigo League Gym Leaders years ago, but that she fell in love with Alolan Pokémon and finally decided to move. Kukui laughs, saying that those Gym Leaders had shown him a thing or two. He then invites you to nearby Iki Town to meet the Island kahuna and get your very own Pokémon. Mom sends you to your room to get ready, so check the stack of boxes there to retrieve your Bag and hat.

Follow the Professor

The professor is waiting when you step outside. Go west to find him, then follow him up the hill along the west side of the route. Along the way, he points out other Pokémon Trainers battling wild Pokémon as well as each other.

Iki Town

Iki Town is a small town in the middle of the island where people worship Melemele's guardian deity, Tapu Koko. The kahuna, Hala, lives in the northwest part of town.

The Missing Kahuna

The professor is confused, as he was expecting to meet everyone near the town entrance. He suggests that they may be on Mahalo Trail to the north, which leads to the ruins that Tapu Koko calls home. He asks that you track down the kahuna while he stays here so that they do not miss each other.

When you climb the stairway in the middle of town, you notice the same mysterious girl from earlier. It seems that the Pokémon in her bag wants to visit the ruins as well, so the two head northward.

Mahalo Trail

Mahalo Trail leads up the hill from Iki Town to the Ruins of Conflict. Halfway along the path, you spot the girl pleading with the Pokémon to stay in her bag and out of sight. Upon reaching the hilltop, a cutscene plays which shows the girl running toward Plank Bridge. The Pokémon, a Cosmog, escapes her bag and lands in the middle of the bridge. Its happiness is short-lived, as it is soon under attack by three Spearow! She begs you for help, as she is too scared to do so herself. The aging, unstable bridge shakes three times as you try to reach Nebby, which you then protect by shielding it with your own body. A moment later, Nebby lets out a panicked burst of energy that destroys the bridge and sends you falling to the river far below. Just then, a crackling, yellow Pokémon swoops in, scaring off the flock of Spearow before diving down to save you and Nebby. It's Tapu Koko, who examines the group for a moment before flying off with a cry.

Afraid for its well-being, the girl scolds Nebby for using its power as it couldn't move for ages the last time it did so. The Pokémon finds a small rock called a Sparkling Stone and delivers it to the girl, who turns it over to you as thanks. She begs you not to tell anyone about the Pokémon, and, fearing another attack, asks that you accompany them back to town.

Iki Town

Choosing a Pokémon

Kukui is waiting when you return to town, and introduces the girl as his assistant, Lillie. Just then, some of the residents announce the kahuna's return. Explaining his departure, Hala states that as kahuna, it is his duty to resolve problems on the island. Lillie recounts the events at the bridge, and as Tapu Koko seems to have taken a liking to you, Hala is happy to offer you a Pokémon of your own and tosses three Poké Balls onto the stage.

Grass Flying Fire Water
  Dartrix   Torracat   Brionne
Grass Flying Fire Water
  Decidueye   Incineroar   Primarina
Grass Ghost Fire Dark Water Fairy

  • The Grass/Flying-type Rowlet has the most weaknesses of the trio, with five: Fire-, Poison-, Flying-, Rock-, and Ice-type attacks. Its Grass moves are strong against Water-, Rock-, and Ground-type Pokémon. Its Flying moves fare well against Bug Pokémon, which are plentiful in the tall grass near your new home. Rowlet and its evolutions specialize in physical Attack and Defense. Upon reaching its final form, its secondary Flying type changes to Ghost.
  • The Water-type Popplio has an advantage when facing Fire-, Rock-, and Ground-type Pokémon, but may struggle against Grass- and Electric-type attacks. It won't make a big splash until the second island, where its Water moves will prove useful against many of the indigenous Pokémon. Popplio and its evolutions specialize in Special Attack and Special Defense. Its final form, Primarina, gains a secondary Fairy type. There are few other Water Pokémon to find early on without the ability to fish or travel across the water.

Hala states that you and your Pokémon can only call each other partners when each has chosen the other. Human and Pokémon face each other on the stage, and after a moment, the Pokémon happily approaches its new Trainer, who lifts it high into the air. Hala, Kukui, and Lillie are relieved, and Kukui says that the two will surely be friends for life. After giving you a chance to nickname the Pokémon, Kukui hands you two important items. The Pokédex is a high-tech encyclopedia that automatically records data on every Pokémon you see or catch. The Trainer Passport includes all of your personal info, including your noteworthy deeds and accomplishments around the region. Kukui then suggests introducing your new friend to your mom.

Rival Battle 1

On the way out of town, you are approached by an unknown Trainer and challenged to battle. Hala scolds the boy, his grandson, for not introducing himself first, and so he gives his name as Hau. Hau and his Pokémon are excited for their first battle!

  If the player chose Rowlet:

  If the player chose Litten:

  If the player chose Popplio:

After each battle, Trainers may choose to care for their Pokémon in Pokémon Refresh by pressing the Y Button.

After the battle, the Sparkling Stone in your Bag begins to shine, and Hala asks to see it. Immediately recognizing the stone, he inquires about the events at the bridge, and wonders if maybe you are meant to be in Alola. He asks to borrow the stone for the day, and invites you to the town festival tomorrow. Kukui and Lillie then accompany you on the way home.

Route 1 (Hau'oli Outskirts)


Back home, you introduce your new partner to Mom and Meowth, who are excited to meet the young Pokémon. Trainer and Pokémon are both worn out from the earlier events, and turn in until tomorrow.

Sun and Moon
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