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A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways!
XY063   EP862
A Fork in the Path of Indecision!? Musashi and Sonans!!
First broadcast
Japan March 5, 2015
United States May 16, 2015
English themes
Opening Be a Hero
Japanese themes
Opening ゲッタバンバン
Ending ドリドリ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 米村正二 Shōji Yonemura
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
Additional credits

A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways! (Japanese: 迷い道は分かれ道!?ムサシとソーナンス!! A Fork in the Path of Indecision!? Musashi and Sonans!!) is the 63rd episode of Pokémon the Series: XY, and the 862nd episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on March 5, 2015 and in the United States on May 16, 2015.

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While Clemont prepares for his upcoming Gym battle with Ash, Team Rocket is attempting to catch Pikachu, as usual. But Jessie and Wobbuffet get separated from the others and find themselves in danger! They are rescued by a country doctor named White, whose friendly demeanor immediately catches Jessie’s interest. She accompanies the doctor on his rounds, growing fonder of him by the minute. And when our heroes find Jessie, she’s talking about leaving Team Rocket to stay with him!

When a lurking Pokémon hunter grabs Meowth and the rest of Team Rocket’s Pokémon, Jessie finds herself with torn loyalties. But as soon as she discovers Dr. White is interested in someone else, she promptly returns to her partners in crime! With some help from our heroes, the Pokémon are freed, and Team Rocket celebrates a joyful reunion. Meanwhile, Clemont is trying to simulate a battle with Ash, but Clembot is having difficulty dealing with the concept...


Ash, Serena, and Bonnie are traveling to Lumiose City to prepare for Ash's Gym battle with Clemont. Meanwhile at the Lumiose Gym, Clemont's Bunnelby defeats his Magneton in a practice battle against Clembot. After the battle, Clemont compliments Bunnelby on mastering his new attack and then decides to program Ash's battling style into Clembot so that their practice sessions will be even more realistic.

As Ash is thinking about his upcoming match against Clemont, he is interrupted by a Shadow Ball from Jessie's Pumpkaboo. Team Rocket approaches, preparing for a fresh attempt at stealing Pikachu. However, they are defeated easily by just one Thunderbolt from Pikachu. During their blast off, Jessie and Wobbuffet are separated from James, Meowth, and Pumpkaboo. The latter three notice Jessie's absence and quickly begin their search for her, while Jessie and Wobbuffet search for them as well. During their search, however, Jessie and Wobbuffet are attacked by a wild Gloom, who uses Stun Spore. Overwhelmed by the paralytic cloud, the pair fall over a cliff and into the water below. They are later rescued by a man named Dr. White, who gives Jessie a Cheri Berry and leads her back to his home so she can change into something dry.

Jessie introduces herself as "Jessilia", though she worries whether her new outfit looks good on her. Dr. White assures her that she looks fine. Peering outside, she watches Wobbuffet get along happily with Dr. White's Wobbuffet and Wynaut. She also notices a great number of berries growing in his garden, to which Dr. White explains that he uses them for his medical practice. While the doctor tells Jessie that he is an amateur when it comes to gardening, a man and his Diggersby come by to deliver some fertilizer for the berries. In gratitude for saving her life, Jessie accompanies the doctor on his house calls, assisting him in whatever ways she can. While visiting Beatrice and healing her Bidoof, who has been suffering with sore gums, White and Jessie hear about a Pokémon hunter who has been setting traps in the area. During their house calls, Jessie proves to be very adept at holding down a flailing Skiddo so the doctor can treat it. While helping Dr. White, Jessie finds herself captivated by him and wonders whether she should stay with him and live for happiness and love rather than for evil.

Meanwhile, while Serena, Bonnie, and Ash are having lunch, Dedenne wanders off and is drawn into a trap laid by the Pokémon hunter mentioned before. The trap severely injures Dedenne, so after freeing it, the group hurries to Dr. White's clinic. Dr. White siphons the excess electricity and Dedenne recovers, much to the group's relief. Although Jessie tries to hide her true identity from Ash and his friends, they discover that she is at the clinic acting as Dr. White's assistant. As the group agrees to keep her membership in Team Rocket a secret from Dr. White, James and Meowth overhear her admitting to them that she has decided to quit Team Rocket and stay with White instead. At first, Meowth wants to go talk to Jessie, but James holds him back, saying that they should not interfere with what Jessie wants, and so they leave sadly.

While the group is staying at Dr. White's clinic, James arrives there, thoroughly beaten up, and begs for help from Ash, Serena, and Bonnie. He informs them that Meowth, Inkay, and Pumpkaboo have been captured by a Pokémon hunter, but he is reluctant to ask for Jessie's assistance. Ash, Serena, and Bonnie agree to go help James, and they distract the Pokémon hunter while James sneaks in from behind and tries to free the three Pokémon. When Jessie hears that Meowth, Inkay, and Pumpkaboo have been captured by a Pokémon hunter, she witnesses Dr. White running for Beatrice and reassuring himself that she is all right, hearing him say how Beatrice means so much to him and he was worried that she might have done something stupid. Realizing that White was never in love with her, Jessie leaves Wobbuffet behind with his new friends and goes to rescue James and the others from the Pokémon hunter. Rejoining Team Rocket, she begins to help fight the Pokémon hunter, when Wobbuffet appears to battle the hunter's Rhyperior. Jessie realizes that Wobbuffet would rather be with her than at Dr. White's clinic, and working together with Ash and company, Team Rocket defeats the Pokémon hunter and continues onward, with Jessie realizing that she has the best friends in the world in her life with Team Rocket.

Meanwhile, back at the Lumiose Gym, Clemont finishes programming the data about Ash into Clembot, but Clembot cannot comprehend all the new data and explodes.

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Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Wynaut (US and international)
Pokémon Quiz: Wynaut (Japan)



The title card segment focuses on Team Rocket for this episode


  • Pumpkaboo is hit by Rhyperior's Horn Drill despite Pumpkaboo being a Ghost-type.
  • In the title card of the Finnish dub, the word "tiet" is erroneously written as "tieto", which means "knowledge".

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XY062 : The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination!
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