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Hey, I'm JFHavoc. I'm a fairly new editor here, but I've been editing very prominently over at the Kingdom Hearts Wiki for quite some time. I'm not here to screw up anything you guys have going on, just to contribute where I see fit. Small things like grammar and broken links.

My history with Pokémon

My very first Pokémon game was Pokémon Ruby. I know that's pretty late in the series to start, but that's what I get for being young. I thought it was a pretty good game. I later went on to beat Yellow, Crystal, Sapphire, and Diamond. (As well as a few games from the spin-off series). I have a modest collection of Pokémon TCG cards, and I've seen most of the original series in the anime. I've also seen a few episodes here and there in the later series for the anime, but not nearly as many. My favorite Pokémon, by far, is Raichu. I don't remember what got me interested in Raichu originally (I think it was because he is Pikachu's evolved form) but I'm obsessed with him now.


Pokémon Yellow

Level 100 Pokémon