List of items by index number (Rescue Team)

Each item has a number used to identify it in any game. The following list enumerates them according to the way they are stored in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team.

# Hex Bag Item
000 0x00 Nothing Nothing
001 0x01 Stick Stick
002 0x02 Iron Thorn Iron Thorn
003 0x03 Silver Spike Silver Spike
004 0x04 Gold Fang Gold Fang
005 0x05 Cacnea Spike Cacnea Spike
006 0x06 Corsola Twig Corsola Twig
007 0x07 Gravelerock Gravelerock
008 0x08 Geo Pebble Geo Pebble
009 0x09 Mobile Scarf Mobile Scarf
010 0x0A Heal Ribbon Heal Ribbon
011 0x0B Twist Band Twist Band
012 0x0C Scope Lens Scope Lens
013 0x0D Patsy Band Patsy Band
014 0x0E No-Stick Cap No-Stick Cap
015 0x0F Pierce Band Pierce Band
016 0x10 Joy Ribbon Joy Ribbon
017 0x11 X-Ray Specs X-Ray Specs
018 0x12 Persim Band Persim Band
019 0x13 Power Band Power Band
020 0x14 Pecha Scarf Pecha Scarf
021 0x15 Insomniscope Insomniscope
022 0x16 Warp Scarf Warp Scarf
023 0x17 Tight Belt Tight Belt
024 0x18 Sneak Scarf Sneak Scarf
025 0x19 Gold Ribbon Gold Ribbon
026 0x1A Goggle Specs Goggle Specs
027 0x1B Diet Ribbon Diet Ribbon
028 0x1C Trap Scarf Trap Scarf
029 0x1D Racket Band Racket Band
030 0x1E Def. Scarf Def. Scarf
031 0x1F Stamina Band Stamina Band
032 0x20 Plain Ribbon Plain Ribbon
033 0x21 Special Band Special Band
034 0x22 Zinc Band Zinc Band
035 0x23 Detect Band Detect Band
036 0x24 Alert Specs Alert Specs
037 0x25 Dodge Scarf Dodge Scarf
038 0x26 Bounce Band Bounce Band
039 0x27 Curve Band Curve Band
040 0x28 Whiff Specs Whiff Specs
041 0x29 No-Aim Scope No-Aim Scope
042 0x2A Lockon Specs Lockon Specs
043 0x2B Munch Belt Munch Belt
044 0x2C Pass Scarf Pass Scarf
045 0x2D Weather Band Weather Band
046 0x2E Friend Bow Friend Bow
047 0x2F Beauty Scarf Beauty Scarf
048 0x30 Sun Ribbon Sun Ribbon
049 0x31 Lunar Ribbon Lunar Ribbon
050 0x32 Ring D Ring D
051 0x33 Ring E Ring E
052 0x34 Ring F Ring F
053 0x35 Heal Seed Heal Seed
054 0x36 Wish Stone Wish Stone
055 0x37 Oran Berry Oran Berry
056 0x38 Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry
057 0x39 Eyedrop Seed Eyedrop Seed
058 0x3A Reviver Seed Reviver Seed
059 0x3B Blinker Seed Blinker Seed
060 0x3C Doom Seed Doom Seed
061 0x3D Allure Seed Allure Seed
062 0x3E Life Seed Life Seed
063 0x3F Rawst Berry Rawst Berry
064 0x40 Hunger Seed Hunger Seed
065 0x41 Quick Seed Quick Seed
066 0x42 Pecha Berry Pecha Berry
067 0x43 Cheri Berry Cheri Berry
068 0x44 Totter Seed Totter Seed
069 0x45 Sleep Seed Sleep Seed
070 0x46 Plain Seed Plain Seed
071 0x47 Warp Seed Warp Seed
072 0x48 Blast Seed Blast Seed
073 0x49 Ginseng Ginseng
074 0x4A Joy Seed Joy Seed
075 0x4B Chesto Berry Chesto Berry
076 0x4C Stun Seed Stun Seed
077 0x4D Max Elixir Max Elixir
078 0x4E Protein Protein
079 0x4F Calcium Calcium
080 0x50 Iron Iron
081 0x51 Zinc Zinc
082 0x52 Apple Apple
083 0x53 Big Apple Big Apple
084 0x54 Grimy Food Grimy Food
085 0x55 Huge Apple Huge Apple
086 0x56 White Gummi White Gummi
087 0x57 Red Gummi Red Gummi
088 0x58 Blue Gummi Blue Gummi
089 0x59 Grass Gummi Grass Gummi
090 0x5A Yellow Gummi Yellow Gummi
091 0x5B Clear Gummi Clear Gummi
092 0x5C Orange Gummi Orange Gummi
093 0x5D Pink Gummi Pink Gummi
094 0x5E Brown Gummi Brown Gummi
095 0x5F Sky Gummi Sky Gummi
096 0x60 Gold Gummi Gold Gummi
097 0x61 Green Gummi Green Gummi
098 0x62 Gray Gummi Gray Gummi
099 0x63 Purple Gummi Purple Gummi
100 0x64 Royal Gummi Royal Gummi
101 0x65 Black Gummi Black Gummi
102 0x66 Silver Gummi Silver Gummi
103 0x67 Banana Banana
104 0x68 Chestnut Chestnut
105 0x69 Poké Poké
106 0x6A Upgrade Upgrade
107 0x6B King's Rock King's Rock
108 0x6C Thunderstone Thunderstone
109 0x6D Deepseascale Deepseascale
110 0x6E Deepseatooth Deepseatooth
111 0x6F Sun Stone Sun Stone
112 0x70 Moon Stone Moon Stone
113 0x71 Fire Stone Fire Stone
114 0x72 Water Stone Water Stone
115 0x73 Metal Coat Metal Coat
116 0x74 Leaf Stone Leaf Stone
117 0x75 Dragon Scale Dragon Scale
118 0x76 Link Cable Link Cable
119 0x77 Ice Part Ice Part
120 0x78 Steel Part Steel Part
121 0x79 Rock Part Rock Part
122 0x7A Music Box Music Box
123 0x7B Key Key
124 0x7C Used TM Used TM
125 0x7D Focus Punch Focus Punch
126 0x7E Dragon Claw Dragon Claw
127 0x7F Water Pulse Water Pulse
128 0x80 Calm Mind Calm Mind
129 0x81 Roar Roar
130 0x82 Toxic Toxic
131 0x83 Hail Orb Hail Orb
132 0x84 Bulk Up Bulk Up
133 0x85 Bullet Seed Bullet Seed
134 0x86 Hidden Power Hidden Power
135 0x87 Sunny Orb Sunny Orb
136 0x88 Taunt Taunt
137 0x89 Ice Beam Ice Beam
138 0x8A Blizzard Blizzard
139 0x8B Hyper Beam Hyper Beam
140 0x8C Light Screen Light Screen
141 0x8D Protect Protect
142 0x8E Rainy Orb Rainy Orb
143 0x8F Giga Drain Giga Drain
144 0x90 Safeguard Safeguard
145 0x91 Frustration Frustration
146 0x92 Solarbeam Solarbeam
147 0x93 Iron Tail Iron Tail
148 0x94 Thunderbolt Thunderbolt
149 0x95 Thunder Thunder
150 0x96 Earthquake Earthquake
151 0x97 Return Return
152 0x98 Dig Dig
153 0x99 Psychic Psychic
154 0x9A Shadow Ball Shadow Ball
155 0x9B Brick Break Brick Break
156 0x9C Evasion Orb Evasion Orb
157 0x9D Reflect Reflect
158 0x9E Shock Wave Shock Wave
159 0x9F Flamethrower Flamethrower
160 0xA0 Sludge Bomb Sludge Bomb
161 0xA1 Sandy Orb Sandy Orb
162 0xA2 Fire Blast Fire Blast
163 0xA3 Rocky Orb Rocky Orb
164 0xA4 Aerial Ace Aerial Ace
165 0xA5 Torment Torment
166 0xA6 Facade Facade
167 0xA7 Secret Power Secret Power
168 0xA8 Rest Rest
169 0xA9 Attract Attract
170 0xAA Thief Thief
171 0xAB Steel Wing Steel Wing
172 0xAC Skill Swap Skill Swap
173 0xAD Snatch Orb Snatch Orb
174 0xAE Overheat Overheat
175 0xAF Wide Slash Wide Slash
176 0xB0 Excavate Excavate
177 0xB1 Spin Slash Spin Slash
178 0xB2 See-Trap Orb See-Trap Orb
179 0xB3 Mug Orb Mug Orb
180 0xB4 Rebound Orb Rebound Orb
181 0xB5 Lob Orb Lob Orb
182 0xB6 Switcher Orb Switcher Orb
183 0xB7 Blowback Orb Blowback Orb
184 0xB8 Warp Orb Warp Orb
185 0xB9 Transfer Orb Transfer Orb
186 0xBA Slow Orb Slow Orb
187 0xBB Quick Orb Quick Orb
188 0xBC Luminous Orb Luminous Orb
189 0xBD Petrify Orb Petrify Orb
190 0xBE Stayaway Orb Stayaway Orb
191 0xBF Pounce Orb Pounce Orb
192 0xC0 Trawl Orb Trawl Orb
193 0xC1 Cleanse Orb Cleanse Orb
194 0xC2 Observer Orb Observer Orb
195 0xC3 Decoy Orb Decoy Orb
196 0xC4 Slumber Orb Slumber Orb
197 0xC5 Totter Orb Totter Orb
198 0xC6 Two-Edge Orb Two-Edge Orb
199 0xC7 Silence Orb Silence Orb
200 0xC8 Escape Orb Escape Orb
201 0xC9 Scanner Orb Scanner Orb
202 0xCA Radar Orb Radar Orb
203 0xCB Drought Orb Drought Orb
204 0xCC Trapbust Orb Trapbust Orb
205 0xCD Rollcall Orb Rollcall Orb
206 0xCE Invisify Orb Invisify Orb
207 0xCF One-Shot Orb One-Shot Orb
208 0xD0 Identify Orb Identify Orb
209 0xD1 Vacuum-Cut Vacuum-Cut
210 0xD2 Reviver Orb Reviver Orb
211 0xD3 Shocker Orb Shocker Orb
212 0xD4 Sizebust Orb Sizebust Orb
213 0xD5 One-Room Orb One-Room Orb
214 0xD6 Fill-In Orb Fill-In Orb
215 0xD7 Trapper Orb Trapper Orb
216 0xD8 Possess Orb Possess Orb
217 0xD9 Itemizer Orb Itemizer Orb
218 0xDA Hurl Orb Hurl Orb
219 0xDB Mobile Orb Mobile Orb
220 0xDC Toss Orb Toss Orb
221 0xDD Stairs Orb Stairs Orb
222 0xDE Longtoss Orb Longtoss Orb
223 0xDF Pierce Orb Pierce Orb
224 0xE0 Cut Cut
225 0xE1 Fly Fly
226 0xE2 Surf Surf
227 0xE3 Strength Strength
228 0xE4 Flash Flash
229 0xE5 Rock Smash Rock Smash
230 0xE6 Waterfall Waterfall
231 0xE7 Dive Dive
232 0xE8 Link Box Link Box
233 0xE9 Switch Box Switch Box
234 0xEA Weavile Fig Weavile Fig
235 0xEB Mime Jr. Fig Mime Jr. Fig
236 0xEC Beatup Orb Beatup Orb
237 0xED G Machine 6 G Machine 6
238 0xEE G Machine 7 G Machine 7
239 0xEF G Machine 8 G Machine 8

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