Pokémon Diamond and Pearl demo

The Pokémon Diamond and Pearl demo are a pair of demos of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. It was available in select video game retail locations in western countries in early 2007.


In the demo, the player controls the female character in Diamond, and the male character in Pearl, named "Diamond" and "Pearl", respectively. The player begins in Jubilife City, and Barry will give them a tour, during which the player has no control. At the end, Barry will drop the player off at the entrance to Route 203.

Upon taking a step onto Route 203, a Scientist will approach the player and give them a Pokétch, though it contains only the digital watch app and no other apps.

Upon reaching the end of Route 203, the player meets with Professor Rowan, and may speak with him to cause him to instantly evolve the player's Roselia into Roserade, with Rowan commenting that several Pokémon are able to evolve in the Sinnoh region that were previously thought to be unable to evolve.

The cave at the end of the route (which leads to Oreburgh Gate in the final version of the game) is blocked by Lucas/Dawn. If the player speaks with them, Lucas/Dawn will tell the player that they look forward to seeing them in the full version of the game, and then the demo ends and the game resets back to the title screen.

If the player blacks out at any point, the demo ends prematurely, also resetting back to the title screen.

Player's Pokémon

The player is given no items. The menu is modified to only include the "Pokémon" menu and no other options. The player is equipped with Running Shoes and the following Pokémon:


The player is then free to explore Route 203, though it is modified from the final version of the route that is in the full version of the game. Specifically, obstacles have been added to prevent the player from accessing the tall grass and encountering wild Pokémon. Three trainers stand in the way of the player, which the player may either fight or avoid.

Trainer Pokémon
Youngster Roland
Reward:  368
  Buizel Lv.23
No item
  Mantyke Lv.23
No item
Lass Carrie
Reward:  384
  Chatot Lv.23
No item
  Pachirisu Lv.24
No item
Youngster Norman
Reward:  400
  Kricketot Lv.24
No item
  Cherrim Lv.25
No item
Trainers with a Vs. Seeker by their names, when alerted for a rematch using the item, may use higher-level Pokémon.


  • The demo actually contains the entirety of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl in it, meaning that if the player was to use a walk through walls cheat to get past the barriers in the demo, then the player could play the full game on the demo.

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