Maricopia Reef

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Maricopia Reef コピアリーフ
Copia Reef
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Maricopia Reef Reef Day.png
Map description: This coral reef echoes with the pleasant sounds of waves and singing.
Location: Maricopia Islands
Region: Lental
Generations: VIII
File:Lental Maricopia Reef Map.png
Location of Maricopia Reef in Lental.
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Maricopia Reef (Japanese: コピアリーフ Copia Reef) is a reef in the Maricopia Islands of the Lental region.


The stage starts out at a small island that leads to the sea with Sharpedo and flying Wingull. The NEO-ONE then reaches an area with a Sharpedo and a crystabloom. After leaving the area, there are some rocks with Squirtle and a big whirlpool with a Magikarp or Blastoise. Later on, a Wailord suddenly emerges from the sea, which causes water to be splashed on the player's camera. After passing by some more rocks and flying Pelipper, there is a branching path that leads to either an area with Corsola and Mareanie or a blue hole with some swimming Pelipper with Pyukumuku in their mouths. The course later ends at the end of both paths. The course is mostly unchanged during the evening, though some of the Pokémon are different.


Reef (Day)

"This coral reef dotted with blue holes is a paradise for ocean-dwelling Pokémon."

Course Map

Reef (Evening)

"The sunset bathes the Pokémon of the reef in evening light as the day comes to an end."

Course Map

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 珂博亞岩礁 Ōbok'a Ngàahmjīu
Mandarin 珂博亞岩礁 / 珂博亚岩礁 Kēbóyǎ Yánjiāo / Kēbóyà Yánjiāo
  French Récif de Kopadia
  German Copia-Riff
  Italian Barriera corallina di Opuleo
  Korean 코피아 암초 Copia Amcho
  Spanish Arrecife de Miriadis

Reef (Day)

Language Title
  Japanese 海上Reef (Day)
Chinese Cantonese 海上(白天) Hóiseuhng (Baahktīn)
Mandarin 海上(白天) Hǎishàng (Báitiān)
  French Récif (jour)
  German Riff (Tag)
  Italian Mare (giorno)
  Korean 해상(낮) Haesang (Nat)
  Spanish Arrecife (día)

Reef (Evening)

Language Title
  Japanese 海上Reef (Evening)
Chinese Cantonese 海上(傍晚) Hóiseuhng (Bohngmáahn)
Mandarin 海上(傍晚) Hǎishàng (Bāngwǎn) / Hǎishàng (Bàngwǎn)
  French Récif (soir)
  German Riff (Abend)
  Italian Mare (tramonto)
  Korean 해상(저녁) Haesang (Jeonyeok)
  Spanish Arrecife (atardecer)


  • Maricopia Reef is the only stage in New Pokémon Snap that can be played in the evening.

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