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The Strange Symbol

After the conversation go to Booker's House. After that Booker will run off. Nick tunes the ukulele to help you more with your assists. When you get back to Rand's House, Celebi appears and takes you to the past, where you meet Tanvir and Kira.

At Rand's House Nema modifies the Styler so that you can use Ranger Signs now. Get out and call Raikou with its emblem.

Riding Raikou

After everything, go west and go to Hinder Cape. Gor to the Big Booker Bridge and touch the yellow spots to jump over and reach Mitonga Island.

Mitonga Island

Tilt Village

After you get to Mitonga Island go west, where you will meet Murph, then go west again and you meet Hocus and Edward again. After that go to the lower part of the village and Murph shows you the ship in which he came, The Union. After seeing the ship talk to the old man near the house over there and he tells you about the Old Mansion.

Investigate the old mansion

So go to the north end of the village save, if you want and go to Mitonga Road. Go north and Murph tries to do a target clear on a gate and fails terribly. So now go west and you enter Noir Forest.

Go west the north and then east. Then north and you are at the exit. In this place a Dusknoir will appear if you manage to capture all 6 Dusclops.

If you are quick you can catch a Wooper. Then follow the path. Then get in the mansion.

Inside The Mansion

The door closes when you enter. And 3 Misdreavus attacks you. After the capture go to the room on the west go north and there is a cut scene. Then go to the room on the north. Then go to the dining room through the door where flying plates will hit you. Soon Murph runs off. Don't stant still if you don;t want to get hit. Go to the other exit. Now capture that Vulpix. Go to the east exit and try to avoid Gastly. Then go east and burn that Sticky Thread with the help of Vulpix. Then go in and catch those two Golbat. Then get out and go south and cut the Metal Fence. Go back and catch the Golbat again. Proceed south.

Now you are exactly where you started. Go west and cut the cupboard there and get in that room. And touch the bookshelf. Go in the room behind the bookshelf. And go down the stairs and you meet some pinchers and they attack you with Chikorita and Bayleef. Follow them. And you will meet Blue Eyes. Then you have your first non legendary boss capture, a Meganium. You capture her after Pichu gives her a shock. There is a Mission Clear.

After you get out of the mansion, Celebi will appear and transport you to the past.....again. You will have to catch a Piplup there and you can come back. Now you can do multiplayer missions in the past by touching the Stone of Time. Now get back to Tilt Village. You can go south because the gate is not there anymore.

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