Founja Jungle

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Founja Jungle ミッケジャングル
Mikke Jungle
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Founja Jungle Jungle Day.png
Map description: The sweet scent of fruits and plants envelops this verdant jungle.
Location: Belusylva Island
Region: Lental
Generations: VIII
File:Lental Founja Jungle Map.png
Location of Founja Jungle in Lental.
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Founja Jungle (Japanese: ミッケジャングル Mikke Jungle) is a jungle on Belusylva Island of the Lental region.


The course starts in an area in the jungle with trees with Metapod and Pokémon such as Beautifly. Aipom can be seen running on a tree branch halfway through the area. After leaving the area, the player reaches a branching path that leads to either a field with Liepard or Aipom, or a path near the swamp with Quagsire and Yanmega. A log allows the player to pass through fields with ancient ruins and crystablooms. After that, the log leads to a Liepard sleeping or sitting on a rock. The NEO-ONE then drops to a path near the waterfall with Magikarp. To the right, there are bushes with a hidden Sobble. The course ends on a field with trees and Liepard. The course is mostly unchanged during the night, though some of the Pokémon are different.

Alternate routes

  • The player must reach the field in the branching path at night. In the fields, there is a sleeping Liepard hanging from a rock. The player must throw an Illumina orb at it to cause it to wake up and push the NEO-ONE down the log. The area under the log features ancient ruins and Toucannon.
  • The player must constantly throw Illumina orbs while playing a melody at the Liepard on a rock when it is awake. After that, the Liepard jumps off the rock, which allows the player to go behind the waterfall. Leafeon and a Sobble can be found behind the waterfall. At night, Swampert and Morelull appear instead.


Jungle (Day)

"This dense jungle is home to an ancient, enormous tree as well as a waterfall. Fleeting glimpses of Pokémon can be seen through the gaps in the thick tangle of trees."

Course Map

Jungle (Night)

"Many Pokémon in the jungle become more active during the quiet of night, as if drawn to the glowing vegetation."

Course Map

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 秘界叢林 Beigaai Chùhnglàhm
Mandarin 秘界叢林 / 秘界丛林 Mìjiè Cónglín
  French Jungle Grantarbre
  German Dichter Dschungel
  Italian Giungla Arboros
  Korean 발견 정글 Balgyeon Jungle
  Spanish Jungla Frondos

Jungle (Day)

Language Title
  Japanese ジャングル(Jungle (Day)
Chinese Cantonese 叢林(白天) Chùhnglàhm (Baahktīn)
Mandarin 叢林(白天) / 丛林(白天) Cónglín (Báitiān)
  French Jungle (jour)
  German Dschungel (Tag)
  Italian Giungla (giorno)
  Korean 정글(낮) Jungle (Nat)
  Spanish Jungla (día)

Jungle (Night)

Language Title
  Japanese ジャングル(Jungle (Night)
Chinese Cantonese 叢林(晚上) Chùhnglàhm (Máahnseuhng)
Mandarin 叢林(晚上) / 丛林(晚上) Cónglín (Wǎnshang)
  French Jungle (nuit)
  German Dschungel (Nacht)
  Italian Giungla (notte)
  Korean 정글(밤) Jungle (Bam)
  Spanish Jungla (noche)

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