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Olivine City

Olivine City

Olivine City is a major port city situated on the west coast. Local attractions include the Olivine Gym and the Olivine Lighthouse, neither of which is operating normally. In addition, the S.S. Aqua, a ferry that sails to Kanto's Vermilion City and back, is not currently operational either. Silver meets you near the Gym, and mentions that the Gym Leader is tending to a sick Pokémon in the lighthouse.

Hook the Big One!

Stop by the house south of the Gym. The Fishing Guru inside will give you the Good Rod, a mid-level rod that is capable of hooking more variety of fish than the Old Rod.

Time for a Trade

North of the lighthouse are two houses. The man in the left house would like to trade, and is willing to offer his Voltorb for your Krabby. Krabby are fairly common in these waters, especially with your new Good Rod.

Olivine Café

Pay a visit to the Olivine Café to the west of the Pokémon Center. Speak to the Sailor inside to receive HM04 (Strength), a powerful move that lets a Pokémon move large boulders with ease.

Olivine Lighthouse

Olivine Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is easy to navigate. First, climb all the way to the fifth floor to gather the items there. Climb down to the fourth floor and drop through the hole near Lass Connie. Sailor Terrell attacks when you land on the third floor; defeat him and claim the Ether. Climb two flights of stairs to reach the inside area of the fifth floor, and battle Sailor Ernest. Grab the Super Repel lying in the corner and take the stairs to the sixth floor.

Jasmine, the local Gym Leader, is here tending to her sick Ampharos, Amphy. It would normally use its tail to illuminate the harbor, but has gotten sick and has not yet recovered to its full strength. Jasmine talks of a pharmacy across the ocean in Cianwood City that specializes in a form of non-traditional medicine. She cannot leave Amphy unattended, and requests that you retrieve the medicine for her. Teach a Pokémon how to Surf, then travel west from the city to Route 40.

Route 40

Route 40

Route 40 consists of a small beach on the ocean's edge, and links Olivine City to Route 41 in the south. There are several breakable rocks here, one of which rests on a hidden Hyper Potion; the occasional Shuckle may be hiding under these rocks as well. To the north is the Battle Tower, a facility where Trainers can compete for prizes.

On Mondays, Monica can be found on the beach; speak to her to receive a Sharp Beak, which enhances Flying-type moves.

The Battle Tower

Battle Tower

The Battle Tower allows Trainers who have acquired all eight Johto Gym Badges to battle under a certain set of restrictions. Trainers choose three of their Pokémon, and are then guided to a certain room where they must defeat seven opponents in a row. After every battle, the attendant offers to heal the challenger's Pokémon. After defeating the seven opponents, the challenger is rewarded with one of five vitamins; HP Up, Protein, Iron, Calcium, or Carbos.

Route 41

Route 41

Route 41 is a small part of Johto's ocean that surrounds the Whirl Islands. These mysterious islands are said to be where the silver-colored Pokémon fled to when Ecruteak's Brass Tower burned. However, no one can reach the islands to investigate without a certain move to calm the violent whirlpools. In the meantime, sail west to Cianwood City.

Whirl Islands

These islands form a small archipelago between the Johto mainland and Cianwood City. The four islands are connected underwater by a sprawling network of dark caves, where seawater and boulders restrict movement in some areas. The moves Surf, Strength, Whirlpool, and Flash are needed to fully explore every area. In addition, the Silver Wing is required to encounter the immense, silver-colored Pokémon that is said to make its home here.

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