Shiver Snowfields

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Shiver Snowfields ヒエール雪原
Hiēru Snowfields
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Shiver Snowfields Snowfields Day 3.png
Map description: A shimmering, frigid landscape encased in perpetual ice and snow.
Location: Durice Island
Region: Lental
Generations: VIII
File:Lental Shiver Snowfields Map.png
Location of Shiver Snowfields in Lental.
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The Shiver Snowfields (Japanese: ヒエール雪原 Hiēru Snowfields) are a location on Durice Island of the Lental region.


The course starts inside a snowy forest with Beartic and Furret. After passing through the forest and some cliffs, the NEO-ONE reaches a massive field of snow with Swinub and Mamoswine. A Vivillon or Frosmoth can be located in an ice crack hidden in the area. After leaving this area, the NEO-ONE slides down some snow into an icy cave with Snorunt. After leaving the cave, the player can reach an area with several small ponds. Spheal and Alolan Vulpix can be found playing around the area. The course ends near an arch made out of ice. The course is mostly unchanged during the night, though some of the Pokémon are different.

Alternate routes

  • On research level 2 or 3, the player must take a picture of an Alolan Sandslash at the left side of the course. The Sandslash later reappears at the cliffs surrounding a Beartic and Cubchoo. After taking another photo of it, the Sandslash will dig through a wall of snow, allowing the player to enter the alternate route. There is a smaller forest, an Abomasnow, and some Crabominable in the route.
  • In the night variant, the player must enter the aforementioned alternate route. A Crabominable will then anger the Abomasnow, which causes it to use Blizzard. A Froslass will appear and after taking a photo of it, the player can access another alternate route that leads to an icy cave with Vanilluxe and ancient ruins. After that, the cave leads to a sea with icebergs, Avalugg and many Pokémon that were previously seen in the course. The course ends in an area near Aurorus. After completing this route at night, the player will be able to access it in the daytime.


Snowfields (Day)

"Although the author of the travelogue never reached this desolate tundra, some Pokémon nevertheless call these snowcapped mountains home."

Course Map

Snowfields (Night)

"At night, beneath the glow of a gorgeous aurora, a biting cold overtakes the land as this snowy region loses what little warmth remains."

Course Map

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 希埃冷雪原 Hēi'ōiláahng Syutyùhn
Mandarin 希埃冷雪原 Xī'āilěng Xuěyuán
  French Plaine Frisquette
  German Frostiges Schneefeld
  Italian Piana Kongelo
  Korean 시린 설원 Sirin Seorwon
  Spanish Valle Algente

Snowfields (Day)

Language Title
  Japanese 雪原Snowfields (Day)
Chinese Cantonese 雪原(白天) Syutyùhn (Baahktīn)
Mandarin 雪原(白天) Xuěyuán (Báitiān)
  French Plaine (jour)
  German Schneefeld (Tag)
  Italian Nevi (giorno)
  Korean 설원(낮) Seorwon (Nat)
  Spanish Valle (día)

Snowfields (Night)

Language Title
  Japanese 雪原Snowfields (Night)
Chinese Cantonese 雪原(晚上) Syutyùhn (Máahnseuhng)
Mandarin 雪原(晚上) Xuěyuán (Wǎnshang)
  French Plaine (nuit)
  German Schneefeld (Nacht)
  Italian Nevi (notte)
  Korean 설원(밤) Seorwon (Bam)
  Spanish Valle (noche)


  • Prior to the version 2.0 update, Shiver Snowfields was the course with the largest number of Pokémon, being 30. After the update, the course with the largest number of Pokémon became Florio Nature Park instead.

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