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A poster is a type of item used to decorate bedrooms in the Generation II games, Secret Bases in the Generation III games that take place in Hoenn, and Super-Secret Bases in the Generation VI games that take place in Hoenn.

Generation II

In the second generation of games, there are four kinds of posters:

At the start of the game, the room is furnished with a Town Map. Found in many other locations as well, looking at this will let players view the region they are in.

However, by using Mystery Gift, players may receive one of the other three posters: a Clefairy Poster, a Jigglypuff Poster, or a Pikachu Poster, each of which has an image of the appropriate Pokémon.

A room can only have one poster at a time, and its location is fixed. Players can pick which poster is displayed by accessing the room's PC.

One feature of Pokémon Stadium 2 allows players to view the entire room and its decorations, including any posters, in 3-D.

Generation III

In the third generation of games, there are ten kinds of posters:

These are all available at the Lilycove Department Store, except for the Kiss Poster, which is available at the Battle Frontier.

Generation VI

In the sixth generation of games, there are eighteen kinds of posters:

Fourteen posters are available at the Lilycove Department Store. The Paradoxical Popper can be purchased from the struggling artist in Lilycove Museum. The Regional Award and National Award are obtained from the Game Director in the Cove Lily Motel after completing the Hoenn Pokédex and the National Pokédex, respectively. The Time Travel Award is also obtained from the Game Director, by showing him a Pokémon that originated in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

In the anime

Sea Poster in the anime

A Sea Poster was one of the decorations seen in Keanu's Secret Base in A Three Team Scheme!. It was one of the few items in his base that was not destroyed by Team Magma when they forcibly took the base from Team Rocket.

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