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Route 22

Route 22

Route 22 leads from Viridian City back to the Pokémon League Reception Gate in the west. Now that all four of the building's hallways are open, it is possible to travel between Johto and Kanto on foot, without taking the S.S. Aqua or the Magnet Train.

Route 28

Route 28

Route 28 is a hidden mountain road that leads to Mt. Silver. This is the final route in Kanto, and halfway to the mountain the path crosses back into Johto.

The Recluse

Cut down a few trees to reach the secluded house on the hill. The woman inside is a bit of a celebrity, and gives you a second copy of TM47 (Steel Wing) to keep her hideaway a secret.

Mt. Silver

Mt. Silver (exterior)

The road from Route 28 leads directly to the Pokémon Center at the foot of the mountain. Make any last-minute preparations, and bring a team with access to Surf, Flash, and Waterfall in order to reach every chamber.

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