List of items by index number (Generation VIII)

Each item has an index number that identifies it in any game. The following list enumerates them according to the way they are stored in the Generation VIII Nintendo Switch games.


Rows highlighted in different colors were introduced in different versions or games after the original release of Pokémon Sword and Shield (Version 1.0.0).

# Hex Bag Item
0000 0x0000 None None
0001 0x0001 Master Ball Master Ball
0002 0x0002 Ultra Ball Ultra Ball
0003 0x0003 Great Ball Great Ball
0004 0x0004 Poké Ball Poké Ball
0005 0x0005 Safari Ball Safari Ball
0006 0x0006 Net Ball Net Ball
0007 0x0007 Dive Ball Dive Ball
0008 0x0008 Nest Ball Nest Ball
0009 0x0009 Repeat Ball Repeat Ball
0010 0x000A Timer Ball Timer Ball
0011 0x000B Luxury Ball Luxury Ball
0012 0x000C Premier Ball Premier Ball
0013 0x000D Dusk Ball Dusk Ball
0014 0x000E Heal Ball Heal Ball
0015 0x000F Quick Ball Quick Ball
0016 0x0010 Cherish Ball Cherish Ball
0017 0x0011 Potion Potion
0018 0x0012 Antidote Antidote
0019 0x0013 Burn Heal Burn Heal
0020 0x0014 Ice Heal Ice Heal
0021 0x0015 Awakening Awakening
0022 0x0016 Paralyze Heal Paralyze Heal
0023 0x0017 Full Restore Full Restore
0024 0x0018 Max Potion Max Potion
0025 0x0019 Hyper Potion Hyper Potion
0026 0x001A Super Potion Super Potion
0027 0x001B Full Heal Full Heal
0028 0x001C Revive Revive
0029 0x001D Max Revive Max Revive
0030 0x001E Fresh Water Fresh Water
0031 0x001F Soda Pop Soda Pop
0032 0x0020 Lemonade Lemonade
0033 0x0021 Moomoo Milk Moomoo Milk
0034 0x0022 Energy Powder Energy Powder
0035 0x0023 Energy Root Energy Root
0036 0x0024 Heal Powder Heal Powder
0037 0x0025 Revival Herb Revival Herb
0038 0x0026 Ether Ether
0039 0x0027 Max Ether Max Ether
0040 0x0028 Elixir Elixir
0041 0x0029 Max Elixir Max Elixir
0042 0x002A Lava Cookie Lava Cookie
0043 0x002B Berry Juice Berry Juice
0044 0x002C Sacred Ash Sacred Ash
0045 0x002D HP Up HP Up
0046 0x002E Protein Protein
0047 0x002F Iron Iron
0048 0x0030 Carbos Carbos
0049 0x0031 Calcium Calcium
0050 0x0032 Rare Candy Rare Candy
0051 0x0033 PP Up PP Up
0052 0x0034 Zinc Zinc
0053 0x0035 PP Max PP Max
0054 0x0036 Old Gateau Old Gateau
0055 0x0037 Guard Spec. Guard Spec.
0056 0x0038 Dire Hit Dire Hit
0057 0x0039 X Attack X Attack
0058 0x003A X Defense X Defense
0059 0x003B X Speed X Speed
0060 0x003C X Accuracy X Accuracy
0061 0x003D X Sp. Atk X Sp. Atk
0062 0x003E X Sp. Def X Sp. Def
0063 0x003F Poké Doll Poké Doll
0064 0x0040 Fluffy Tail Fluffy Tail
0065 0x0041 Blue Flute Blue Flute
0066 0x0042 Yellow Flute Yellow Flute
0067 0x0043 Red Flute Red Flute
0068 0x0044 Black Flute Black Flute
0069 0x0045 White Flute White Flute
0070 0x0046 Shoal Salt Shoal Salt
0071 0x0047 Shoal Shell Shoal Shell
0072 0x0048 Red Shard Red Shard
0073 0x0049 Blue Shard Blue Shard
0074 0x004A Yellow Shard Yellow Shard
0075 0x004B Green Shard Green Shard
0076 0x004C Super Repel Super Repel
0077 0x004D Max Repel Max Repel
0078 0x004E Escape Rope Escape Rope
0079 0x004F Repel Repel
0080 0x0050 Sun Stone Sun Stone
0081 0x0051 Moon Stone Moon Stone
0082 0x0052 Fire Stone Fire Stone
0083 0x0053 Thunder Stone Thunder Stone
0084 0x0054 Water Stone Water Stone
0085 0x0055 Leaf Stone Leaf Stone
0086 0x0056 Tiny Mushroom Tiny Mushroom
0087 0x0057 Big Mushroom Big Mushroom
0088 0x0058 Pearl Pearl
0089 0x0059 Big Pearl Big Pearl
0090 0x005A Stardust Stardust
0091 0x005B Star Piece Star Piece
0092 0x005C Nugget Nugget
0093 0x005D Heart Scale Heart Scale
0094 0x005E Honey Honey
0095 0x005F Growth Mulch Growth Mulch
0096 0x0060 Damp Mulch Damp Mulch
0097 0x0061 Stable Mulch Stable Mulch
0098 0x0062 Gooey Mulch Gooey Mulch
0099 0x0063 Root Fossil Root Fossil
0100 0x0064 Claw Fossil Claw Fossil
0101 0x0065 Helix Fossil Helix Fossil
0102 0x0066 Dome Fossil Dome Fossil
0103 0x0067 Old Amber Old Amber
0104 0x0068 Armor Fossil Armor Fossil
0105 0x0069 Skull Fossil Skull Fossil
0106 0x006A Rare Bone Rare Bone
0107 0x006B Shiny Stone Shiny Stone
0108 0x006C Dusk Stone Dusk Stone
0109 0x006D Dawn Stone Dawn Stone
0110 0x006E Oval Stone Oval Stone
0111 0x006F Odd Keystone Odd Keystone
0112 0x0070 Griseous Orb Griseous Orb
0113 0x0071 Tea Tea
0114 0x0072 unknown ???
0115 0x0073 Autograph Autograph
0116 0x0074 Douse Drive Douse Drive
0117 0x0075 Shock Drive Shock Drive
0118 0x0076 Burn Drive Burn Drive
0119 0x0077 Chill Drive Chill Drive
0120 0x0078 unknown ???
0121 0x0079 Pokémon Box Pokémon Box
0122 0x007A Medicine Pocket Medicine Pocket
0123 0x007B TM Case PE TM Case
0124 0x007C Candy Jar Candy Jar
0125 0x007D Power-Up Pocket Power-Up Pocket
0126 0x007E Clothing Trunk Clothing Trunk
0127 0x007F Catching Pocket Catching Pocket
0128 0x0080 Battle Pocket Battle Pocket
0129 0x0081 unknown ???
0130 0x0082 unknown ???
0131 0x0083 unknown ???
0132 0x0084 unknown ???
0133 0x0085 unknown ???
0134 0x0086 Sweet Heart Sweet Heart
0135 0x0087 Adamant Orb Adamant Orb
0136 0x0088 Lustrous Orb Lustrous Orb
0137 0x0089 Greet Mail Greet Mail
0138 0x008A Favored Mail Favored Mail
0139 0x008B RSVP Mail RSVP Mail
0140 0x008C Thanks Mail Thanks Mail
0141 0x008D Inquiry Mail Inquiry Mail
0142 0x008E Like Mail Like Mail
0143 0x008F Reply Mail Reply Mail
0144 0x0090 BridgeMail S Bridge Mail S
0145 0x0091 BridgeMail D Bridge Mail D
0146 0x0092 BridgeMail T Bridge Mail T
0147 0x0093 BridgeMail V Bridge Mail V
0148 0x0094 BridgeMail M Bridge Mail M
0149 0x0095 Cheri Berry Cheri Berry
0150 0x0096 Chesto Berry Chesto Berry
0151 0x0097 Pecha Berry Pecha Berry
0152 0x0098 Rawst Berry Rawst Berry
0153 0x0099 Aspear Berry Aspear Berry
0154 0x009A Leppa Berry Leppa Berry
0155 0x009B Oran Berry Oran Berry
0156 0x009C Persim Berry Persim Berry
0157 0x009D Lum Berry Lum Berry
0158 0x009E Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry
0159 0x009F Figy Berry Figy Berry
0160 0x00A0 Wiki Berry Wiki Berry
0161 0x00A1 Mago Berry Mago Berry
0162 0x00A2 Aguav Berry Aguav Berry
0163 0x00A3 Iapapa Berry Iapapa Berry
0164 0x00A4 Razz Berry III Razz Berry
0165 0x00A5 Bluk Berry Bluk Berry
0166 0x00A6 Nanab Berry III Nanab Berry
0167 0x00A7 Wepear Berry Wepear Berry
0168 0x00A8 Pinap Berry Pinap Berry
0169 0x00A9 Pomeg Berry Pomeg Berry
0170 0x00AA Kelpsy Berry Kelpsy Berry
0171 0x00AB Qualot Berry Qualot Berry
0172 0x00AC Hondew Berry Hondew Berry
0173 0x00AD Grepa Berry Grepa Berry
0174 0x00AE Tamato Berry Tamato Berry
0175 0x00AF Cornn Berry Cornn Berry
0176 0x00B0 Magost Berry Magost Berry
0177 0x00B1 Rabuta Berry Rabuta Berry
0178 0x00B2 Nomel Berry Nomel Berry
0179 0x00B3 Spelon Berry Spelon Berry
0180 0x00B4 Pamtre Berry Pamtre Berry
0181 0x00B5 Watmel Berry Watmel Berry
0182 0x00B6 Durin Berry Durin Berry
0183 0x00B7 Belue Berry Belue Berry
0184 0x00B8 Occa Berry Occa Berry
0185 0x00B9 Passho Berry Passho Berry
0186 0x00BA Wacan Berry Wacan Berry
0187 0x00BB Rindo Berry Rindo Berry
0188 0x00BC Yache Berry Yache Berry
0189 0x00BD Chople Berry Chople Berry
0190 0x00BE Kebia Berry Kebia Berry
0191 0x00BF Shuca Berry Shuca Berry
0192 0x00C0 Coba Berry Coba Berry
0193 0x00C1 Payapa Berry Payapa Berry
0194 0x00C2 Tanga Berry Tanga Berry
0195 0x00C3 Charti Berry Charti Berry
0196 0x00C4 Kasib Berry Kasib Berry
0197 0x00C5 Haban Berry Haban Berry
0198 0x00C6 Colbur Berry Colbur Berry
0199 0x00C7 Babiri Berry Babiri Berry
0200 0x00C8 Chilan Berry Chilan Berry
0201 0x00C9 Liechi Berry Liechi Berry
0202 0x00CA Ganlon Berry Ganlon Berry
0203 0x00CB Salac Berry Salac Berry
0204 0x00CC Petaya Berry Petaya Berry
0205 0x00CD Apicot Berry Apicot Berry
0206 0x00CE Lansat Berry Lansat Berry
0207 0x00CF Starf Berry Starf Berry
0208 0x00D0 Enigma Berry Enigma Berry
0209 0x00D1 Micle Berry Micle Berry
0210 0x00D2 Custap Berry Custap Berry
0211 0x00D3 Jaboca Berry Jaboca Berry
0212 0x00D4 Rowap Berry Rowap Berry
0213 0x00D5 Bright Powder Bright Powder
0214 0x00D6 White Herb White Herb
0215 0x00D7 Macho Brace Macho Brace
0216 0x00D8 Exp. Share Exp. Share
0217 0x00D9 Quick Claw Quick Claw
0218 0x00DA Soothe Bell Soothe Bell
0219 0x00DB Mental Herb Mental Herb
0220 0x00DC Choice Band Choice Band
0221 0x00DD King's Rock King's Rock
0222 0x00DE Silver Powder Silver Powder
0223 0x00DF Amulet Coin Amulet Coin
0224 0x00E0 Cleanse Tag Cleanse Tag
0225 0x00E1 Soul Dew Soul Dew
0226 0x00E2 Deep Sea Tooth Deep Sea Tooth
0227 0x00E3 Deep Sea Scale Deep Sea Scale
0228 0x00E4 Smoke Ball Smoke Ball
0229 0x00E5 Everstone Everstone
0230 0x00E6 Focus Band Focus Band
0231 0x00E7 Lucky Egg Lucky Egg
0232 0x00E8 Scope Lens Scope Lens
0233 0x00E9 Metal Coat Metal Coat
0234 0x00EA Leftovers Leftovers
0235 0x00EB Dragon Scale Dragon Scale
0236 0x00EC Light Ball Light Ball
0237 0x00ED Soft Sand Soft Sand
0238 0x00EE Hard Stone Hard Stone
0239 0x00EF Miracle Seed Miracle Seed
0240 0x00F0 Black Glasses Black Glasses
0241 0x00F1 Black Belt Black Belt
0242 0x00F2 Magnet Magnet
0243 0x00F3 Mystic Water Mystic Water
0244 0x00F4 Sharp Beak Sharp Beak
0245 0x00F5 Poison Barb Poison Barb
0246 0x00F6 Never-Melt Ice Never-Melt Ice
0247 0x00F7 Spell Tag Spell Tag
0248 0x00F8 Twisted Spoon Twisted Spoon
0249 0x00F9 Charcoal Charcoal
0250 0x00FA Dragon Fang Dragon Fang
0251 0x00FB Silk Scarf Silk Scarf
0252 0x00FC Upgrade Upgrade
0253 0x00FD Shell Bell Shell Bell
0254 0x00FE Sea Incense Sea Incense
0255 0x00FF Lax Incense Lax Incense
0256 0x0100 Lucky Punch Lucky Punch
0257 0x0101 Metal Powder Metal Powder
0258 0x0102 Thick Club Thick Club
0259 0x0103 Leek Leek
0260 0x0104 Red Scarf Red Scarf
0261 0x0105 Blue Scarf Blue Scarf
0262 0x0106 Pink Scarf Pink Scarf
0263 0x0107 Green Scarf Green Scarf
0264 0x0108 Yellow Scarf Yellow Scarf
0265 0x0109 Wide Lens Wide Lens
0266 0x010A Muscle Band Muscle Band
0267 0x010B Wise Glasses Wise Glasses
0268 0x010C Expert Belt Expert Belt
0269 0x010D Light Clay Light Clay
0270 0x010E Life Orb Life Orb
0271 0x010F Power Herb Power Herb
0272 0x0110 Toxic Orb Toxic Orb
0273 0x0111 Flame Orb Flame Orb
0274 0x0112 Quick Powder Quick Powder
0275 0x0113 Focus Sash Focus Sash
0276 0x0114 Zoom Lens Zoom Lens
0277 0x0115 Metronome Metronome
0278 0x0116 Iron Ball Iron Ball
0279 0x0117 Lagging Tail Lagging Tail
0280 0x0118 Destiny Knot Destiny Knot
0281 0x0119 Black Sludge Black Sludge
0282 0x011A Icy Rock Icy Rock
0283 0x011B Smooth Rock Smooth Rock
0284 0x011C Heat Rock Heat Rock
0285 0x011D Damp Rock Damp Rock
0286 0x011E Grip Claw Grip Claw
0287 0x011F Choice Scarf Choice Scarf
0288 0x0120 Sticky Barb Sticky Barb
0289 0x0121 Power Bracer Power Bracer
0290 0x0122 Power Belt Power Belt
0291 0x0123 Power Lens Power Lens
0292 0x0124 Power Band Power Band
0293 0x0125 Power Anklet Power Anklet
0294 0x0126 Power Weight Power Weight
0295 0x0127 Shed Shell Shed Shell
0296 0x0128 Big Root Big Root
0297 0x0129 Choice Specs Choice Specs
0298 0x012A Flame Plate Flame Plate
0299 0x012B Splash Plate Splash Plate
0300 0x012C Zap Plate Zap Plate
0301 0x012D Meadow Plate Meadow Plate
0302 0x012E Icicle Plate Icicle Plate
0303 0x012F Fist Plate Fist Plate
0304 0x0130 Toxic Plate Toxic Plate
0305 0x0131 Earth Plate Earth Plate
0306 0x0132 Sky Plate Sky Plate
0307 0x0133 Mind Plate Mind Plate
0308 0x0134 Insect Plate Insect Plate
0309 0x0135 Stone Plate Stone Plate
0310 0x0136 Spooky Plate Spooky Plate
0311 0x0137 Draco Plate Draco Plate
0312 0x0138 Dread Plate Dread Plate
0313 0x0139 Iron Plate Iron Plate
0314 0x013A Odd Incense Odd Incense
0315 0x013B Rock Incense Rock Incense
0316 0x013C Full Incense Full Incense
0317 0x013D Wave Incense Wave Incense
0318 0x013E Rose Incense Rose Incense
0319 0x013F Luck Incense Luck Incense
0320 0x0140 Pure Incense Pure Incense
0321 0x0141 Protector Protector
0322 0x0142 Electirizer Electirizer
0323 0x0143 Magmarizer Magmarizer
0324 0x0144 Dubious Disc Dubious Disc
0325 0x0145 Reaper Cloth Reaper Cloth
0326 0x0146 Razor Claw Razor Claw
0327 0x0147 Razor Fang Razor Fang
0328 0x0148 TM Normal TM01
0329 0x0149 TM Normal TM02
0330 0x014A TM Fire TM03
0331 0x014B TM Ice TM04
0332 0x014C TM Electric TM05
0333 0x014D TM Flying TM06
0334 0x014E TM Bug TM07
0335 0x014F TM Normal TM08
0336 0x0150 TM Normal TM09
0337 0x0151 TM Grass TM10
0338 0x0152 TM Grass TM11
0339 0x0153 TM Grass TM12
0340 0x0154 TM Fire TM13
0341 0x0155 TM Electric TM14
0342 0x0156 TM Ground TM15
0343 0x0157 TM Normal TM16
0344 0x0158 TM Psychic TM17
0345 0x0159 TM Psychic TM18
0346 0x015A TM Normal TM19
0347 0x015B TM Normal TM20
0348 0x015C TM Psychic TM21
0349 0x015D TM Rock TM22
0350 0x015E TM Dark TM23
0351 0x015F TM Normal TM24
0352 0x0160 TM Normal TM25
0353 0x0161 TM Normal TM26
0354 0x0162 TM Ice TM27
0355 0x0163 TM Grass TM28
0356 0x0164 TM Fairy TM29
0357 0x0165 TM Steel TM30
0358 0x0166 TM Normal TM31
0359 0x0167 TM Rock TM32
0360 0x0168 TM Water TM33
0361 0x0169 TM Fire TM34
0362 0x016A TM Ice TM35
0363 0x016B TM Water TM36
0364 0x016C TM Dark TM37
0365 0x016D TM Fire TM38
0366 0x016E TM Normal TM39
0367 0x016F TM Normal TM40
0368 0x0170 TM Normal TM41
0369 0x0171 TM Fighting TM42
0370 0x0172 TM Fighting TM43
0371 0x0173 TM Psychic TM44
0372 0x0174 TM Water TM45
0373 0x0175 TM Normal TM46
0374 0x0176 TM Dark TM47
0375 0x0177 TM Rock TM48
0376 0x0178 TM Ground TM49
0377 0x0179 TM Grass TM50
0378 0x017A TM Ice TM51
0379 0x017B TM Flying TM52
0380 0x017C TM Ground TM53
0381 0x017D TM Rock TM54
0382 0x017E TM Water TM55
0383 0x017F TM Bug TM56
0384 0x0180 TM Dark TM57
0385 0x0181 TM Dark TM58
0386 0x0182 TM Dark TM59
0387 0x0183 TM Psychic TM60
0388 0x0184 TM Psychic TM61
0389 0x0185 TM Psychic TM62
0390 0x0186 TM Fighting TM63
0391 0x0187 TM Ice TM64
0392 0x0188 TM Ghost TM65
0393 0x0189 TM Electric TM66
0394 0x018A TM Ice TM67
0395 0x018B TM Fire TM68
0396 0x018C TM Psychic TM69
0397 0x018D TM Psychic TM70
0398 0x018E TM Psychic TM71
0399 0x018F TM Psychic TM72
0400 0x0190 TM Poison TM73
0401 0x0191 TM Poison TM74
0402 0x0192 TM Fighting TM75
0403 0x0193 TM Normal TM76
0404 0x0194 TM Ghost TM77
0405 0x0195 TM Flying TM78
0406 0x0196 TM Normal TM79
0407 0x0197 TM Electric TM80
0408 0x0198 TM Ground TM81
0409 0x0199 TM Electric TM82
0410 0x019A TM Water TM83
0411 0x019B TM Normal TM84
0412 0x019C TM Dark TM85
0413 0x019D TM Ghost TM86
0414 0x019E TM Fairy TM87
0415 0x019F TM Grass TM88
0416 0x01A0 TM Fairy TM89
0417 0x01A1 TM Electric TM90
0418 0x01A2 TM Psychic TM91
0419 0x01A3 TM Fire TM92
0420 0x01A4 HM Normal HM01
0421 0x01A5 HM Flying HM02
0422 0x01A6 HM Water HM03
0423 0x01A7 HM Normal HM04
0424 0x01A8 HM Water HM05
0425 0x01A9 HM Fighting HM06
0426 0x01AA unknown ???
0427 0x01AB unknown ???
0428 0x01AC Explorer Kit Explorer Kit
0429 0x01AD Loot Sack Loot Sack
0430 0x01AE Rule Book Rule Book
0431 0x01AF Poké Radar Poké Radar
0432 0x01B0 Point Card Point Card
0433 0x01B1 Guidebook Guidebook
0434 0x01B2 Seal Case Seal Case
0435 0x01B3 Fashion Case Fashion Case
0436 0x01B4 Seal Bag Seal Bag
0437 0x01B5 Pal Pad Pal Pad
0438 0x01B6 Works Key Works Key
0439 0x01B7 Old Charm Old Charm
0440 0x01B8 Galactic Key Galactic Key
0441 0x01B9 Red Chain Red Chain
0442 0x01BA Town Map IV Town Map
0443 0x01BB Vs. Seeker Vs. Seeker
0444 0x01BC Coin Case Coin Case
0445 0x01BD Old Rod VI Old Rod
0446 0x01BE Good Rod VI Good Rod
0447 0x01BF Super Rod VI Super Rod
0448 0x01C0 Sprayduck Sprayduck
0449 0x01C1 Poffin Case Poffin Case
0450 0x01C2 Bicycle Green Bike
0451 0x01C3 Suite Key Suite Key
0452 0x01C4 Oak's Letter Oak's Letter
0453 0x01C5 Lunar Wing Lunar Feather
0454 0x01C6 Member Card Member Card
0455 0x01C7 Azure Flute Azure Flute
0456 0x01C8 S.S. Ticket S.S. Ticket
0457 0x01C9 Contest Pass Contest Pass
0458 0x01CA Magma Stone Magma Stone
0459 0x01CB Parcel Parcel
0460 0x01CC Coupon 1 Coupon 1
0461 0x01CD Coupon 2 Coupon 2
0462 0x01CE Coupon 3 Coupon 3
0463 0x01CF Storage Key IV Storage Key
0464 0x01D0 Secret Potion Secret Medicine
0465 0x01D1 Vs. Recorder Vs. Recorder
0466 0x01D2 Gracidea Gracidea
0467 0x01D3 Secret Key IV Secret Key
0468 0x01D4 Apricorn Box Apricorn Box
0469 0x01D5 Unown Report Unown Report
0470 0x01D6 Berry Pots Berry Pots
0471 0x01D7 Dowsing Machine ORAS Dowsing Machine
0472 0x01D8 Blue Card Blue Card
0473 0x01D9 Slowpoke Tail Slowpoke Tail
0474 0x01DA Clear Bell Clear Bell
0475 0x01DB Card Key Card Key
0476 0x01DC Basement Key IV Basement Key
0477 0x01DD Squirt Bottle Squirt Bottle
0478 0x01DE Red Scale Red Scale
0479 0x01DF Lost Item Lost Item
0480 0x01E0 Pass Pass
0481 0x01E1 Machine Part Machine Part
0482 0x01E2 Silver Wing Silver Wing
0483 0x01E3 Rainbow Wing Rainbow Wing
0484 0x01E4 Mystery Egg Mystery Egg
0485 0x01E5 Red Apricorn Red Apricorn
0486 0x01E6 Blue Apricorn Blue Apricorn
0487 0x01E7 Yellow Apricorn Yellow Apricorn
0488 0x01E8 Green Apricorn Green Apricorn
0489 0x01E9 Pink Apricorn Pink Apricorn
0490 0x01EA White Apricorn White Apricorn
0491 0x01EB Black Apricorn Black Apricorn
0492 0x01EC Fast Ball Fast Ball
0493 0x01ED Level Ball Level Ball
0494 0x01EE Lure Ball Lure Ball
0495 0x01EF Heavy Ball Heavy Ball
0496 0x01F0 Love Ball Love Ball
0497 0x01F1 Friend Ball Friend Ball
0498 0x01F2 Moon Ball Moon Ball
0499 0x01F3 Sport Ball Sport Ball
0500 0x01F4 Park Ball Park Ball
0501 0x01F5 Photo Album Photo Album
0502 0x01F6 GB Sounds GB Sounds
0503 0x01F7 Tidal Bell Tidal Bell
0504 0x01F8 Rage Candy Bar Rage Candy Bar
0505 0x01F9 Data Card Data Card 01
0506 0x01FA Data Card Data Card 02
0507 0x01FB Data Card Data Card 03
0508 0x01FC Data Card Data Card 04
0509 0x01FD Data Card Data Card 05
0510 0x01FE Data Card Data Card 06
0511 0x01FF Data Card Data Card 07
0512 0x0200 Data Card Data Card 08
0513 0x0201 Data Card Data Card 09
0514 0x0202 Data Card Data Card 10
0515 0x0203 Data Card Data Card 11
0516 0x0204 Data Card Data Card 12
0517 0x0205 Data Card Data Card 13
0518 0x0206 Data Card Data Card 14
0519 0x0207 Data Card Data Card 15
0520 0x0208 Data Card Data Card 16
0521 0x0209 Data Card Data Card 17
0522 0x020A Data Card Data Card 18
0523 0x020B Data Card Data Card 19
0524 0x020C Data Card Data Card 20
0525 0x020D Data Card Data Card 21
0526 0x020E Data Card Data Card 22
0527 0x020F Data Card Data Card 23
0528 0x0210 Data Card Data Card 24
0529 0x0211 Data Card Data Card 25
0530 0x0212 Data Card Data Card 26
0531 0x0213 Data Card Data Card 27
0532 0x0214 Jade Orb Jade Orb
0533 0x0215 Lock Capsule Lock Capsule
0534 0x0216 Red Orb Red Orb
0535 0x0217 Blue Orb Blue Orb
0536 0x0218 Enigma Stone Enigma Stone
0537 0x0219 Prism Scale Prism Scale
0538 0x021A Eviolite Eviolite
0539 0x021B Float Stone Float Stone
0540 0x021C Rocky Helmet Rocky Helmet
0541 0x021D Air Balloon Air Balloon
0542 0x021E Red Card Red Card
0543 0x021F Ring Target Ring Target
0544 0x0220 Binding Band Binding Band
0545 0x0221 Absorb Bulb Absorb Bulb
0546 0x0222 Cell Battery Cell Battery
0547 0x0223 Eject Button Eject Button
0548 0x0224 Fire Gem Fire Gem
0549 0x0225 Water Gem Water Gem
0550 0x0226 Electric Gem Electric Gem
0551 0x0227 Grass Gem Grass Gem
0552 0x0228 Ice Gem Ice Gem
0553 0x0229 Fighting Gem Fighting Gem
0554 0x022A Poison Gem Poison Gem
0555 0x022B Ground Gem Ground Gem
0556 0x022C Flying Gem Flying Gem
0557 0x022D Psychic Gem Psychic Gem
0558 0x022E Bug Gem Bug Gem
0559 0x022F Rock Gem Rock Gem
0560 0x0230 Ghost Gem Ghost Gem
0561 0x0231 Dragon Gem Dragon Gem
0562 0x0232 Dark Gem Dark Gem
0563 0x0233 Steel Gem Steel Gem
0564 0x0234 Normal Gem Normal Gem
0565 0x0235 Health Feather Health Feather
0566 0x0236 Muscle Feather Muscle Feather
0567 0x0237 Resist Feather Resist Feather
0568 0x0238 Genius Feather Genius Feather
0569 0x0239 Clever Feather Clever Feather
0570 0x023A Swift Feather Swift Feather
0571 0x023B Pretty Feather Pretty Feather
0572 0x023C Cover Fossil Cover Fossil
0573 0x023D Plume Fossil Plume Fossil
0574 0x023E Liberty Pass Liberty Pass
0575 0x023F Pass Orb Pass Orb
0576 0x0240 Dream Ball Dream Ball
0577 0x0241 Poké Toy Poké Toy
0578 0x0242 Prop Case Prop Case
0579 0x0243 Dragon Skull Dragon Skull
0580 0x0244 Balm Mushroom Balm Mushroom
0581 0x0245 Big Nugget Big Nugget
0582 0x0246 Pearl String Pearl String
0583 0x0247 Comet Shard Comet Shard
0584 0x0248 Relic Copper Relic Copper
0585 0x0249 Relic Silver Relic Silver
0586 0x024A Relic Gold Relic Gold
0587 0x024B Relic Vase Relic Vase
0588 0x024C Relic Band Relic Band
0589 0x024D Relic Statue Relic Statue
0590 0x024E Relic Crown Relic Crown
0591 0x024F Casteliacone Casteliacone
0592 0x0250 Dire Hit 2 Dire Hit 2
0593 0x0251 X Speed 2 X Speed 2
0594 0x0252 X Special 2 X Sp. Atk 2
0595 0x0253 X Sp. Def 2 X Sp. Def 2
0596 0x0254 X Defend 2 X Defense 2
0597 0x0255 X Attack 2 X Attack 2
0598 0x0256 X Accuracy 2 X Accuracy 2
0599 0x0257 X Speed 3 X Speed 3
0600 0x0258 X Special 3 X Sp. Atk 3
0601 0x0259 X Sp. Def 3 X Sp. Def 3
0602 0x025A X Defend 3 X Defense 3
0603 0x025B X Attack 3 X Attack 3
0604 0x025C X Accuracy 3 X Accuracy 3
0605 0x025D X Speed 6 X Speed 6
0606 0x025E X Special 6 X Sp. Atk 6
0607 0x025F X Sp. Def 6 X Sp. Def 6
0608 0x0260 X Defend 6 X Defense 6
0609 0x0261 X Attack 6 X Attack 6
0610 0x0262 X Accuracy 6 X Accuracy 6
0611 0x0263 Ability Urge Ability Urge
0612 0x0264 Item Drop Item Drop
0613 0x0265 Item Urge Item Urge
0614 0x0266 Reset Urge Reset Urge
0615 0x0267 Dire Hit 3 Dire Hit 3
0616 0x0268 Light Stone Light Stone
0617 0x0269 Dark Stone Dark Stone
0618 0x026A TM Electric TM93
0619 0x026B TM Normal TM94
0620 0x026C TM Flying TM95
0621 0x026D B2W2 Xtransceiver m Xtransceiver
0622 0x026E God Stone ???
0623 0x026F Gram Gram 1
0624 0x0270 Gram Gram 2
0625 0x0271 Gram Gram 3
0626 0x0272 B2W2 Xtransceiver f Xtransceiver
0627 0x0273 Medal Box Medal Box
0628 0x0274 DNA Splicers DNA Splicers
0629 0x0275 DNA Splicers DNA Splicers
0630 0x0276 Permit Permit
0631 0x0277 Oval Charm Oval Charm
0632 0x0278 Shiny Charm Shiny Charm
0633 0x0279 Plasma Card Plasma Card
0634 0x027A Grubby Hanky Grubby Hanky
0635 0x027B Colress Machine Colress Machine
0636 0x027C Dropped Item-m Dropped Item
0637 0x027D Dropped Item-f Dropped Item
0638 0x027E Reveal Glass Reveal Glass
0639 0x027F Weakness Policy Weakness Policy
0640 0x0280 Assault Vest Assault Vest
0641 0x0281 Holo Caster m Holo Caster
0642 0x0282 Prof's Letter Prof's Letter
0643 0x0283 Roller Skates Roller Skates
0644 0x0284 Pixie Plate Pixie Plate
0645 0x0285 Ability Capsule Ability Capsule
0646 0x0286 Whipped Dream Whipped Dream
0647 0x0287 Sachet Sachet
0648 0x0288 Luminous Moss Luminous Moss
0649 0x0289 Snowball Snowball
0650 0x028A Safety Goggles Safety Goggles
0651 0x028B Poké Flute Poké Flute
0652 0x028C Rich Mulch Rich Mulch
0653 0x028D Surprise Mulch Surprise Mulch
0654 0x028E Boost Mulch Boost Mulch
0655 0x028F Amaze Mulch Amaze Mulch
0656 0x0290 Gengarite Gengarite
0657 0x0291 Gardevoirite Gardevoirite
0658 0x0292 Ampharosite Ampharosite
0659 0x0293 Venusaurite Venusaurite
0660 0x0294 Charizardite X Charizardite X
0661 0x0295 Blastoisinite Blastoisinite
0662 0x0296 Mewtwonite X Mewtwonite X
0663 0x0297 Mewtwonite Y Mewtwonite Y
0664 0x0298 Blazikenite Blazikenite
0665 0x0299 Medichamite Medichamite
0666 0x029A Houndoominite Houndoominite
0667 0x029B Aggronite Aggronite
0668 0x029C Banettite Banettite
0669 0x029D Tyranitarite Tyranitarite
0670 0x029E Scizorite Scizorite
0671 0x029F Pinsirite Pinsirite
0672 0x02A0 Aerodactylite Aerodactylite
0673 0x02A1 Lucarionite Lucarionite
0674 0x02A2 Abomasite Abomasite
0675 0x02A3 Kangaskhanite Kangaskhanite
0676 0x02A4 Gyaradosite Gyaradosite
0677 0x02A5 Absolite Absolite
0678 0x02A6 Charizardite Y Charizardite Y
0679 0x02A7 Alakazite Alakazite
0680 0x02A8 Heracronite Heracronite
0681 0x02A9 Mawilite Mawilite
0682 0x02AA Manectite Manectite
0683 0x02AB Garchompite Garchompite
0684 0x02AC Latiasite Latiasite
0685 0x02AD Latiosite Latiosite
0686 0x02AE Roseli Berry Roseli Berry
0687 0x02AF Kee Berry Kee Berry
0688 0x02B0 Maranga Berry Maranga Berry
0689 0x02B1 Sprinklotad Sprinklotad
0690 0x02B2 TM Steel VI TM96
0691 0x02B3 TM Dark VI TM97
0692 0x02B4 TM Ground VI TM98
0693 0x02B5 TM Dragon VI TM99
0694 0x02B6 TM Normal VI TM100
0695 0x02B7 Power Plant Pass Power Plant Pass
0696 0x02B8 Mega Ring Mega Ring
0697 0x02B9 Intriguing Stone Intriguing Stone
0698 0x02BA Common Stone Common Stone
0699 0x02BB Discount Coupon Discount Coupon
0700 0x02BC Elevator Key Elevator Key
0701 0x02BD TMV Pass TMV Pass
0702 0x02BE Honor of Kalos Honor of Kalos
0703 0x02BF Adventure Guide Adventure Guide
0704 0x02C0 Strange Souvenir Strange Souvenir
0705 0x02C1 Lens Case Lens Case
0706 0x02C2 Makeup Bag Makeup Bag
0707 0x02C3 Travel Trunk gold Travel Trunk
0708 0x02C4 Lumiose Galette Lumiose Galette
0709 0x02C5 Shalour Sable Shalour Sable
0710 0x02C6 Jaw Fossil Jaw Fossil
0711 0x02C7 Sail Fossil Sail Fossil
0712 0x02C8 Looker Ticket Looker Ticket
0713 0x02C9 Bicycle Yellow Bike
0714 0x02CA Holo Caster f Holo Caster
0715 0x02CB Fairy Gem Fairy Gem
0716 0x02CC unknown Mega Charm
0717 0x02CD unknown Mega Glove
0718 0x02CE Mach Bike Mach Bike
0719 0x02CF Acro Bike Acro Bike
0720 0x02D0 Wailmer Pail Wailmer Pail
0721 0x02D1 Devon Parts Devon Parts
0722 0x02D2 Soot Sack Soot Sack
0723 0x02D3 Basement Key III Basement Key
0724 0x02D4 Pokéblock Kit Pokéblock Kit
0725 0x02D5 Letter Letter
0726 0x02D6 Eon Ticket Eon Ticket
0727 0x02D7 Scanner Scanner
0728 0x02D8 Go-Goggles Go-Goggles
0729 0x02D9 Meteorite Meteorite
0730 0x02DA Key to Room 1 Key to Room 1
0731 0x02DB Key to Room 2 Key to Room 2
0732 0x02DC Key to Room 4 Key to Room 4
0733 0x02DD Key to Room 6 Key to Room 6
0734 0x02DE Storage Key III Storage Key
0735 0x02DF Devon Scope Devon Scope
0736 0x02E0 S.S. Ticket S.S. Ticket
0737 0x02E1 HM Water HM07
0738 0x02E2 Devon Scuba Gear Devon Scuba Gear
0739 0x02E3 Contest Costume M Contest Costume
0740 0x02E4 Contest Costume F Contest Costume
0741 0x02E5 Magma Suit Magma Suit
0742 0x02E6 Aqua Suit Aqua Suit
0743 0x02E7 Pair of Tickets Pair of Tickets
0744 0x02E8 Mega Bracelet Mega Bracelet
0745 0x02E9 unknown Mega Pendant
0746 0x02EA unknown Mega Glasses
0747 0x02EB unknown Mega Anchor
0748 0x02EC unknown Mega Stickpin
0749 0x02ED unknown Mega Tiara
0750 0x02EE unknown Mega Anklet
0751 0x02EF Meteorite 2 Meteorite
0752 0x02F0 Swampertite Swampertite
0753 0x02F1 Sceptilite Sceptilite
0754 0x02F2 Sablenite Sablenite
0755 0x02F3 Altarianite Altarianite
0756 0x02F4 Galladite Galladite
0757 0x02F5 Audinite Audinite
0758 0x02F6 Metagrossite Metagrossite
0759 0x02F7 Sharpedonite Sharpedonite
0760 0x02F8 Slowbronite Slowbronite
0761 0x02F9 Steelixite Steelixite
0762 0x02FA Pidgeotite Pidgeotite
0763 0x02FB Glalitite Glalitite
0764 0x02FC Diancite Diancite
0765 0x02FD Prison Bottle Prison Bottle
0766 0x02FE Mega Cuff Mega Cuff
0767 0x02FF Cameruptite Cameruptite
0768 0x0300 Lopunnite Lopunnite
0769 0x0301 Salamencite Salamencite
0770 0x0302 Beedrillite Beedrillite
0771 0x0303 Meteorite 3 Meteorite
0772 0x0304 Meteorite 4 Meteorite
0773 0x0305 Key Stone SM Key Stone
0774 0x0306 Meteorite Shard Meteorite Shard
0775 0x0307 Eon Flute Eon Flute
0776 0x0308 Normalium Z Normalium Z
0777 0x0309 Firium Z Firium Z
0778 0x030A Waterium Z Waterium Z
0779 0x030B Electrium Z Electrium Z
0780 0x030C Grassium Z Grassium Z
0781 0x030D Icium Z Icium Z
0782 0x030E Fightinium Z Fightinium Z
0783 0x030F Poisonium Z Poisonium Z
0784 0x0310 Groundium Z Groundium Z
0785 0x0311 Flyinium Z Flyinium Z
0786 0x0312 Psychium Z Psychium Z
0787 0x0313 Buginium Z Buginium Z
0788 0x0314 Rockium Z Rockium Z
0789 0x0315 Ghostium Z Ghostium Z
0790 0x0316 Dragonium Z Dragonium Z
0791 0x0317 Darkinium Z Darkinium Z
0792 0x0318 Steelium Z Steelium Z
0793 0x0319 Fairium Z Fairium Z
0794 0x031A Electrium Z Pikanium Z
0795 0x031B Bottle Cap Bottle Cap
0796 0x031C Gold Bottle Cap Gold Bottle Cap
0797 0x031D Z-Ring Z-Ring
0798 0x031E Grassium Z Decidium Z
0799 0x031F Firium Z Incinium Z
0800 0x0320 Waterium Z Primarium Z
0801 0x0321 Tapunium Z Tapunium Z
0802 0x0322 Marshadium Z Marshadium Z
0803 0x0323 Aloraichium Z Aloraichium Z
0804 0x0324 Snorlium Z Snorlium Z
0805 0x0325 Eevium Z Eevium Z
0806 0x0326 Mewnium Z Mewnium Z
0807 0x0327 Normalium Z Normalium Z
0808 0x0328 Firium Z Firium Z
0809 0x0329 Waterium Z Waterium Z
0810 0x032A Electrium Z Electrium Z
0811 0x032B Grassium Z Grassium Z
0812 0x032C Icium Z Icium Z
0813 0x032D Fightinium Z Fightinium Z
0814 0x032E Poisonium Z Poisonium Z
0815 0x032F Groundium Z Groundium Z
0816 0x0330 Flyinium Z Flyinium Z
0817 0x0331 Psychium Z Psychium Z
0818 0x0332 Buginium Z Buginium Z
0819 0x0333 Rockium Z Rockium Z
0820 0x0334 Ghostium Z Ghostium Z
0821 0x0335 Dragonium Z Dragonium Z
0822 0x0336 Darkinium Z Darkinium Z
0823 0x0337 Steelium Z Steelium Z
0824 0x0338 Fairium Z Fairium Z
0825 0x0339 Pikanium Z Pikanium Z
0826 0x033A Decidium Z Decidium Z
0827 0x033B Incinium Z Incinium Z
0828 0x033C Primarium Z Primarium Z
0829 0x033D Tapunium Z Tapunium Z
0830 0x033E Marshadium Z Marshadium Z
0831 0x033F Aloraichium Z Aloraichium Z
0832 0x0340 Snorlium Z Snorlium Z
0833 0x0341 Eevium Z Eevium Z
0834 0x0342 Mewnium Z Mewnium Z
0835 0x0343 Pikashunium Z Pikashunium Z
0836 0x0344 Pikashunium Z Pikashunium Z
0837 0x0345 unknown ???
0838 0x0346 unknown ???
0839 0x0347 unknown ???
0840 0x0348 unknown ???
0841 0x0349 Forage Bag Forage Bag
0842 0x034A Fishing Rod Fishing Rod
0843 0x034B Professor's Mask Professor's Mask
0844 0x034C Festival Ticket Festival Ticket
0845 0x034D Sparkling Stone Sparkling Stone
0846 0x034E Adrenaline Orb Adrenaline Orb
0847 0x034F Zygarde Cube Zygarde Cube
0848 0x0350 unknown ???
0849 0x0351 Ice Stone Ice Stone
0850 0x0352 Ride Pager Ride Pager
0851 0x0353 Beast Ball Beast Ball
0852 0x0354 Big Malasada Big Malasada
0853 0x0355 Red Nectar Red Nectar
0854 0x0356 Yellow Nectar Yellow Nectar
0855 0x0357 Pink Nectar Pink Nectar
0856 0x0358 Purple Nectar Purple Nectar
0857 0x0359 Sun Flute Sun Flute
0858 0x035A Moon Flute Moon Flute
0859 0x035B unknown ???
0860 0x035C Enigmatic Card Enigmatic Card
0861 0x035D Silver Razz Berry Silver Razz Berry
0862 0x035E Golden Razz Berry Golden Razz Berry
0863 0x035F Silver Nanab Berry Silver Nanab Berry
0864 0x0360 Golden Nanab Berry Golden Nanab Berry
0865 0x0361 Silver Pinap Berry Silver Pinap Berry
0866 0x0362 Golden Pinap Berry Golden Pinap Berry
0867 0x0363 unknown ???
0868 0x0364 unknown ???
0869 0x0365 unknown ???
0870 0x0366 unknown ???
0871 0x0367 unknown ???
0872 0x0368 Secret Key Secret Key
0873 0x0369 S.S. Ticket S.S. Ticket
0874 0x036A Silph Scope Silph Scope
0875 0x036B Parcel Parcel
0876 0x036C Card Key Card Key
0877 0x036D Gold Teeth Gold Teeth
0878 0x036E Lift Key Lift Key
0879 0x036F Terrain Extender Terrain Extender
0880 0x0370 Protective Pads Protective Pads
0881 0x0371 Electric Seed Electric Seed
0882 0x0372 Psychic Seed Psychic Seed
0883 0x0373 Misty Seed Misty Seed
0884 0x0374 Grassy Seed Grassy Seed
0885 0x0375 Stretchy Spring Stretchy Spring
0886 0x0376 Chalky Stone Chalky Stone
0887 0x0377 Marble Marble
0888 0x0378 Lone Earring Lone Earring
0889 0x0379 Beach Glass Beach Glass
0890 0x037A Gold Leaf Gold Leaf
0891 0x037B Silver Leaf Silver Leaf
0892 0x037C Polished Mud Ball Polished Mud Ball
0893 0x037D Tropical Shell Tropical Shell
0894 0x037E Leaf Letter Pikachu Leaf Letter
0895 0x037F Leaf Letter Eevee Leaf Letter
0896 0x0380 Small Bouquet Small Bouquet
0897 0x0381 unknown ???
0898 0x0382 unknown ???
0899 0x0383 unknown ???
0900 0x0384 Lure Lure
0901 0x0385 Super Lure Super Lure
0902 0x0386 Max Lure Max Lure
0903 0x0387 Pewter Crunchies Pewter Crunchies
0904 0x0388 Fighting Memory Fighting Memory
0905 0x0389 Flying Memory Flying Memory
0906 0x038A Poison Memory Poison Memory
0907 0x038B Ground Memory Ground Memory
0908 0x038C Rock Memory Rock Memory
0909 0x038D Bug Memory Bug Memory
0910 0x038E Ghost Memory Ghost Memory
0911 0x038F Steel Memory Steel Memory
0912 0x0390 Fire Memory Fire Memory
0913 0x0391 Water Memory Water Memory
0914 0x0392 Grass Memory Grass Memory
0915 0x0393 Electric Memory Electric Memory
0916 0x0394 Psychic Memory Psychic Memory
0917 0x0395 Ice Memory Ice Memory
0918 0x0396 Dragon Memory Dragon Memory
0919 0x0397 Dark Memory Dark Memory
0920 0x0398 Fairy Memory Fairy Memory
0921 0x0399 Solganium Z Solganium Z
0922 0x039A Lunalium Z Lunalium Z
0923 0x039B Ultranecrozium Z Ultranecrozium Z
0924 0x039C Mimikium Z Mimikium Z
0925 0x039D Lycanium Z Lycanium Z
0926 0x039E Kommonium Z Kommonium Z
0927 0x039F Solganium Z Solganium Z
0928 0x03A0 Lunalium Z Lunalium Z
0929 0x03A1 Ultranecrozium Z Ultranecrozium Z
0930 0x03A2 Mimikium Z Mimikium Z
0931 0x03A3 Lycanium Z Lycanium Z
0932 0x03A4 Kommonium Z Kommonium Z
0933 0x03A5 Z-Power Ring Z-Power Ring
0934 0x03A6 Pink Petal Pink Petal
0935 0x03A7 Orange Petal Orange Petal
0936 0x03A8 Blue Petal Blue Petal
0937 0x03A9 Red Petal Red Petal
0938 0x03AA Green Petal Green Petal
0939 0x03AB Yellow Petal Yellow Petal
0940 0x03AC Purple Petal Purple Petal
0941 0x03AD Rainbow Flower Rainbow Flower
0942 0x03AE Surge Badge Surge Badge
0943 0x03AF N-Solarizer N-Solarizer
0944 0x03B0 N-Lunarizer N-Lunarizer
0945 0x03B1 N-Solarizer N-Solarizer
0946 0x03B2 N-Lunarizer N-Lunarizer
0947 0x03B3 Normalium Z Ilima's Normalium Z
0948 0x03B4 Poké Ball Left Poké Ball
0949 0x03B5 Roto Hatch Roto Hatch
0950 0x03B6 Roto Bargain Roto Bargain
0951 0x03B7 Roto Prize Money Roto Prize Money
0952 0x03B8 Roto Exp. Points Roto Exp. Points
0953 0x03B9 Roto Friendship Roto Friendship
0954 0x03BA Roto Encounter Roto Encounter
0955 0x03BB Roto Stealth Roto Stealth
0956 0x03BC Roto HP Restore Roto HP Restore
0957 0x03BD Roto PP Restore Roto PP Restore
0958 0x03BE Roto Boost Roto Boost
0959 0x03BF Roto Catch Roto Catch
0960 0x03C0 Health Candy Health Candy
0961 0x03C1 Mighty Candy Mighty Candy
0962 0x03C2 Tough Candy Tough Candy
0963 0x03C3 Smart Candy Smart Candy
0964 0x03C4 Courage Candy Courage Candy
0965 0x03C5 Quick Candy Quick Candy
0966 0x03C6 Health Candy L Health Candy L
0967 0x03C7 Mighty Candy L Mighty Candy L
0968 0x03C8 Tough Candy L Tough Candy L
0969 0x03C9 Smart Candy L Smart Candy L
0970 0x03CA Courage Candy L Courage Candy L
0971 0x03CB Quick Candy L Quick Candy L
0972 0x03CC Health Candy XL Health Candy XL
0973 0x03CD Mighty Candy XL Mighty Candy XL
0974 0x03CE Tough Candy XL Tough Candy XL
0975 0x03CF Smart Candy XL Smart Candy XL
0976 0x03D0 Courage Candy XL Courage Candy XL
0977 0x03D1 Quick Candy XL Quick Candy XL
978 0x03D2 Candy Green Bulbasaur Candy
979 0x03D3 Candy Red Charmander Candy
980 0x03D4 Candy Blue Squirtle Candy
981 0x03D5 Candy Green Caterpie Candy
982 0x03D6 Candy Brown Weedle Candy
983 0x03D7 Candy Brown Pidgey Candy
984 0x03D8 Candy Purple Rattata Candy
985 0x03D9 Candy Brown Spearow Candy
986 0x03DA Candy Purple Ekans Candy
987 0x03DB Candy Yellow Pikachu Candy
988 0x03DC Candy Yellow Sandshrew Candy
989 0x03DD Candy Blue Nidoran♀ Candy
990 0x03DE Candy Purple Nidoran♂ Candy
991 0x03DF Candy Pink Clefairy Candy
992 0x03E0 Candy Brown Vulpix Candy
993 0x03E1 Candy Pink Jigglypuff Candy
994 0x03E2 Candy Purple Zubat Candy
995 0x03E3 Candy Blue Oddish Candy
996 0x03E4 Candy Red Paras Candy
997 0x03E5 Candy Purple Venonat Candy
998 0x03E6 Candy Brown Diglett Candy
999 0x03E7 Candy Yellow Meowth Candy
1000 0x03E8 Candy Yellow Psyduck Candy
1001 0x03E9 Candy Brown Mankey Candy
1002 0x03EA Candy Brown Growlithe Candy
1003 0x03EB Candy Blue Poliwag Candy
1004 0x03EC Candy Brown Abra Candy
1005 0x03ED Candy Gray Machop Candy
1006 0x03EE Candy Green Bellsprout Candy
1007 0x03EF Candy Blue Tentacool Candy
1008 0x03F0 Candy Brown Geodude Candy
1009 0x03F1 Candy Yellow Ponyta Candy
1010 0x03F2 Candy Pink Slowpoke Candy
1011 0x03F3 Candy Gray Magnemite Candy
1012 0x03F4 Candy Brown Farfetch'd Candy
1013 0x03F5 Candy Brown Doduo Candy
1014 0x03F6 Candy White Seel Candy
1015 0x03F7 Candy Purple Grimer Candy
1016 0x03F8 Candy Purple Shellder Candy
1017 0x03F9 Candy Purple Gastly Candy
1018 0x03FA Candy Gray Onix Candy
1019 0x03FB Candy Yellow Drowzee Candy
1020 0x03FC Candy Red Krabby Candy
1021 0x03FD Candy Red Voltorb Candy
1022 0x03FE Candy Pink Exeggcute Candy
1023 0x03FF Candy Brown Cubone Candy
1024 0x0400 Candy Brown Hitmonlee Candy
1025 0x0401 Candy Brown Hitmonchan Candy
1026 0x0402 Candy Pink Lickitung Candy
1027 0x0403 Candy Purple Koffing Candy
1028 0x0404 Candy Gray Rhyhorn Candy
1029 0x0405 Candy Pink Chansey Candy
1030 0x0406 Candy Blue Tangela Candy
1031 0x0407 Candy Brown Kangaskhan Candy
1032 0x0408 Candy Blue Horsea Candy
1033 0x0409 Candy Red Goldeen Candy
1034 0x040A Candy Brown Staryu Candy
1035 0x040B Candy Pink Mr. Mime Candy
1036 0x040C Candy Green Scyther Candy
1037 0x040D Candy Red Jynx Candy
1038 0x040E Candy Yellow Electabuzz Candy
1039 0x040F Candy Brown Pinsir Candy
1040 0x0410 Candy Brown Tauros Candy
1041 0x0411 Candy Red Magikarp Candy
1042 0x0412 Candy Blue Lapras Candy
1043 0x0413 Candy Purple Ditto Candy
1044 0x0414 Candy Brown Eevee Candy
1045 0x0415 Candy Pink Porygon Candy
1046 0x0416 Candy Blue Omanyte Candy
1047 0x0417 Candy Brown Kabuto Candy
1048 0x0418 Candy Purple Aerodactyl Candy
1049 0x0419 Candy Black Snorlax Candy
1050 0x041A Candy Blue Articuno Candy
1051 0x041B Candy Yellow Zapdos Candy
1052 0x041C Candy Yellow Moltres Candy
1053 0x041D Candy Blue Dratini Candy
1054 0x041E Candy Purple Mewtwo Candy
1055 0x041F Candy Pink Mew Candy
1056 0x0420 Candy Gray Meltan Candy
1057 0x0421 Candy Red Magmar Candy
1058 0x0422 unknown ???
1059 0x0423 unknown ???
1060 0x0424 unknown ???
1061 0x0425 unknown ???
1062 0x0426 unknown ???
1063 0x0427 unknown ???
1064 0x0428 unknown ???
1065 0x0429 unknown ???
1066 0x042A unknown ???
1067 0x042B unknown ???
1068 0x042C unknown ???
1069 0x042D unknown ???
1070 0x042E unknown ???
1071 0x042F unknown ???
1072 0x0430 unknown ???
1073 0x0431 unknown ???
1074 0x0432 Endorsement Endorsement
1075 0x0433 Pokémon Box Link Pokémon Box Link
1076 0x0434 Wishing Star Wishing Star
1077 0x0435 Dynamax Band Dynamax Band
1078 0x0436 unknown ???
1079 0x0437 unknown ???
1080 0x0438 Fishing Rod Galar Fishing Rod
1081 0x0439 Rotom Bike Rotom Bike
1082 0x043A unknown ???
1083 0x043B unknown ???
1084 0x043C Sausages Sausages
1085 0x043D Bob's Food Tin Bob's Food Tin
1086 0x043E Bach's Food Tin Bach's Food Tin
1087 0x043F Tin of Beans Tin of Beans
1088 0x0440 Bread Bread
1089 0x0441 Pasta Pasta
1090 0x0442 Mixed Mushrooms Mixed Mushrooms
1091 0x0443 Smoke-Poke Tail Smoke-Poke Tail
1092 0x0444 Large Leek Large Leek
1093 0x0445 Fancy Apple Fancy Apple
1094 0x0446 Brittle Bones Brittle Bones
1095 0x0447 Pack of Potatoes Pack of Potatoes
1096 0x0448 Pungent Root Pungent Root
1097 0x0449 Salad Mix Salad Mix
1098 0x044A Fried Food Fried Food
1099 0x044B Boiled Egg Boiled Egg
1100 0x044C Camping Gear Camping Gear
1101 0x044D unknown ???
1102 0x044E unknown ???
1103 0x044F Rusted Sword Rusted Sword
1104 0x0450 Rusted Shield Rusted Shield
1105 0x0451 Fossilized Bird Fossilized Bird
1106 0x0452 Fossilized Fish Fossilized Fish
1107 0x0453 Fossilized Drake Fossilized Drake
1108 0x0454 Fossilized Dino Fossilized Dino
1109 0x0455 Strawberry Sweet Strawberry Sweet
1110 0x0456 Love Sweet Love Sweet
1111 0x0457 Berry Sweet Berry Sweet
1112 0x0458 Clover Sweet Clover Sweet
1113 0x0459 Flower Sweet Flower Sweet
1114 0x045A Star Sweet Star Sweet
1115 0x045B Ribbon Sweet Ribbon Sweet
1116 0x045C Sweet Apple Sweet Apple
1117 0x045D Tart Apple Tart Apple
1118 0x045E Throat Spray Throat Spray
1119 0x045F Eject Pack Eject Pack
1120 0x0460 Heavy-Duty Boots Heavy-Duty Boots
1121 0x0461 Blunder Policy Blunder Policy
1122 0x0462 Room Service Room Service
1123 0x0463 Utility Umbrella Utility Umbrella
1124 0x0464 Exp. Candy XS Exp. Candy XS
1125 0x0465 Exp. Candy S Exp. Candy S
1126 0x0466 Exp. Candy M Exp. Candy M
1127 0x0467 Exp. Candy L Exp. Candy L
1128 0x0468 Exp. Candy XL Exp. Candy XL
1129 0x0469 Dynamax Candy Dynamax Candy
1130 0x046A TR Normal TR00
1131 0x046B TR Normal TR01
1132 0x046C TR Fire TR02
1133 0x046D TR Water TR03
1134 0x046E TR Water TR04
1135 0x046F TR Ice TR05
1136 0x0470 TR Ice TR06
1137 0x0471 TR Fighting TR07
1138 0x0472 TR Electric TR08
1139 0x0473 TR Electric TR09
1140 0x0474 TR Ground TR10
1141 0x0475 TR Psychic TR11
1142 0x0476 TR Psychic TR12
1143 0x0477 TR Normal TR13
1144 0x0478 TR Normal TR14
1145 0x0479 TR Fire TR15
1146 0x047A TR Water TR16
1147 0x047B TR Psychic TR17
1148 0x047C TR Bug TR18
1149 0x047D TR Normal TR19
1150 0x047E TR Normal TR20
1151 0x047F TR Fighting TR21
1152 0x0480 TR Poison TR22
1153 0x0481 TR Ground TR23
1154 0x0482 TR Dragon TR24
1155 0x0483 TR Psychic TR25
1156 0x0484 TR Normal TR26
1157 0x0485 TR Normal TR27
1158 0x0486 TR Bug TR28
1159 0x0487 TR Normal TR29
1160 0x0488 TR Normal TR30
1161 0x0489 TR Steel TR31
1162 0x048A TR Dark TR32
1163 0x048B TR Ghost TR33
1164 0x048C TR Psychic TR34
1165 0x048D TR Normal TR35
1166 0x048E TR Fire TR36
1167 0x048F TR Dark TR37
1168 0x0490 TR Psychic TR38
1169 0x0491 TR Fighting TR39
1170 0x0492 TR Psychic TR40
1171 0x0493 TR Fire TR41
1172 0x0494 TR Normal TR42
1173 0x0495 TR Fire TR43
1174 0x0496 TR Psychic TR44
1175 0x0497 TR Water TR45
1176 0x0498 TR Steel TR46
1177 0x0499 TR Dragon TR47
1178 0x049A TR Fighting TR48
1179 0x049B TR Psychic TR49
1180 0x049C TR Grass TR50
1181 0x049D TR Dragon TR51
1182 0x049E TR Steel TR52
1183 0x049F TR Fighting TR53
1184 0x04A0 TR Poison TR54
1185 0x04A1 TR Fire TR55
1186 0x04A2 TR Fighting TR56
1187 0x04A3 TR Poison TR57
1188 0x04A4 TR Dark TR58
1189 0x04A5 TR Grass TR59
1190 0x04A6 TR Bug TR60
1191 0x04A7 TR Bug TR61
1192 0x04A8 TR Dragon TR62
1193 0x04A9 TR Rock TR63
1194 0x04AA TR Fighting TR64
1195 0x04AB TR Grass TR65
1196 0x04AC TR Flying TR66
1197 0x04AD TR Ground TR67
1198 0x04AE TR Dark TR68
1199 0x04AF TR Psychic TR69
1200 0x04B0 TR Steel TR70
1201 0x04B1 TR Grass TR71
1202 0x04B2 TR Grass TR72
1203 0x04B3 TR Poison TR73
1204 0x04B4 TR Steel TR74
1205 0x04B5 TR Rock TR75
1206 0x04B6 TR Rock TR76
1207 0x04B7 TR Grass TR77
1208 0x04B8 TR Poison TR78
1209 0x04B9 TR Steel TR79
1210 0x04BA TR Electric TR80
1211 0x04BB TR Dark TR81
1212 0x04BC TR Psychic TR82
1213 0x04BD TR Psychic TR83
1214 0x04BE TR Water TR84
1215 0x04BF TR Normal TR85
1216 0x04C0 TR Electric TR86
1217 0x04C1 TR Ground TR87
1218 0x04C2 TR Fire TR88
1219 0x04C3 TR Flying TR89
1220 0x04C4 TR Fairy TR90
1221 0x04C5 TR Poison TR91
1222 0x04C6 TR Fairy TR92
1223 0x04C7 TR Dark TR93
1224 0x04C8 TR Ground TR94
1225 0x04C9 TR Dark TR95
1226 0x04CA TR Bug TR96
1227 0x04CB TR Psychic TR97
1228 0x04CC TR Water TR98
1229 0x04CD TR Fighting TR99
1230 0x04CE TM Normal VI TM00
1231 0x04CF Lonely Mint Lonely Mint
1232 0x04D0 Adamant Mint Adamant Mint
1233 0x04D1 Naughty Mint Naughty Mint
1234 0x04D2 Brave Mint Brave Mint
1235 0x04D3 Bold Mint Bold Mint
1236 0x04D4 Impish Mint Impish Mint
1237 0x04D5 Lax Mint Lax Mint
1238 0x04D6 Relaxed Mint Relaxed Mint
1239 0x04D7 Modest Mint Modest Mint
1240 0x04D8 Mild Mint Mild Mint
1241 0x04D9 Rash Mint Rash Mint
1242 0x04DA Quiet Mint Quiet Mint
1243 0x04DB Calm Mint Calm Mint
1244 0x04DC Gentle Mint Gentle Mint
1245 0x04DD Careful Mint Careful Mint
1246 0x04DE Sassy Mint Sassy Mint
1247 0x04DF Timid Mint Timid Mint
1248 0x04E0 Hasty Mint Hasty Mint
1249 0x04E1 Jolly Mint Jolly Mint
1250 0x04E2 Naive Mint Naive Mint
1251 0x04E3 Serious Mint Serious Mint
1252 0x04E4 Wishing Piece Wishing Piece
1253 0x04E5 Cracked Pot Cracked Pot
1254 0x04E6 Chipped Pot Chipped Pot
1255 0x04E7 Hi-tech Earbuds Hi-tech Earbuds
1256 0x04E8 Fruit Bunch Fruit Bunch
1257 0x04E9 Moomoo Cheese Moomoo Cheese
1258 0x04EA Spice Mix Spice Mix
1259 0x04EB Fresh Cream Fresh Cream
1260 0x04EC Packaged Curry Packaged Curry
1261 0x04ED Coconut Milk Coconut Milk
1262 0x04EE Instant Noodles Instant Noodles
1263 0x04EF Precooked Burger Precooked Burger
1264 0x04F0 Gigantamix Gigantamix
1265 0x04F1 Wishing Chip Wishing Chip
1266 0x04F2 Rotom Bike Water Mode Rotom Bike
1267 0x04F3 Catching Charm Catching Charm
1268 0x04F4 unknown ???
1269 0x04F5 Old Letter Old Letter
1270 0x04F6 Band Autograph Band Autograph
1271 0x04F7 Sonia's Book Sonia's Book
1272 0x04F8 unknown ???
1273 0x04F9 unknown ???
1274 0x04FA unknown ???
1275 0x04FB unknown ???
1276 0x04FC unknown ???
1277 0x04FD unknown ???
1278 0x04FE Rotom Catalog Rotom Catalog
1279 0x04FF Dynamax Crystal ★And458
1280 0x0500 Dynamax Crystal ★And15
1281 0x0501 Dynamax Crystal ★And337
1282 0x0502 Dynamax Crystal ★And603
1283 0x0503 Dynamax Crystal ★And390
1284 0x0504 Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr6879
1285 0x0505 Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr6859
1286 0x0506 Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr6913
1287 0x0507 Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr7348
1288 0x0508 Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr7121
1289 0x0509 Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr6746
1290 0x050A Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr7194
1291 0x050B Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr7337
1292 0x050C Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr7343
1293 0x050D Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr6812
1294 0x050E Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr7116
1295 0x050F Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr7264
1296 0x0510 Dynamax Crystal ★Sgr7597
1297 0x0511 Dynamax Crystal ★Del7882
1298 0x0512 Dynamax Crystal ★Del7906
1299 0x0513 Dynamax Crystal ★Del7852
1300 0x0514 Dynamax Crystal ★Psc596
1301 0x0515 Dynamax Crystal ★Psc361
1302 0x0516 Dynamax Crystal ★Psc510
1303 0x0517 Dynamax Crystal ★Psc437
1304 0x0518 Dynamax Crystal ★Psc8773
1305 0x0519 Dynamax Crystal ★Lep1865
1306 0x051A Dynamax Crystal ★Lep1829
1307 0x051B Dynamax Crystal ★Boo5340
1308 0x051C Dynamax Crystal ★Boo5506
1309 0x051D Dynamax Crystal ★Boo5435
1310 0x051E Dynamax Crystal ★Boo5602
1311 0x051F Dynamax Crystal ★Boo5733
1312 0x0520 Dynamax Crystal ★Boo5235
1313 0x0521 Dynamax Crystal ★Boo5351
1314 0x0522 Dynamax Crystal ★Hya3748
1315 0x0523 Dynamax Crystal ★Hya3903
1316 0x0524 Dynamax Crystal ★Hya3418
1317 0x0525 Dynamax Crystal ★Hya3482
1318 0x0526 Dynamax Crystal ★Hya3845
1319 0x0527 Dynamax Crystal ★Eri1084
1320 0x0528 Dynamax Crystal ★Eri472
1321 0x0529 Dynamax Crystal ★Eri1666
1322 0x052A Dynamax Crystal ★Eri897
1323 0x052B Dynamax Crystal ★Eri1231
1324 0x052C Dynamax Crystal ★Eri874
1325 0x052D Dynamax Crystal ★Eri1298
1326 0x052E Dynamax Crystal ★Eri1325
1327 0x052F Dynamax Crystal ★Eri984
1328 0x0530 Dynamax Crystal ★Eri1464
1329 0x0531 Dynamax Crystal ★Eri1393
1330 0x0532 Dynamax Crystal ★Eri850
1331 0x0533 Dynamax Crystal ★Tau1409
1332 0x0534 Dynamax Crystal ★Tau1457
1333 0x0535 Dynamax Crystal ★Tau1165
1334 0x0536 Dynamax Crystal ★Tau1791
1335 0x0537 Dynamax Crystal ★Tau1910
1336 0x0538 Dynamax Crystal ★Tau1346
1337 0x0539 Dynamax Crystal ★Tau1373
1338 0x053A Dynamax Crystal ★Tau1412
1339 0x053B Dynamax Crystal ★CMa2491
1340 0x053C Dynamax Crystal ★CMa2693
1341 0x053D Dynamax Crystal ★CMa2294
1342 0x053E Dynamax Crystal ★CMa2827
1343 0x053F Dynamax Crystal ★CMa2282
1344 0x0540 Dynamax Crystal ★CMa2618
1345 0x0541 Dynamax Crystal ★CMa2657
1346 0x0542 Dynamax Crystal ★CMa2646
1347 0x0543 Dynamax Crystal ★UMa4905
1348 0x0544 Dynamax Crystal ★UMa4301
1349 0x0545 Dynamax Crystal ★UMa5191
1350 0x0546 Dynamax Crystal ★UMa5054
1351 0x0547 Dynamax Crystal ★UMa4295
1352 0x0548 Dynamax Crystal ★UMa4660
1353 0x0549 Dynamax Crystal ★UMa4554
1354 0x054A Dynamax Crystal ★UMa4069
1355 0x054B Dynamax Crystal ★UMa3569
1356 0x054C Dynamax Crystal ★UMa3323
1357 0x054D Dynamax Crystal ★UMa4033
1358 0x054E Dynamax Crystal ★UMa4377
1359 0x054F Dynamax Crystal ★UMa4375
1360 0x0550 Dynamax Crystal ★UMa4518
1361 0x0551 Dynamax Crystal ★UMa3594
1362 0x0552 Dynamax Crystal ★Vir5056
1363 0x0553 Dynamax Crystal ★Vir4825
1364 0x0554 Dynamax Crystal ★Vir4932
1365 0x0555 Dynamax Crystal ★Vir4540
1366 0x0556 Dynamax Crystal ★Vir4689
1367 0x0557 Dynamax Crystal ★Vir5338
1368 0x0558 Dynamax Crystal ★Vir4910
1369 0x0559 Dynamax Crystal ★Vir5315
1370 0x055A Dynamax Crystal ★Vir5359
1371 0x055B Dynamax Crystal ★Vir5409
1372 0x055C Dynamax Crystal ★Vir5107
1373 0x055D Dynamax Crystal ★Ari617
1374 0x055E Dynamax Crystal ★Ari553
1375 0x055F Dynamax Crystal ★Ari546
1376 0x0560 Dynamax Crystal ★Ari951
1377 0x0561 Dynamax Crystal ★Ori1713
1378 0x0562 Dynamax Crystal ★Ori2061
1379 0x0563 Dynamax Crystal ★Ori1790
1380 0x0564 Dynamax Crystal ★Ori1903
1381 0x0565 Dynamax Crystal ★Ori1948
1382 0x0566 Dynamax Crystal ★Ori2004
1383 0x0567 Dynamax Crystal ★Ori1852
1384 0x0568 Dynamax Crystal ★Ori1879
1385 0x0569 Dynamax Crystal ★Ori1899
1386 0x056A Dynamax Crystal ★Ori1543
1387 0x056B Dynamax Crystal ★Cas21
1388 0x056C Dynamax Crystal ★Cas168
1389 0x056D Dynamax Crystal ★Cas403
1390 0x056E Dynamax Crystal ★Cas153
1391 0x056F Dynamax Crystal ★Cas542
1392 0x0570 Dynamax Crystal ★Cas219
1393 0x0571 Dynamax Crystal ★Cas265
1394 0x0572 Dynamax Crystal ★Cnc3572
1395 0x0573 Dynamax Crystal ★Cnc3208
1396 0x0574 Dynamax Crystal ★Cnc3461
1397 0x0575 Dynamax Crystal ★Cnc3449
1398 0x0576 Dynamax Crystal ★Cnc3429
1399 0x0577 Dynamax Crystal ★Cnc3627
1400 0x0578 Dynamax Crystal ★Cnc3268
1401 0x0579 Dynamax Crystal ★Cnc3249
1402 0x057A Dynamax Crystal ★Com4968
1403 0x057B Dynamax Crystal ★Crv4757
1404 0x057C Dynamax Crystal ★Crv4623
1405 0x057D Dynamax Crystal ★Crv4662
1406 0x057E Dynamax Crystal ★Crv4786
1407 0x057F Dynamax Crystal ★Aur1708
1408 0x0580 Dynamax Crystal ★Aur2088
1409 0x0581 Dynamax Crystal ★Aur1605
1410 0x0582 Dynamax Crystal ★Aur2095
1411 0x0583 Dynamax Crystal ★Aur1577
1412 0x0584 Dynamax Crystal ★Aur1641
1413 0x0585 Dynamax Crystal ★Aur1612
1414 0x0586 Dynamax Crystal ★Pav7790
1415 0x0587 Dynamax Crystal ★Cet911
1416 0x0588 Dynamax Crystal ★Cet681
1417 0x0589 Dynamax Crystal ★Cet188
1418 0x058A Dynamax Crystal ★Cet539
1419 0x058B Dynamax Crystal ★Cet804
1420 0x058C Dynamax Crystal ★Cep8974
1421 0x058D Dynamax Crystal ★Cep8162
1422 0x058E Dynamax Crystal ★Cep8238
1423 0x058F Dynamax Crystal ★Cep8417
1424 0x0590 Dynamax Crystal ★Cen5267
1425 0x0591 Dynamax Crystal ★Cen5288
1426 0x0592 Dynamax Crystal ★Cen551
1427 0x0593 Dynamax Crystal ★Cen5459
1428 0x0594 Dynamax Crystal ★Cen5460
1429 0x0595 Dynamax Crystal ★CMi2943
1430 0x0596 Dynamax Crystal ★CMi2845
1431 0x0597 Dynamax Crystal ★Equ8131
1432 0x0598 Dynamax Crystal ★Vul7405
1433 0x0599 Dynamax Crystal ★UMi424
1434 0x059A Dynamax Crystal ★UMi5563
1435 0x059B Dynamax Crystal ★UMi5735
1436 0x059C Dynamax Crystal ★UMi6789
1437 0x059D Dynamax Crystal ★Crt4287
1438 0x059E Dynamax Crystal ★Lyr7001
1439 0x059F Dynamax Crystal ★Lyr7178
1440 0x05A0 Dynamax Crystal ★Lyr7106
1441 0x05A1 Dynamax Crystal ★Lyr7298
1442 0x05A2 Dynamax Crystal ★Ara6585
1443 0x05A3 Dynamax Crystal ★Sco6134
1444 0x05A4 Dynamax Crystal ★Sco6527
1445 0x05A5 Dynamax Crystal ★Sco6553
1446 0x05A6 Dynamax Crystal ★Sco5953
1447 0x05A7 Dynamax Crystal ★Sco5984
1448 0x05A8 Dynamax Crystal ★Sco6508
1449 0x05A9 Dynamax Crystal ★Sco6084
1450 0x05AA Dynamax Crystal ★Sco5944
1451 0x05AB Dynamax Crystal ★Sco6630
1452 0x05AC Dynamax Crystal ★Sco6027
1453 0x05AD Dynamax Crystal ★Sco6247
1454 0x05AE Dynamax Crystal ★Sco6252
1455 0x05AF Dynamax Crystal ★Sco5928
1456 0x05B0 Dynamax Crystal ★Sco6241
1457 0x05B1 Dynamax Crystal ★Sco6165
1458 0x05B2 Dynamax Crystal ★Tri544
1459 0x05B3 Dynamax Crystal ★Leo3982
1460 0x05B4 Dynamax Crystal ★Leo4534
1461 0x05B5 Dynamax Crystal ★Leo4357
1462 0x05B6 Dynamax Crystal ★Leo4057
1463 0x05B7 Dynamax Crystal ★Leo4359
1464 0x05B8 Dynamax Crystal ★Leo4031
1465 0x05B9 Dynamax Crystal ★Leo3852
1466 0x05BA Dynamax Crystal ★Leo3905
1467 0x05BB Dynamax Crystal ★Leo3773
1468 0x05BC Dynamax Crystal ★Gru8425
1469 0x05BD Dynamax Crystal ★Gru8636
1470 0x05BE Dynamax Crystal ★Gru8353
1471 0x05BF Dynamax Crystal ★Lib5685
1472 0x05C0 Dynamax Crystal ★Lib5531
1473 0x05C1 Dynamax Crystal ★Lib5787
1474 0x05C2 Dynamax Crystal ★Lib5603
1475 0x05C3 Dynamax Crystal ★Pup3165
1476 0x05C4 Dynamax Crystal ★Pup3185
1477 0x05C5 Dynamax Crystal ★Pup3045
1478 0x05C6 Dynamax Crystal ★Cyg7924
1479 0x05C7 Dynamax Crystal ★Cyg7417
1480 0x05C8 Dynamax Crystal ★Cyg7796
1481 0x05C9 Dynamax Crystal ★Cyg8301
1482 0x05CA Dynamax Crystal ★Cyg7949
1483 0x05CB Dynamax Crystal ★Cyg7528
1484 0x05CC Dynamax Crystal ★Oct7228
1485 0x05CD Dynamax Crystal ★Col1956
1486 0x05CE Dynamax Crystal ★Col2040
1487 0x05CF Dynamax Crystal ★Col2177
1488 0x05D0 Dynamax Crystal ★Gem2990
1489 0x05D1 Dynamax Crystal ★Gem2891
1490 0x05D2 Dynamax Crystal ★Gem2421
1491 0x05D3 Dynamax Crystal ★Gem2473
1492 0x05D4 Dynamax Crystal ★Gem2216
1493 0x05D5 Dynamax Crystal ★Gem2777
1494 0x05D6 Dynamax Crystal ★Gem2650
1495 0x05D7 Dynamax Crystal ★Gem2286
1496 0x05D8 Dynamax Crystal ★Gem2484
1497 0x05D9 Dynamax Crystal ★Gem2930
1498 0x05DA Dynamax Crystal ★Peg8775
1499 0x05DB Dynamax Crystal ★Peg8781
1500 0x05DC Dynamax Crystal ★Peg39
1501 0x05DD Dynamax Crystal ★Peg8308
1502 0x05DE Dynamax Crystal ★Peg8650
1503 0x05DF Dynamax Crystal ★Peg8634
1504 0x05E0 Dynamax Crystal ★Peg8684
1505 0x05E1 Dynamax Crystal ★Peg8450
1506 0x05E2 Dynamax Crystal ★Peg8880
1507 0x05E3 Dynamax Crystal ★Peg8905
1508 0x05E4 Dynamax Crystal ★Oph6556
1509 0x05E5 Dynamax Crystal ★Oph6378
1510 0x05E6 Dynamax Crystal ★Oph6603
1511 0x05E7 Dynamax Crystal ★Oph6149
1512 0x05E8 Dynamax Crystal ★Oph6056
1513 0x05E9 Dynamax Crystal ★Oph6075
1514 0x05EA Dynamax Crystal ★Ser5854
1515 0x05EB Dynamax Crystal ★Ser7141
1516 0x05EC Dynamax Crystal ★Ser5879
1517 0x05ED Dynamax Crystal ★Her6406
1518 0x05EE Dynamax Crystal ★Her6148
1519 0x05EF Dynamax Crystal ★Her6410
1520 0x05F0 Dynamax Crystal ★Her6526
1521 0x05F1 Dynamax Crystal ★Her6117
1522 0x05F2 Dynamax Crystal ★Her6008
1523 0x05F3 Dynamax Crystal ★Per936
1524 0x05F4 Dynamax Crystal ★Per1017
1525 0x05F5 Dynamax Crystal ★Per1131
1526 0x05F6 Dynamax Crystal ★Per1228
1527 0x05F7 Dynamax Crystal ★Per834
1528 0x05F8 Dynamax Crystal ★Per941
1529 0x05F9 Dynamax Crystal ★Phe99
1530 0x05FA Dynamax Crystal ★Phe338
1531 0x05FB Dynamax Crystal ★Vel3634
1532 0x05FC Dynamax Crystal ★Vel3485
1533 0x05FD Dynamax Crystal ★Vel3734
1534 0x05FE Dynamax Crystal ★Aqr8232
1535 0x05FF Dynamax Crystal ★Aqr8414
1536 0x0600 Dynamax Crystal ★Aqr8709
1537 0x0601 Dynamax Crystal ★Aqr8518
1538 0x0602 Dynamax Crystal ★Aqr7950
1539 0x0603 Dynamax Crystal ★Aqr8499
1540 0x0604 Dynamax Crystal ★Aqr8610
1541 0x0605 Dynamax Crystal ★Aqr8264
1542 0x0606 Dynamax Crystal ★Cru4853
1543 0x0607 Dynamax Crystal ★Cru4730
1544 0x0608 Dynamax Crystal ★Cru4763
1545 0x0609 Dynamax Crystal ★Cru4700
1546 0x060A Dynamax Crystal ★Cru4656
1547 0x060B Dynamax Crystal ★PsA8728
1548 0x060C Dynamax Crystal ★TrA6217
1549 0x060D Dynamax Crystal ★Cap7776
1550 0x060E Dynamax Crystal ★Cap7754
1551 0x060F Dynamax Crystal ★Cap8278
1552 0x0610 Dynamax Crystal ★Cap8322
1553 0x0611 Dynamax Crystal ★Cap7773
1554 0x0612 Dynamax Crystal ★Sge7479
1555 0x0613 Dynamax Crystal ★Car2326
1556 0x0614 Dynamax Crystal ★Car3685
1557 0x0615 Dynamax Crystal ★Car3307
1558 0x0616 Dynamax Crystal ★Car3699
1559 0x0617 Dynamax Crystal ★Dra5744
1560 0x0618 Dynamax Crystal ★Dra5291
1561 0x0619 Dynamax Crystal ★Dra6705
1562 0x061A Dynamax Crystal ★Dra6536
1563 0x061B Dynamax Crystal ★Dra7310
1564 0x061C Dynamax Crystal ★Dra6688
1565 0x061D Dynamax Crystal ★Dra4434
1566 0x061E Dynamax Crystal ★Dra6370
1567 0x061F Dynamax Crystal ★Dra7462
1568 0x0620 Dynamax Crystal ★Dra6396
1569 0x0621 Dynamax Crystal ★Dra6132
1570 0x0622 Dynamax Crystal ★Dra6636
1571 0x0623 Dynamax Crystal ★CVn4915
1572 0x0624 Dynamax Crystal ★CVn4785
1573 0x0625 Dynamax Crystal ★CVn4846
1574 0x0626 Dynamax Crystal ★Aql7595
1575 0x0627 Dynamax Crystal ★Aql7557
1576 0x0628 Dynamax Crystal ★Aql7525
1577 0x0629 Dynamax Crystal ★Aql7602
1578 0x062A Dynamax Crystal ★Aql7235
1579 0x062B Max Honey Max Honey*
1580 0x062C Max Mushrooms Max Mushrooms*
1581 0x062D Galarica Twig Galarica Twig*
1582 0x062E Galarica Cuff Galarica Cuff*
1583 0x062F Style Card Style Card*
1584 0x0630 Armor Pass Armor Pass*
1585 0x0631 Rotom Bike Sparkling White Rotom Bike*
1586 0x0632 Rotom Bike Glistening Black Rotom Bike*
1587 0x0633 Exp. Charm Exp. Charm*
1588 0x0634 Armorite Ore Armorite Ore*
1589 0x0635 Mark Charm Mark Charm*
1590 0x0636 Reins of Unity Reins of Unity*
1591 0x0637 Reins of Unity Reins of Unity*
1592 0x0638 Galarica Wreath Galarica Wreath*
1593 0x0639 Legendary Clue Legendary Clue 1*
1594 0x063A Legendary Clue Legendary Clue 2*
1595 0x063B Legendary Clue Legendary Clue 3*
1596 0x063C Legendary Clue Legendary Clue?*
1597 0x063D Crown Pass Crown Pass*
1598 0x063E Wooden Crown Wooden Crown*
1599 0x063F Radiant Petal Radiant Petal*
1600 0x0640 White Mane Hair White Mane Hair*
1601 0x0641 Black Mane Hair Black Mane Hair*
1602 0x0642 Iceroot Carrot Iceroot Carrot*
1603 0x0643 Shaderoot Carrot Shaderoot Carrot*
1604 0x0644 Dynite Ore Dynite Ore*
1605 0x0645 Carrot Seeds Carrot Seeds*
1606 0x0646 Ability Patch Ability Patch*
1607 0x0647 Reins of Unity Reins of Unity*
1608 0x0648 Time Balm LA Time Balm
1609 0x0649 Space Balm LA Space Balm
1610 0x064A Mysterious Balm LA Mysterious Balm
1611 0x064B Linking Cord LA Linking Cord
1612 0x064C Hometown Muffin LA Hometown Muffin
1613 0x064D Apricorn LA Apricorn
1614 0x064E Hometown Muffin LA Jubilife Muffin
1615 0x064F Aux Powerguard LA Aux Powerguard
1616 0x0650 Dire Hit LA Dire Hit
1617 0x0651 Choice Dumpling LA Choice Dumpling
1618 0x0652 Twice-Spiced Radish LA Twice-Spiced Radish
1619 0x0653 Swap Snack LA Swap Snack
1620 0x0654 Caster Fern LA Caster Fern
1621 0x0655 Seed of Mastery LA Seed of Mastery
1622 0x0656 Poké Ball LA Poké Ball
1623 0x0657 unknown ???
1624 0x0658 Eternal Ice LA Eternal Ice
1625 0x0659 Uxie's Claw LA Uxie's Claw
1626 0x065A Azelf's Fang LA Azelf's Fang
1627 0x065B Mesprit's Plume LA Mesprit's Plume
1628 0x065C Tumblestone LA Tumblestone
1629 0x065D Celestica Flute LA Celestica Flute
1630 0x065E Remedy LA Remedy
1631 0x065F Fine Remedy LA Fine Remedy
1632 0x0660 Dazzling Honey LA Dazzling Honey
1633 0x0661 Hearty Grains LA Hearty Grains
1634 0x0662 Plump Beans LA Plump Beans
1635 0x0663 Springy Mushroom LA Springy Mushroom
1636 0x0664 Crunchy Salt LA Crunchy Salt
1637 0x0665 Wood LA Wood
1638 0x0666 King's Leaf LA King's Leaf
1639 0x0667 Marsh Balm LA Marsh Balm
1640 0x0668 Recipe LA Recipe: Poké Ball
1641 0x0669 Recipe LA Recipe: Great Ball
1642 0x066A Recipe LA Recipe: Ultra Ball
1643 0x066B Recipe LA Recipe: Feather Ball
1644 0x066C Recipe LA Recipe: Pokéshi Doll
1645 0x066D unknown ???
1646 0x066E Recipe LA Recipe: Smoke Bomb
1647 0x066F Recipe LA Recipe: Scatter Bang
1648 0x0670 Recipe LA Recipe: Sticky Glob
1649 0x0671 Recipe LA Recipe: Star Piece
1650 0x0672 Recipe LA Recipe: Mushroom Cake
1651 0x0673 Bugwort LA Bugwort
1652 0x0674 Recipe LA Recipe: Honey Cake
1653 0x0675 Recipe LA Recipe: Grain Cake
1654 0x0676 Recipe LA Recipe: Bean Cake
1655 0x0677 Recipe LA Recipe: Salt Cake
1656 0x0678 Recipe LA Recipe: Potion
1657 0x0679 Recipe LA Recipe: Super Potion
1658 0x067A Recipe LA Recipe: Hyper Potion
1659 0x067B Recipe LA Recipe: Max Potion
1660 0x067C Recipe LA Recipe: Full Restore
1661 0x067D Recipe LA Recipe: Remedy
1662 0x067E Recipe LA Recipe: Fine Remedy
1663 0x067F Recipe LA Recipe: Superb Remedy
1664 0x0680 Recipe LA Recipe: Old Gateau
1665 0x0681 Recipe LA Recipe: Jubilife Muffin
1666 0x0682 Recipe LA Recipe: Full Heal
1667 0x0683 Recipe LA Recipe: Revive
1668 0x0684 Recipe LA Recipe: Max Revive
1669 0x0685 Recipe LA Recipe: Max Ether
1670 0x0686 Recipe LA Recipe: Max Elixir
1671 0x0687 Recipe LA Recipe: Stealth Spray
1672 0x0688 unknown ???
1673 0x0689 Recipe LA Recipe: Aux Power
1674 0x068A Recipe LA Recipe: Aux Guard
1675 0x068B Recipe LA Recipe: Dire Hit
1676 0x068C Recipe LA Recipe: Aux Evasion
1677 0x068D Recipe LA Recipe: Aux Powerguard
1678 0x068E Forest Balm LA Forest Balm
1679 0x068F Iron Chunk LA Iron Chunk
1680 0x0690 unknown ???
1681 0x0691 Black Tumblestone LA Black Tumblestone
1682 0x0692 Sky Tumblestone LA Sky Tumblestone
1683 0x0693 unknown ???
1684 0x0694 Ball of Mud LA Ball of Mud
1685 0x0695 unknown ???
1686 0x0696 Pop Pod LA Pop Pod
1687 0x0697 Sootfoot Root LA Sootfoot Root
1688 0x0698 Spoiled Apricorn LA Spoiled Apricorn
1689 0x0699 Snowball LA Snowball
1690 0x069A Sticky Glob LA Sticky Glob
1691 0x069B Black Augurite LA Black Augurite
1692 0x069C Peat Block LA Peat Block
1693 0x069D Stealth Spray LA Stealth Spray
1694 0x069E Medicinal Leek LA Medicinal Leek
1695 0x069F Vivichoke LA Vivichoke
1696 0x06A0 Pep-Up Plant LA Pep-Up Plant
1697 0x06A1 unknown ???
1698 0x06A2 unknown ???
1699 0x06A3 Tempting Charm B LA Tempting Charm B
1700 0x06A4 Tempting Charm P LA Tempting Charm P
1701 0x06A5 Swordcap LA Swordcap
1702 0x06A6 Iron Barktongue LA Iron Barktongue
1703 0x06A7 Doppel Bonnets LA Doppel Bonnets
1704 0x06A8 Direshroom LA Direshroom
1705 0x06A9 Sand Radish LA Sand Radish
1706 0x06AA Tempting Charm T LA Tempting Charm T
1707 0x06AB Tempting Charm Y LA Tempting Charm Y
1708 0x06AC Candy Truffle LA Candy Truffle
1709 0x06AD Cake-Lure Base LA Cake-Lure Base
1710 0x06AE Poké Ball LA Poké Ball
1711 0x06AF Great Ball LA Great Ball
1712 0x06B0 Ultra Ball LA Ultra Ball
1713 0x06B1 Feather Ball LA Feather Ball
1714 0x06B2 unknown ???
1715 0x06B3 unknown ???
1716 0x06B4 Scatter Bang LA Scatter Bang
1717 0x06B5 Smoke Bomb LA Smoke Bomb
1718 0x06B6 unknown ???
1719 0x06B7 unknown ???
1720 0x06B8 Pokéshi Doll LA Pokéshi Doll
1721 0x06B9 Volcano Balm LA Volcano Balm
1722 0x06BA Mountain Balm LA Mountain Balm
1723 0x06BB Snow Balm LA Snow Balm
1724 0x06BC Honey Cake LA Honey Cake
1725 0x06BD Grain Cake LA Grain Cake
1726 0x06BE Bean Cake LA Bean Cake
1727 0x06BF Mushroom Cake LA Mushroom Cake
1728 0x06C0 Salt Cake LA Salt Cake
1729 0x06C1 Recipe LA Recipe: Swap Snack
1730 0x06C2 Recipe LA Recipe: Choice Dumpling
1731 0x06C3 Recipe LA Recipe: Twice-Spiced Radish
1732 0x06C4 Survival Charm R LA Survival Charm R
1733 0x06C5 Survival Charm B LA Survival Charm B
1734 0x06C6 Survival Charm P LA Survival Charm P
1735 0x06C7 Survival Charm T LA Survival Charm T
1736 0x06C8 Survival Charm Y LA Survival Charm Y
1737 0x06C9 Torn Journal LA Torn Journal
1738 0x06CA Warding Charm R LA Warding Charm R
1739 0x06CB Warding Charm B LA Warding Charm B
1740 0x06CC Warding Charm P LA Warding Charm P
1741 0x06CD Warding Charm T LA Warding Charm T
1742 0x06CE Warding Charm Y LA Warding Charm Y
1743 0x06CF Wall Fragment LA Wall Fragment
1744 0x06D0 Basculegion Food LA Basculegion Food
1745 0x06D1 Old Journal LA Old Journal
1746 0x06D2 Wing Ball LA Wing Ball
1747 0x06D3 Jet Ball LA Jet Ball
1748 0x06D4 Heavy Ball LA Heavy Ball
1749 0x06D5 Leaden Ball LA Leaden Ball
1750 0x06D6 Gigaton Ball LA Gigaton Ball
1751 0x06D7 Recipe LA Recipe: Wing Ball
1752 0x06D8 Recipe LA Recipe: Jet Ball
1753 0x06D9 Recipe LA Recipe: Heavy Ball
1754 0x06DA Hopo Berry LA Hopo Berry
1755 0x06DB Superb Remedy LA Superb Remedy
1756 0x06DC Aux Power LA Aux Power
1757 0x06DD Aux Guard LA Aux Guard
1758 0x06DE Aux Evasion LA Aux Evasion
1759 0x06DF Grit Dust LA Grit Dust
1760 0x06E0 Grit Gravel LA Grit Gravel
1761 0x06E1 Grit Pebble LA Grit Pebble
1762 0x06E2 Grit Rock LA Grit Rock
1763 0x06E3 Secret Medicine LA Secret Medicine
1764 0x06E4 Tempting Charm R LA Tempting Charm R
1765 0x06E5 Lost Satchel LA Lost Satchel
1766 0x06E6 Lost Satchel LA Lost Satchel
1767 0x06E7 Lost Satchel LA Lost Satchel
1768 0x06E8 Lost Satchel LA Lost Satchel
1769 0x06E9 Lost Satchel LA Lost Satchel
1770 0x06EA unknown ???
1771 0x06EB Origin Ball LA Origin Ball
1772 0x06EC unknown ???
1773 0x06ED unknown ???
1774 0x06EE unknown ???
1775 0x06EF unknown ???
1776 0x06F0 Origin Ore LA Origin Ore
1777 0x06F1 Adamant Crystal LA Adamant Crystal
1778 0x06F2 Lustrous Globe LA Lustrous Globe
1779 0x06F3 Griseous Core LA Griseous Core
1780 0x06F4 Blank Plate LA Blank Plate
1781 0x06F5 unknown ???
1782 0x06F6 Crafting Kit LA Crafting Kit
1783 0x06F7 Recipe LA Recipe: Leaden Ball
1784 0x06F8 Recipe LA Recipe: Gigaton Ball
1785 0x06F9 Strange Ball LA Strange Ball
1786 0x06FA Pokédex LA Pokédex
1787 0x06FB Old Verse LA Old Verse 1
1788 0x06FC Old Verse LA Old Verse 2
1789 0x06FD Old Verse LA Old Verse 3
1790 0x06FE Old Verse LA Old Verse 4
1791 0x06FF unknown ???
1792 0x0700 Old Verse LA Old Verse 5
1793 0x0701 Old Verse LA Old Verse 6
1794 0x0702 Old Verse LA Old Verse 7
1795 0x0703 Old Verse LA Old Verse 8
1796 0x0704 Old Verse LA Old Verse 9
1797 0x0705 Old Verse LA Old Verse 10
1798 0x0706 Old Verse LA Old Verse 11
1799 0x0707 Old Verse LA Old Verse 12
1800 0x0708 Old Verse LA Old Verse 13
1801 0x0709 Old Verse LA Old Verse 14
1802 0x070A Old Verse LA Old Verse 15
1803 0x070B Old Verse LA Old Verse 16
1804 0x070C Old Verse LA Old Verse 17
1805 0x070D Old Verse LA Old Verse 18
1806 0x070E Old Verse LA Old Verse 19
1807 0x070F Old Verse LA Old Verse 20
1808 0x0710 Mysterious Shard S Mysterious Shard S
1809 0x0711 Mysterious Shard L Mysterious Shard L
1810 0x0712 Digger Drill Digger Drill
1811 0x0713 Kanto Slate Kanto Slate
1812 0x0714 Johto Slate Johto Slate
1813 0x0715 Soul Slate Soul Slate
1814 0x0716 Rainbow Slate Rainbow Slate
1815 0x0717 Squall Slate Squall Slate
1816 0x0718 Oceanic Slate Oceanic Slate
1817 0x0719 Tectonic Slate Tectonic Slate
1818 0x071A Stratospheric Slate Stratospheric Slate
1819 0x071B Genome Slate Genome Slate
1820 0x071C Discovery Slate Discovery Slate
1821 0x071D Distortion Slate Distortion Slate
1822 0x071E DS Sounds DS Sounds
1823 0x071F unknown [[]]
1824 0x0720 unknown [[]]
1825 0x0721 unknown [[]]
1826 0x0722 unknown [[]]
1827 0x0723 unknown [[]]
1828 0x0724 Legend Plate LA Legend Plate


Coming into Generation VIII, the names of several items were changed. Internally, the names of the Journal/Guidebook, Lunar Wing/Lunar Feather, and Secret Potion/Secret Medicine also changed within the generation (seen above) for their reappearance in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Generation VII Generation VIII
Adventure Guide Adventure Rules Adventure Guide
Clever Feather Clever Wing Clever Feather
Genius Feather Genius Wing Genius Feather
Health Feather Health Wing Health Feather
Leek Stick Leek
Muscle Feather Muscle Wing Muscle Feather
Pretty Feather Pretty Wing Pretty Feather
Resist Feather Resist Wing Resist Feather
Swift Feather Swift Wing Swift Feather
Upgrade Up-Grade Upgrade

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