Current work: Compiling a list of background music used in various locations, to eventually (hopefully!) be added to their respective pages somehow. If this violates the userspace rules, please let me know! For convenience's sake, I'll be limiting my initial list to Kalos locations.

Vaniville Town: Vaniville Town

Aquacorde Town: Aquacorde Town

Santalune City: Santalune City

Lumiose City: Lumiose City

Camphrier Town: Camphrier Town

Cyllage City: Cyllage City

Ambrette Town: Aquacorde Town

Geosenge Town: Geosenge Town

Shalour City: Shalour City

Coumarine City: Coumarine City

Laverre City: Laverre City

Dendemille Town: Dendemille Town

Anistar City: Anistar City

Couriway Town: Camphrier Town

Snowbelle City: Snowbelle City

Pokémon League: The Pokémon League

Kiloude City: Kiloude City

Kalos Route 1: Route 1

Kalos Route 2: Route 2

Kalos Route 3: Route 2

Kalos Route 4: Route 4

Kalos Route 5: Route 4

Kalos Route 6: Route 4

Kalos Route 7: Route 4

Kalos Route 8: Route 8

Kalos Route 9: Route 8

Kalos Route 10: Route 8

Kalos Route 11: Route 8

Kalos Route 12: Route 8

Kalos Route 13: Route 8

Kalos Route 14: Glittering Cave

Kalos Route 15: Route 15

Kalos Route 16: Route 15

Kalos Route 17: Route 15

Kalos Route 18: Route 18

Kalos Route 19: Route 18

Kalos Route 20: Santalune Forest

Kalos Route 21: Route 18

Kalos Route 22: Route 4

Santalune Forest: Santalune Forest

Chamber of Emptiness: None

Parfum Palace: Parfum Palace

Battle Chateau: Battle Maison

Berry Fields: Camphrier Town

Connecting Cave: Glittering Cave

Glittering Cave: Glittering Cave

Reflection Cave: Santalune Forest

Tower of Mastery: Tower of Mastery

Azure Bay: Route 8

Sea Spirit's Den: None

Kalos Power Plant: The Kalos Power Plant

Poké Ball Factory: The Kalos Power Plant

Lost Hotel: Glittering Cave

Frost Cavern: Route 15 (Exterior), Santalune Forest (Interior)

Lysandre Labs: Lysandre Labs

Team Flare Secret HQ: Team Flare Secret Hq

Terminus Cave: Glittering Cave

Pokémon Village: Pokémon Village

Victory Road: Victory Road

Battle Maison: Battle Maison

Friend Safari: Friend Safari

Unknown Dungeon: None

Santalune Gym: Pokémon Gym

Cyllage Gym: Pokémon Gym

Shalour Gym: Pokémon Gym

Coumarine Gym: Pokémon Gym

Lumiose Gym: Pokémon Gym

Laverre Gym: Pokémon Gym

Anistar Gym: Pokémon Gym

Snowbelle Gym: Pokémon Gym

Hotel Richissime: Hotel Richissime

Lumiose Museum: Hotel Richissime

Juice Shoppe: Shopping

Shabboneau Castle: Camphrier Town