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Pokémon Be Yaps

A packet of Pokémon Be Yaps

Pokémon Be Yaps are collectible cardboard discs featuring different Pokémon species. These discs can be used to play several different types of games. Pokémon Be Yaps were available in France in the early 2000s, although they are no longer manufactured. Pokémon Be Yaps were sold in packets of six, each packet containing six Pokémon Be Yaps and an instruction booklet/checklist. Occasionally, rare "Be Yaps Gold" or "Be Yaps Silver" can be found in packets. Some Pokémon Be Yaps are holographic, although this does not affect how they are used in gameplay.


Methods of playing Pokémon Be Yaps

The instruction booklet suggests three different games that can be played with Pokémon Be Yaps, although the manual also encourages players to modify the rules and make up their own ways to play.

Game 1: Base Game

The base game is a game for two players. It somewhat resembles the game Jenga. To play, the first player places one of their Pokémon Be Yaps on the playing surface. The second player then places one of their own Pokémon Be Yaps in the "zone" outlined on the first player's Pokémon Be Yap. The "zone" on each Pokémon Be Yap is different, meaning that once many Pokémon Be Yaps are stacked, the pile will gradually become unstable and it will be difficult to stack more Pokémon Be Yaps without causing the pile to fall down. The player who causes the pile of Pokémon Be Yaps to collapse loses.

Example from the instruction booklet on how to place Be Yaps in the "zone"

There are two special Be Yaps which can be played: "Be Yaps Gold" and "Be Yaps Silver". If a player plays a Be Yaps Silver, the next player must either play two Pokémon Be Yaps in one turn or counter the Be Yaps Silver with another Be Yaps Silver or a Be Yaps Gold. If a Be Yaps Gold is played, the procedure is the same, except the second player must play three Pokémon Be Yaps or a Be Yaps Gold/Silver. Be Yaps Gold and Be Yaps Silver pieces do not have a set "zone", so a Pokémon Be Yaps can be placed anywhere on the Be Yaps Gold/Silver. Therefore, a player might want to play a Be Yaps Gold or Silver to try to balance the weight of the stack.

If one or both players run out of Be Yaps without causing the pile to collapse, the game is considered a tie and a new game must begin if the players wish to continue playing.

Game 2: "Be Yap'Touch"

Be Yap'Touch is another game that can be played with Pokémon Be Yaps. Be Yap'Touch is a game that can be played with any number of players - players may even form teams.

To play Be Yap'Touch, one player throws a Be Yaps about two or three meters away. The other players then each throw a Be Yaps at the original Be Yaps with the objective of their thrown Be Yaps to land where it is touching the original Be Yaps.

If a player's thrown Be Yaps successfully touches the original Be Yaps, they are the winner. If no Be Yaps are touching the original Be Yaps by the end of the game, then the player who threw the original Be Yaps wins.

Game 3: Pokémon Battle

Pokémon Battle is the third game that can be played with Pokémon Be Yaps. It follows the same rules as the Base Game, but with additional rules added to reflect various elements from the Pokémon games.

In Pokémon Battle, each Pokémon Be Yaps has a number on it stating if it is at evolutionary level one, two, or three. A player may not stack a Pokémon of a lower evolutionary level than the Pokémon below it. For example, a player may not stack a Charmander Be Yaps on top of a Togetic Be Yaps, as Togetic is a level two Pokémon but Charmander is a level one Pokémon. However, a player could stack a Houndoom Be Yaps on the same Togetic Be Yaps, as both Houndoom and Togetic are level two Pokémon. Pokémon that do not evolve are assigned a random level, or in the case of legendary Pokémon, given the classification "Rare" and may be stacked on Pokémon of any level. Baby Pokémon are considered level one Pokémon: therefore, Pokémon such as Pikachu would be considered level two.

Pokémon Battle also incorporates the types of Pokémon. If a player stacks a Pokémon Be Yaps that is strong against the Pokémon Be Yaps below it, the other player must play two Pokémon Be Yaps on their next turn. Likewise, if a player stacks a Pokémon Be Yaps that is weak against the Pokémon Be Yaps below it, that player must take a second turn. Pokémon Be Yaps can be dual-typed. A type chart is included in the instruction booklet.

Be Yaps Gold and Be Yaps Silver have the same effect as in the Base Game and can be stacked over Pokémon of any evolutionary stage or type.

List of Pokémon Be Yaps

Image Name Level Type
Be Yaps back.png Back
Be Yaps Skarmory.png Airmure (Skarmory) Level 2  Steel / Flying 
Be Yaps Feraligatr.png Aligatueur (Feraligatr) Level 3  Water 
Be Yaps Articuno.png Artikodin (Articuno) Rare  Ice / Flying 
Be Yaps Bulbasaur.png Bulbizarre (Bulbasaur) Level 1  Grass / Poison 
Be Yaps Wartortle.png Carabaffe (Wartortle) Level 2  Water 
Be Yaps Squirtle.png Carapuce (Squirtle) Level 1  Water 
Be Yaps Celebi.png Celebi Rare  Psychic / Grass 
Be Yaps Croconaw.png Crocrodil (Croconaw) Level 2 Water-type
Be Yaps Tyrogue.png Debugant (Tyrogue) Level 1  Fighting 
Be Yaps Houndoom.png Demolosse (Houndoom) Level 2  Dark / Fire 
Be Yaps Donphan.png Donphan Level 2  Ground 
Be Yaps Charizard.png Dracaufeu (Charizard) Level 3  Fire / Flying 
Be Yaps Dragonair.png Draco (Dragonair) Level 2  Dragon 
Be Yaps Dragonite.png Dracolosse (Dragonite) Level 3  Dragon / Flying 
Be Yaps Gengar.png Ectoplasma (Gengar) Level 3  Ghost / Poison 
Be Yaps Zapdos.png Electhor (Zapdos) Rare  Electric / Flying 
Be Yaps Elekid.png Elekid Level 1  Electric 
Be Yaps Electabuzz.png Elektek (Electabuzz) Level 2  Electric 
Be Yaps Larvitar.png Embrylex (Larvitar) Level 1  Rock / Ground 
Be Yaps Entei.png Entei Rare  Fire 
Be Yaps Gastly.png Fantominus (Gastly) Level 1  Ghost / Poison 
Be Yaps Misdreavus.png Feuforeve (Misdreavus) Level 1  Ghost 
Be Yaps Quilava.png Feurisson (Quilava) Level 2  Fire 
Be Yaps Venusaur.png Florizarre (Venusaur) Level 3  Grass / Poison 
Be Yaps Forretress.png Foretress (Forretress) Level 2  Bug / Steel 
Be Yaps Chikorita.png Germignon (Chikorita) Level 1  Grass 
Be Yaps Granbull.png Granbull Level 2  Normal 
Be Yaps Graveler.png Gravalanch (Graveler) Level 2  Rock / Ground 
Be Yaps Wigglytuff.png Grodoudou (Wigglytuff) Level 3  Normal 
Be Yaps Golem.png Grolem (Golem) Level 3  Rock / Ground 
Be Yaps Muk.png Grotadmorv (Muk) Level 2  Poison 
Be Yaps Ivysaur.png Herbizarre (Ivysaur) Level 2  Grass / Poison 
Be Yaps Cyndaquil.png Hericendre (Cyndaquil) Level 1  Fire 
Be Yaps HoOh.png Ho-Oh Rare  Fire / Flying 
Be Yaps Hoothoot.png Hoothoot Level 1  Normal / Flying 
Be Yaps Bellossom.png Joliflor (Bellossom) Level 3  Grass 
Be Yaps Totodile.png Kaiminus (Totodile) Level 1  Water 
Be Yaps Hitmontop.png Kapoera (Hitmontop) Level 2  Fighting 
Be Yaps Dewgong.png Lamantine (Dewgong) Level 2  Water / Ice 
Be Yaps Chansey.png Leveinard (Chansey) Level 1  Normal 
Be Yaps Lugia.png Lugia Rare  Psychic / Flying 
Be Yaps Machamp.png Mackogneur (Machamp) Level 3  Fighting 
Be Yaps Bayleef.png Macronium (Bayleef) Level 2  Grass 
Be Yaps Magmar.png Magmar Level 2  Fire 
Be Yaps Houndour.png Malosse (Houndour) Level 1  Dark / Fire 
Be Yaps Marill.png Marill Level 1  Water 
Be Yaps Meganium.png Meganium Level 3  Grass 
Be Yaps Cleffa.png Melo (Cleffa) Level 1  Normal 
Be Yaps Clefable.png Mélodelfe (Clefable) Level 3  Normal 
Be Yaps Clefairy.png Mélofée (Clefairy) Level 2  Normal 
Be Yaps Mew.png Mew Rare  Psychic 
Be Yaps Mewtwo.png Mewtwo Rare  Psychic 
Be Yaps Meowth.png Miaouss (Meowth) Level 1  Normal 
Be Yaps Venonat.png Mimitoss (Venonat) Level 1  Bug / Poison 
Be Yaps Oddish.png Mystherbe (Oddish) Level 1  Grass / Poison 
Be Yaps Umbreon.png Noctali (Umbreon) Level 2  Dark 
Be Yaps Phanpy.png Phanpy Level 1  Ground 
Be Yaps Pichu.png Pichu Level 1  Electric 
Be Yaps Pikachu.png Pikachu Level 2  Electric 
Be Yaps Geodude.png Racaillou (Geodude) Level 1  Rock / Ground 
Be Yaps Raichu.png Raichu Level 3  Electric 
Be Yaps Charmeleon.png Reptincel (Charmeleon) Level 2  Fire 
Be Yaps Jigglypuff.png Rondoudou (Jigglypuff) Level 2  Normal 
Be Yaps Snorlax.png Ronflex (Snorlax) Rare  Normal 
Be Yaps Pidgeot.png Roucarnage (Pidgeot) Level 3  Normal / Flying 
Be Yaps Pidgey.png Roucool (Pidgey) Level 1  Normal / Flying 
Be Yaps Pidgeotto.png Roucoups (Pidgeotto) Level 2  Normal / Flying 
Be Yaps Charmander.png Salamèche (Charmander) Level 1  Fire 
Be Yaps Koffing.png Smogo (Koffing) Level 1  Poison 
Be Yaps Snubbull.png Snubbull Level 1  Normal 
Be Yaps Starmie.png Staross (Starmie) Level 2  Water / Psychic 
Be Yaps Suicune.png Suicune Rare  Water 
Be Yaps Moltres.png Sulfura (Moltres) Rare  Fire 
Be Yaps Grimer.png Tadmorv (Grimer) Level 1  Poison 
Be Yaps Politoed.png Tarpaud (Politoed) Level 3  Water 
Be Yaps Poliwrath.png Tartard (Poliwrath) Level 3  Water / Fighting 
Be Yaps Togepi.png Togepi Level 1  Normal 
Be Yaps Togetic.png Togetic Level 2  Normal / Flying 
Be Yaps Blastoise.png Tortank (Blastoise) Level 3  Water 
Be Yaps Igglybuff.png Toudoudou (Igglybuff) Level 1  Normal 
Be Yaps Typhlosion.png Typhlosion Level 3  Fire 
Be Yaps Tyranitar.png Tyranocif (Tyranitar) Level 3  Rock / Dark 
Be Yaps Silver.png Be Yaps Silver
Be Yaps Gold.png Be Yaps Gold

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