Sweltering Sands

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Sweltering Sands ネッサ砂漠
Nessa Desert
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Sweltering Sands Sands Day.png
Map description: In this vast desert, Pokémon gather at a small oasis to relax.
Location: Voluca Island
Region: Lental
Generations: VIII
File:Lental Sweltering Sands Map.png
Location of Sweltering Sands in Lental.
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Sweltering Sands (Japanese: ネッサ砂漠 Nessa Desert) is a desert on Voluca Island of the Lental region.


The stage starts out in the desert with flying Mandibuzz. Pokémon such as Skorupi are hidden in the sand and can be revealed by throwing fluffruit at them. After this, there are two twisters and three crystablooms. After leaving the area, the NEO-ONE reaches a branching path at an oasis. The route to the left is the default route and takes the player past some Hippowdon. The route then leads to an area with several holes in the ground that are populated with Pokémon. The route to the right leads to a cliff with Lycanroc and resting Mandibuzz. This route then leads to an area with many Onix. Both routes end in their respective final areas. The course is mostly unchanged during the night, though the route to the right is now the default route, Miniors begin to appear in various areas, and some of the Pokémon are different.


Sands (Day)

"Sandstorms rage across this scorching desert. Pokémon of all sizes gather at the desert's oasis."

Course Map

Sands (Night)

"As the sun sets and most Pokémon fall asleep, other, smaller Pokémon come out and start their day."

Course Map

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 尼撒沙漠 Nèihsaat Sāmohk
Mandarin 尼撒沙漠 Nísā Shāmò
  French Désert Sabrûlant
  German Sengende Sandwüste
  Italian Deserto Sabbrucia
  Korean 열사 사막 Yeolsa Samak
  Spanish Desierto Arenascalientes

Sands (Day)

Language Title
  Japanese 砂漠Desert (Day)
Chinese Cantonese 沙漠(白天) Sāmohk (Baahktīn)
Mandarin 沙漠(白天) Shāmò (Báitiān)
  French Désert (jour)
  German Wüste (Tag)
  Italian Deserto (giorno)
  Korean 사막(낮) Samak (Nat)
  Spanish Desierto (día)

Sands (Night)

Language Title
  Japanese 砂漠Desert (Night)
Chinese Cantonese 沙漠(晚上) Sāmohk (Máahnseuhng)
Mandarin 沙漠(晚上) Shāmò (Wǎnshang)
  French Désert (nuit)
  German Wüste (Nacht)
  Italian Deserto (notte)
  Korean 사막(밤) Samak (Bam)
  Spanish Desierto (noche)

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