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Blossom (Japanese: シオネ Shione) is a recurring character who first appeared in A Fashionable Battle!.

Blossom (center)

In the anime

Blossom is a Furisode Girl loyal to Laverre City Gym Leader Valerie. She and another Furisode Girl, Katherine, were first seen spying on Serena and Bonnie when they were looking through Valerie's fashion collection. They thought they would be perfect to participate in a fashion show of Valerie's collection and asked them to come with them.

Blossom reappeared in Fairy-Type Trickery!, where she was following Ash and Valerie's Gym battle.

She reappeared in a flashback in Till We Compete Again!.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
English Dina Hawana
Hebrew עדי בר לב Adi Bar Lev
European Spanish Carmen Podio

In the core series games

Blossom appears in Pokémon X and Y as one of the Furisode Girls in the Laverre Gym.



  • Before battle
"Don't we just look like a bunch of dolls in a doll house?"
  • Being defeated
"You're no doll! You're a true Pokémon Trainer!"
  • After being defeated
"Unlike dolls, Pokémon are living, breathing creatures and they can get angry at times. But that's part of what makes them so cute!"

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