Pokémon Sword and Shield demo

The Pokémon Sword and Shield demo is a demo of Pokémon Sword and Shield that was available to play at Nintendo's E3 2019 booth from June 11, 2019 to June 13, 2019.


In the demo, the player controls a randomly chosen protagonist, either Victor or Gloria, and is able to challenge the Gym at Hulbury Stadium. The Gym's layout and mission are identical to that of that final game, featuring a puzzle revolving around red, yellow and blue colored pipes, grills and buttons. When a button is pressed, the water pipe of the corresponding color will be switched on or off, allowing the player to walk across the grill and advance when switched off. The player is able to battle 3 trainers during the Gym mission, before being able to advance to the battlefield to battle Nessa. After Nessa is defeated, the demo ends, returning to the title screen.

The player is not able to use items from their Bag during battles in the demo.

Player's Pokémon


Gym Trainers

Trainer Pokémon
Lass Emily
Reward: $2,000
  Vulpix Lv.50
No item
Youngster Travis
Reward: $1,000
  Gossifleur Lv.50
No item
Lass Riley
Reward: $2,000
  Impidimp Lv.50
No item

Gym battle

Nessa Dynamaxes her Drednaw at the first opportunity.


  • This demo marked the first time Yamper and Impidimp were shown.
  • Several features of the demo were changed before the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield. Notable examples include:
    • A different move selection UI, featuring colored type icons against a white background rather than white type icons against a colored background.
    • Nessa's Drednaw is female, instead of male as it is in the final release.
    • Nessa's Pokémon are kept in Poké Balls, instead of Dive Balls as they are in the final release.

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