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Cianwood City

Cianwood City

Cianwood City is a small, isolated settlement on the coast of a large island. Despite its distance from the mainland, the area still attracts Trainers aiming to challenge the Cianwood Gym or patronize the a centuries-old pharmacy known for its unique medicine. The rocks that wash up on the northern beach can be cleared away to reveal hidden Pokémon and items.

Cianwood Pharmacy

The Cianwood City Pharmacy has served as the local Poké Mart for the last 500 years. Inform the pharmacist of the situation at the lighthouse to receive the SecretPotion, a powerful remedy that should restore Amphy's health. After dispensing the SecretPotion, the pharmacist offers traditional medicine for sale.

The Bullied PokéManiac

Cianwood may be isolated, but it is not without its share of crime. The PokéManiac in the house north of the pharmacy was bullied by a kid with piercing eyes and long hair into giving up his prized Sneasel. Worried that the thief may return, he asks that you take his Shuckle for safekeeping. This species has a unique ability; if given a standard Berry to hold, the item will eventually break down into Berry Juice, doubling its effectiveness.

The Photo Studio

The Photo Studio lets Trainers take pictures of their Pokémon. This function is meant to work with the Game Boy Printer peripheral. The service allows Trainers to print out the Pokédex entry or stats of a Pokémon, as well as pieces of Mail.

The Pokémon Seer

The isolated house on the city's north beach is home to an elderly woman who can see the time and place your party members were caught. Until now, there was no way to know this. If a Pokémon traded in-game, or a Pokémon traded from another game, is shown to her, she will not be able to identify any details about it.

The North Ledge

Just north of the Pokémon Seer's house is a tiny ledge at the foot of the cliffs, with none other than Suicune standing here. When you approach, it races around you before running out over the waves. Eusine appears shortly after, and challenges you to a battle in order to prove himself to the legendary beast.

Cianwood Gym

Cianwood Gym


His Roaring Fists
Do the Talking

The Cianwood Gym trains Fighting-type Pokémon, so Psychic- and Flying-type attacks will have the greatest impact. Normal-, Ice-, Rock-, Dark-, and Steel-type Pokémon all take double the normal damage from Fighting attacks. The only major threat is Chuck's Poliwrath; it can put opponents to sleep with Hypnosis, or inflict confusion with DynamicPunch. In addition to Psychic and Flying attacks, its part-Water-type means it is also vulnerable to Grass- and Electric-type attacks.

Cianwood Gym

Upon his defeat, Chuck awards you the Storm Badge, which guarantees obedience from Pokémon up to level 70. It also enables the use of Fly in the field. Chuck's parting gift is TM01 (DynamicPunch), a move with only 50% accuracy that guarantees confusion if it hits.

Fly Like A Bird

Now that you have earned the Storm Badge, talk to the woman in front of the Gym. The woman, who happens to be Chuck's wife, is so impressed that she rewards you with HM02 (Fly), and thanks you for giving him a reason to train. Fly allows instant travel to any familiar town, a much easier way to revisit earlier locations—like the Ruins of Alph or Union Cave—and access areas and items that were previously off-limits.

Olivine City

Olivine Lighthouse

Return to the top floor of the lighthouse to deliver the SecretPotion to Jasmine. She administers the medicine to Amphy, and seeing it restored, promises to return to her Gym.

Olivine Gym

Olivine Gym


The Steel-Clad
Defense Girl

Jasmine, the quiet Gym Leader of Olivine City, has not recruited any Trainers for her Gym. Therefore, only a single battle takes place here. She specializes in the Steel type, which, along with the Dark type, was just recently discovered. Steel-type Pokémon have excellent defenses, can resist attacks from up to eleven other types, and are immune to Poison moves. Fire-, Fighting-, and Ground-type attacks all inflict serious damage to her three Pokémon, while her Steelix is also vulnerable to Water moves.

Olivine Gym

Defeated, Jasmine awards you the Mineral Badge, which increases your party's Defense during battle. She also hands out TM23 (Iron Tail), the strongest Steel-type attack and one that may lower the target's Defense.

Having cleared the sixth Gym, the next destination is the region's mountainous northeast area. Fly back to Ecruteak City and head east to reach Route 42.

Route 42

Route 42

Route 42 connects Ecruteak City to Mahogany Town in the east. Mt. Mortar is a large optional cave that contains many rare Pokémon and useful items, but the deepest level is inaccessible without HM07 (Waterfall). There is also another grove of Apricorn trees located between the two lakes.

Mt. Mortar

Mt. Mortar is an enormous cave, and the high chances of encountering its native wildlife can make getting lost very costly. Surf, Strength, and Waterfall are required to fully explore the area. The Karate King from Saffron City is training on the lowest floor; venture inside with an empty party slot to receive one of his prized Pokémon.

Mt Mortar, Entrance
Mt Mortar, Lower Cave
Mt Mortar, Upper Cave
Mt Mortar, Basement

Lower level

Step inside the west entrance, climb up the stairs, and go through the opening to reach the Lower Cave.

The ladder to the northwest leads to the western platform at the top of the waterfall and an Ether. Climb back down the ladder and go east. Move the boulder out of the way and head north. Upon reaching the center of the Lower Cave, you can jump the western ledge to get a Hyper Potion, and the eastern ledge to get an Escape Rope. The northwest area is inaccessible from here, so backtrack to the boulder and head east. Climb the ladder on the platform to reach the eastern platform at the top of the waterfall. Climb down and take the nearest exit back to the Entrance.

Head southeast for the exit, and check the surroundings for a hidden Hyper Potion.

Upper level

Surf north, climb the waterfall, and go through the opening to reach the Upper Cave.

Swim across the pool to the west to reach a Rare Candy, then go east from the entrance to the southeast corner. Cross the next pool to get a Max Potion and continue north. Turn west and jump the westernmost ledge. Head west to the next pool, swim north, and jump the ledge. Jump the first ledge to the south to reach TM40 (Defense Curl) on the central platform, then circle back. Go east and surf north across the next pool. Grab the Escape Rope on the northeast platform and jump the ledge. Swim northwest and follow the north wall. Jump the western double-ledge to reach an Elixer, then surf eastward to reach the nearest platform and a Dragon Scale. Circle around and climb down the northwest ladder to the Lower Cave.

Go east along the platform, then turn west and go down the stairs. Pick up the Max Revive to the southwest, then turn towards the northwest corner. Turn south and climb down the ladder to the Basement.

Head east to meet the Karate King, who once led the old Fighting-type Gym in Kanto's Saffron City. He has been training here since he lost his title as the city's Gym Leader to Sabrina. He battles you with his Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, and when defeated, gives you the child form of the two, Tyrogue. Tyrogue can evolve into one of three Pokémon—depending on its stats—when it reaches level 20.

Move the boulder and step out into the water. Sail southward to reach a PP Up to the right, and a Carbos and Full Heal to the left. Surf northeast to collect a Max Ether on the northeast shore. Visit the nearest platform to the south for a Hyper Potion, then the southeast platform for a Full Restore. Hop across the water and climb the ladder back up to the Entrance. The exit lies to the south.

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