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Man Tag1

Joined 21 December 2008


  • By my name i am Man tag1 (zacthedemon on youtube) I've still even got red, blue, yellow and way more!
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Wheeeeh! This User fears Wheeler's Bidoof's
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My highest level Pokémon My starter on Pearl and my first one on Ex of time and it hit a 1000! not kidding My only Shiny (ev) I love Dragons and Darkness and i become a Bug catcher LOL

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Oh God! Help Me! I know he is behind me I'm not going to look I got the map now were is Mew Cute! MINE! Twins? Were am i? Hai I R 1337gon Fear The claw! Get in my belly! Dance! Worlds worse zombie ever 5 + bide + starter = Second gym badge Wheeeeeh!