Secret Side Path

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Secret Side Path カクレ
Kakure Secret Path
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Secret Side Path Side Path Day.png
Map description: The NEO-ONE's shrinking function allows you to access this secret path.
Location: Florio Island
Region: Lental
Generations: VIII
File:Lental Secret Side Path Map.png
Location of Secret Side Path in Lental.
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The Secret Side Path (Japanese: カクレ Kakure Secret Path) is a location on Florio Island of the Lental region. It was added in the version 2.0.0 update to New Pokémon Snap on August 4, 2021.

It is unlocked by scanning a tree near the lake of Florio Nature Park. After playing through the stage for the first time, the stage is added to the course map.


The player shrinks and starts in an area in the Florio Nature Park with Wurmple, Pichu and Scorbunny. A Dodrio then later appears and scares away Pichu and Scorbunny. The player then rides on an Emolga to a mushroom area with Shroomish. The course then continues into a log and then under a Torterra. The Dodrio then later appears to scare Pichu and Scorbunny twice after exiting the log. After this, several Torterra roar and scare away the Dodrio, which excites Pichu and Scorbunny. The NEO-ONE then returns to its normal size and appears at the flower fields in the nature park. The course is mostly unchanged during the night, though some of the Pokémon are different.

Alternate route

  • By scanning at the grass at the start of the level, the player will unlock an alternate route that leads to Snorlax's den.


Side Path (Day)

"Shrink down and embark on a secret path known only to Pokémon, and see the world through new eyes."

Course Map

Side Path (Night)

"Cloaked in the shadows of the trees and lit only by glowing mushrooms, this secret path looks like something out of a fairy tale."

Course Map

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 卡客來小路 Kāhaaklòih Síulouh
Mandarin 卡客來小路 / 卡客来小路 Kǎkèlái Xiǎolù
  French Chemin Caché
  German Verborgener Pfad
  Italian Sentiero Nascosto
  Korean 숨겨진 샛길 Sumgyeojin Saetgil
  Spanish Senda Oculta

Side Path (Day)

Language Title
  Japanese Secret Path (Day)
Chinese Cantonese 小路(白天) Síulouh (Baahktīn)
Mandarin 小路(白天) Xiǎolù (Báitiān)
  French Chemin (jour)
  German Pfad (Tag)
  Italian Sentiero (giorno)
  Korean 샛길(낮) Saetgil (Nat)
  Spanish Senda (día)

Side Path (Night)

Language Title
  Japanese Secret Path (Night)
Chinese Cantonese 小路(晚上) Síulouh (Máahnseuhng)
Mandarin 小路(晚上) Xiǎolù (Wǎnshang)
  French Chemin (nuit)
  German Pfad (Nacht)
  Italian Sentiero (notte)
  Korean 샛길(밤) Saetgil (Bam)
  Spanish Senda (noche)

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