List of wild Tera Pokémon

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This is a list of wild Tera Pokémon and their locations in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.


Pokémon Tera Type Level Location
Jigglypuff Water 14 South Province (Area Three)
Slowbro Grass 55 Casseroya Lake
Scyther Normal Unknown South Province (Area Four)
Vaporeon Water 50 Casseroya Lake
Jolteon Electric 50 West Province (Area One)
Flareon Fire 50 South Province (Area Five)
Dragonair Electric Unknown South Province (Area Six)
Dragonite Steel 75 North Province (Area Two)
Azumarill Fairy 55 Casseroya Lake
Slaking Ghost Unknown North Province (Area Two)
Sylveon Fairy 50 North Province (Area Three)
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