Pokétch Company

Pokétch Company ポケッチカンパニー
Pokétch Company
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Jubilife City
Region: Sinnoh
Generations: IV, VIII
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Location of Pokétch Company in Sinnoh.
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The Pokétch Company (Japanese: ポケッチカンパニー Pokétch Company) is a family-owned company known for the development and manufacture of the Pokétch and several of its applications. It is headquartered in the northwestern section of Jubilife City, Sinnoh. The company's motto is:

The Pokétch Company
Pokémon Watches for the World!

In contrast with the Silph Co. from Kanto and the Devon Corporation from Hoenn, which have developed numerous items for Trainers, the Pokétch Company is relatively small and actually started as a hobby of the owner, who made what he liked before the business grew to its present state.

In the games

The Pokétch Company headquarters has three floors and serves as residency for the president of the company and his family. When the player arrives in Jubilife City, the president is conducting a promotional campaign in which Trainers may receive a Pokétch free of charge if three Clowns with Pokémon trivia questions can be found around the city, and Coupons collected from each of them by correctly answering said trivia questions. He will also give new Pokétch applications out to the player as they earn more Gym Badges.

The Pokétch accepts third-party applications from developers who have been given approval by the Pokétch Company. In fact, a Pokétch developer based in Sunyshore City has created three apps: Calendar, Dot Artist, and Roulette.


Item Location Games
  Memo Pad From the Pokétch Co. President after obtaining the Coal Badge  D  P  Pt  BD  SP 
  Marking Map From the Pokétch Co. President after obtaining three Badges  D  P  Pt  BD  SP 
  Link Searcher From the Pokétch Co. President after obtaining five Badges  D  P  Pt 
  Move Tester From the Pokétch Co. President after obtaining the Icicle Badge  D  P  Pt 

In the anime

The Pokétch Company in the anime

Ash and his friends visited the Pokétch Company headquarters in Not on MY Watch Ya Don't!, shortly after arriving in Jubilife City. They headed there once they learned from Landis, the son of the Pokétch Co. President, that the Pokétches they had obtained were counterfeit products. During their visit, they were informed that the company was withdrawing its merchandise from local stores due to a distribution of fake Pokétches. They also learned that a new model capable of measuring the friendship between Trainers and Pokémon was in the works. Eventually, the group discovered that Team Rocket was behind the fake Pokétches as part of their latest scheme to steal Pokémon, and so Dawn and her Buneary foiled their plans.

It was revealed in All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go! that the Pokétch Company is a sponsor of the Pokémon Dress-Up Contest, a cosplay competition organized by the Pokémon Fan Club and covered by the Sinnoh Now crew. The event is broadcast on television and, during commercial breaks, advertisements for the Pokétch are exhibited.

While visiting the Snowpoint City Trainers' School in Classroom Training!, the group met Jeremiah, a sales representative for the Pokétch Company who decided to start his own journey after becoming motivated by the enthusiasm of his customers.

In this canon, Pokémon Coordinators are the company's target market. Dawn and her rivals Zoey and Kenny own models of the Pokétch and Top Coordinator Marina has appeared in a magazine advertisement for the product.



Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl


Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

In the manga

The Pokétch Company in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Diamond & Pearl arc

The Pokétch Company appeared in Licking Lickitung. Diamond was taken there by the Pokétch Co. President to assist in a promotional campaign he was conducting and convince potential customers to buy a Pokétch, despite the fact that Diamond knew very little about the device.


  • In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, on the headquarters' top floor, when interacting with the Pokétch app notes on the bottom-left desk, the option to exit the menu is different compared to the other desks.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可錶公司 Poké-Bīu Gūngsī *
寵物小精靈錶公司 Chúngmaht Síujīnglìhng Bīu Gūngsī *
Mandarin 寶可錶公司 / 宝可表公司 Bǎokě-Biǎo Gōngsī *
神奇寶貝錶公司 Shénqí Bǎobèi Biǎo Gōngsī *
宝可梦表公司 Pokémon Biǎo Gōngsī *
  European French Pokémontre S.A.
  German Pokétch-GesellschaftBDSP
Pokétch GesellschaftDPPt
  Italian PokéKron S.p.A.BDSP
PokéKron SpADPPt
  Korean 포켓치주식회사 Pokétch Jusikhoesa
  Polish Firma Pokétch
  Brazilian Portuguese Pokétch Company
  European Spanish Poké Reloj S. A.BDSP
Poké-reloj S.A.DPPt
  Vietnamese Công ty Đồng hồ Pokémon

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