List of items by index number (Generation I)

Each item has an index number that identifies it in any game. The following list enumerates them according to the way they are stored in the Generation I Game Boy games.

The names of items are stored in the ROM of the English Red and Blue games from the address 0x472B to 0x4A62 (0x433F to 0x45B4 in the Japanese games). The format is a simple list of variable-length strings (each byte of the string corresponding to a character, per the game's character encoding), with different strings separated by the byte 0x50.


This list only contains items with defined effects. Via hacking or glitches, it is possible to obtain other items with random names (in some cases readable) and effects. While these items are all defined, not all are obtainable.

# Hex Item
001 0x01 Master Ball
002 0x02 Ultra Ball
003 0x03 Great Ball
004 0x04 Poké Ball
005 0x05 Town Map
006 0x06 Bicycle
007 0x07 ?????
008 0x08 Safari Ball
009 0x09 Pokédex
010 0x0A Moon Stone
011 0x0B Antidote
012 0x0C Burn Heal
013 0x0D Ice Heal
014 0x0E Awakening
015 0x0F Parlyz Heal
016 0x10 Full Restore
017 0x11 Max Potion
018 0x12 Hyper Potion
019 0x13 Super Potion
020 0x14 Potion
021 0x15 BoulderBadge
022 0x16 CascadeBadge
023 0x17 ThunderBadge
024 0x18 RainbowBadge
025 0x19 SoulBadge
026 0x1A MarshBadge
027 0x1B VolcanoBadge
028 0x1C EarthBadge
029 0x1D Escape Rope
030 0x1E Repel
031 0x1F Old Amber
032 0x20 Fire Stone
033 0x21 Thunderstone
034 0x22 Water Stone
035 0x23 HP Up
036 0x24 Protein
037 0x25 Iron
038 0x26 Carbos
039 0x27 Calcium
040 0x28 Rare Candy
041 0x29 Dome Fossil
042 0x2A Helix Fossil
043 0x2B Secret Key
044 0x2C ?????
045 0x2D Bike Voucher
046 0x2E X Accuracy
047 0x2F Leaf Stone
048 0x30 Card Key
049 0x31 Nugget
050 0x32 PP Up*
051 0x33 Poké Doll
052 0x34 Full Heal
053 0x35 Revive
054 0x36 Max Revive
055 0x37 Guard Spec.
056 0x38 Super Repel
057 0x39 Max Repel
058 0x3A Dire Hit
059 0x3B Coin
060 0x3C Fresh Water
061 0x3D Soda Pop
062 0x3E Lemonade
063 0x3F S.S. Ticket
064 0x40 Gold Teeth
065 0x41 X Attack
066 0x42 X Defend
067 0x43 X Speed
068 0x44 X Special
069 0x45 Coin Case
070 0x46 Oak's Parcel
071 0x47 Itemfinder
072 0x48 Silph Scope
073 0x49 Poké Flute
074 0x4A Lift Key
075 0x4B Exp. All
076 0x4C Old Rod
077 0x4D Good Rod
078 0x4E Super Rod
079 0x4F PP Up
080 0x50 Ether
081 0x51 Max Ether
082 0x52 Elixer
083 0x53 Max Elixer
196 0xC4 HM01
197 0xC5 HM02
198 0xC6 HM03
199 0xC7 HM04
200 0xC8 HM05
201 0xC9 TM01
202 0xCA TM02
203 0xCB TM03
204 0xCC TM04
205 0xCD TM05
206 0xCE TM06
207 0xCF TM07
208 0xD0 TM08
209 0xD1 TM09
210 0xD2 TM10
211 0xD3 TM11
212 0xD4 TM12
213 0xD5 TM13
214 0xD6 TM14
215 0xD7 TM15
216 0xD8 TM16
217 0xD9 TM17
218 0xDA TM18
219 0xDB TM19
220 0xDC TM20
221 0xDD TM21
222 0xDE TM22
223 0xDF TM23
224 0xE0 TM24
225 0xE1 TM25
226 0xE2 TM26
227 0xE3 TM27
228 0xE4 TM28
229 0xE5 TM29
230 0xE6 TM30
231 0xE7 TM31
232 0xE8 TM32
233 0xE9 TM33
234 0xEA TM34
235 0xEB TM35
236 0xEC TM36
237 0xED TM37
238 0xEE TM38
239 0xEF TM39
240 0xF0 TM40
241 0xF1 TM41
242 0xF2 TM42
243 0xF3 TM43
244 0xF4 TM44
245 0xF5 TM45
246 0xF6 TM46
247 0xF7 TM47
248 0xF8 TM48
249 0xF9 TM49
250 0xFA TM50
251 0xFB TM51
252 0xFC TM52
253 0xFD TM53
254 0xFE TM54
255 0xFF TM55

Invalid items

The following items can all be forced to appear via hacking or glitches, but they do not have defined effects and may freeze the game.

The valid item names are directly followed (starting at address 0x4A63 in English and 0x45B5 in Japanese) by a list of floor names which are stored in the same format as the item names, meaning that they can be forced to appear as items. These "items" correspond to indices 0x54 to 0x61. These names are used by lifts, meaning there is nothing to suggest that these were ever intended as real items.

# Hex Item
000 0x00 !jRB/xY
084 0x54 B2F
085 0x55 B1F
086 0x56 1F
087 0x57 2F
088 0x58 3F
089 0x59 4F
090 0x5A 5F
091 0x5B 6F
092 0x5C 7F
093 0x5D 8F
094 0x5E 9F
095 0x5F 10F
096 0x60 11F
097 0x61 B4F
117 0x75
118 0x76 ?
119 0x77 4
120 0x78 ?
121 0x79 $ ぅ

In the Japanese games, a series of unused strings also follows the list of floor names, from address 0x45F5 to 0x4671. The exact same data follows the floor names in the English games, from address 0x4A92 to 0x4B0E. Since this data follows the Japanese encoding, the strings are nonsense within English games. Like the list of floor names, they do not have valid effects when forced as items.

The last text string, "excellent" (Japanese: エクセレント) is curiously not terminated by 0x50. It is included in the internal name of the hex:74 item glitch item according to the buffer at CD68 (an address to store the names of strings and copy them elsewhere) after the buffer is updated when the name of the item is selected, however, the lack of a 0x50 terminating character is responsible for obscuring the name of the item and making "エクセレント" invisible. In addition, the lack of a 0x50 character in the glitch item causes the game to simply freeze when it is selected (before it can be used), when a 0x50 cannot be found past the CD68 buffer.

# Hex Item Translation
098 0x62 かみなりバッヂ ThunderBadge
099 0x63 かいがらバッヂ ShellBadge
100 0x64 おじぞうバッヂ JizoBadge
101 0x65 はやぶさバッヂ FalconBadge
102 0x66 ひんやりバッヂ CoolBadge
103 0x67 なかよしバッヂ FriendshipBadge
104 0x68 バラバッヂ RoseBadge
105 0x69 ひのたまバッヂ FireballBadge
106 0x6A ゴールドバッヂ GoldBadge
107 0x6B たまご Egg
108 0x6C ひよこ Chick
109 0x6D ブロンズ Bronze
110 0x6E シルバー Silver
111 0x6F ゴールド Gold
112 0x70 プチキャプテン Petit Captain
113 0x71 キャプテン Captain
114 0x72 プチマスター Petit Master
115 0x73 マスター Master
116 0x74 エクセレント Excellent

Other item names may also be seen if another index before 196 (the first HM) is used, manifesting as glitch items. Some of these may have invalid names, while others may appear with names such as the name of the player's rival.

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