Lental Seafloor

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Lental Seafloor レンティル海床
Lentil Seafloor
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Lental Seafloor Undersea 3.png
Map description: This wondrous underwater world awaits just beyond a blue hole.
Location: Maricopia Islands
Region: Lental
Generations: VIII
File:Lental Lental Seafloor Map.png
Location of Lental Seafloor in Lental.
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Lental Seafloor (Japanese: レンティル海床 Lentil Seafloor) is a location in the Maricopia Islands of the Lental region. It is the only stage that can be played underwater.


The seafloor stage starts in the sea of the Maricopia Islands. There are many coral with Corsola, Luvdisc, and Finneon. After the coral area, the player enters an area with many seaweed, Lumineon and Cradily. The area then leads down to an underwater cave with Qwilfish and fighting Clawitzer. After leaving the cave, the NEO-ONE then begins to rise up to the surface of the sea. During the trip, there are many Tentacruel. After that, the stage ends near the surface of the water.

A major alternate route can be found in this course. When the Lental Seafloor is at research level 2, the player must throw Illumina orbs on a Clawitzer to cause it to destroy a rock in the seaweed area. The alternate route then leads to another underwater cave with Chinchou. After this, the NEO-ONE begins to sink downwards near various swimming Pokémon such as Finneon and Frillish to the seafloor of the stage. The first part features sand and Clamperl while the second part features Golisopod and many ancient ruins. The stage then ends near some ancient ruins. This alternate route is automatically unlocked at Level 3.

The alternate route must be completed to unlock the course's Illumina Spot.

Alternate routes

  • When exiting the cave in the alternate route, the player must throw an Illumina orb at a Lanturn. After a swimming Wailord passes by the NEO-ONE, the Lanturn will be captured by two Frillish, and the player must free it by throwing another Illumina orb at it. The Lanturn will then swim into Lugia's den.

Illumina Spot

The Illumina Spot begins in an underwater area with many rocks. Many Wishiwashi appear in the course, and the player must illuminate them with Illumina orbs to cause them to transform into their School Form. In the first area, they are joined with Finneon, and in the second area, they are joined with Luvdisc. In the last area, they appear on their own, and if they are illuminated, they will eat the NEO-ONE to give it a ride. The course ends on a small rock.



"Descend into an underwater crater to reach this seafloor brimming with light and marine Pokémon."

Course Map

Maricopia Islands Illumina Spot

"Wishiwashi, the Illumina Pokémon of the Maricopia Islands, can be found in a rocky area in the deepest reaches of the Lental Seafloor."

Course Map

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 藍蒂爾海床 Làahmdaiyíh Hóichòhng
Mandarin 藍蒂爾海床 / 蓝蒂尔海床 Lándì'ěr Hǎichuáng
  French Fonds Marins de Lentis
  German Lentil-Meeresgrund
  Italian Fondale di Lentil
  Korean 렌틸 해저 Lentil Haejeo
  Spanish Fosa de Lensis


Language Title
  Japanese 海中 Undersea
Chinese Cantonese 海裡 Hóiléuih
Mandarin 海裡 / 海里 Hǎilǐ
  French Fonds marins
  German Meeresgrund
  Italian Fondali marini
  Korean 바닷속 Badatsok
  Spanish Fondo marino

Maricopia Islands Illumina Spot

Language Title
  Japanese コピア諸島のイルミナスポット Copia Archipelago Illumina Spot
Chinese Cantonese 珂博亞群島的霓光點 Ōbok'a Kwàhndóu-dīk Ngàihgwōng Dím
Mandarin 珂博亞群島的霓光點 / 珂博亚群岛的霓光点 Kēbóyǎ Qúndǎo-de Níguāng Diǎn / Kēbóyà Qúndǎo-de Níguāng Diǎn
  French Source Lumina de Kopadia
  German Copia-Lumina-Zone
  Italian Zona Lumina di Opuleo
  Korean 코피아제도 일루미나스폿 Copia Jedo Illumina Spot
  Spanish Zona Lúmini de Miriadis

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