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These are Adaman's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Mission 6 - "Summoned by Commander Kamado"
Jubilife Village (Floaro Main Street)
"Look who's being punctual! Finally realized you're wasting almighty Sinnoh's precious time by bowing to a sham?"
"Hah! You could have all the space there is and still not know what to do with it."
"Better than some! It's a miracle you showed up on time, oh mighty leader of the Pearl Clan. I worried you'd get lost in the pointlessly vast space you're so fond of and never show up."
"I wish that I hadn't let myself get dragged into arguing with you. Almighty Sinnoh forgive me— what a waste of time! I'm off to Commander Kamado's office!"
Galaxy Hall (Kamado's office)
"What do you intend to do about that Kleavor, Commander Kamado?! He may be descended from a warrior of almighty Sinnoh, but look at the mess he's causing. We can't sit back and let him rage on!"
"Time wasted is lost."
"That's the point. My clan can't intervene directly where a lord of the Pearl Clan's concerned. If my people were to do something, our two clans might end up back at each other's throats— just like we used to be."
"But even folk of the Galaxy Team have been wounded, haven't they? Seems someone's got to do something here..."
"I don't believe I said that. Thought it, maybe."
"I'd like to know that myself. This is a first as far as my clan knows, too."
"Aha! I hear from Mai you earned Wyrdeer's favor."
"Good to finally meet you, stranger from the rift!"
"I'm "Adaman, leader of the Diamond Clan," if you want to be formal! But that's a mouthful. Just call me Adaman."
"Says the leader with almost no experience."
"Well, then, there you have it. If how new you are doesn't matter, then let's give the kid his/her chance. I'm sold, Commander. Let's try this your way!"
"This should be fun. I'll get to see how good you Galaxy folk really are, with all your weird ways— putting Pokémon in those strange balls and what have you."
Mission 7 - "The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods"
Galaxy Hall (Kamado's office)
"Well, that's settled. And there's no time like the present!"
Galaxy Hall (Cyllene's office)
"Listen—that rift in space-time seems like it connects this world to a whole other world. That world might be where almighty Sinnoh itself resides—the true almighty Sinnoh, that is. The one that rules over time!"
"So if you fell through the space-time rift, that might traveled through time— by almighty Sinnoh's own power! Think of it! You must've been just swimming in its divine might! Well, I've got a favor to ask of you, oh amazing time traveler. Don't just study Kleavor. Quell his frenzy!"
"Oho! You must be that Galaxy Team scholar I've heard about. Good to meet you, Mr. Professor. Share some of that knowledge with me sometime!"
"Now, let me elaborate a little..."
"Those Pearl Clan types have a lot of respect for Kleavor. You heard his title—Lord of the Woods. I'm sure they'd rather get this under control, too, but it's hard for them to come right out and ask those of the Galaxy Team, of all people, for help."
"And the truth is, we in the Diamond Clan have a similar problem on our hands. A Pokémon dear to us, off in the mountains, has flown into the same type of frenzy as Kleavor."
"Now, there's certainly bad blood between us and the Pearl Clan, but still... We've all got to share Hisui, and that means we ought to tackle our problems together."
"Anyway, I'm sure you're up to the we'll be counting on you! See you later!"
Obsidian Fieldlands (Heights Camp)
"I spoke to Wyrdeer about what's been going on. I told him how you've been trekking all over the fieldlands seeking a way to quell Kleavor's frenzy."
"All this, from someone who's not even part of our clan or the Pearl Clan. Just some wanderer who fell through a rift into this world."
"And hearing that... Well, you can see how he responded!"
"Wyrdeer's found you worthy, you see. Which means you'll need a flute like we have."
"Mind demonstrating for him/her, Mai?"
"This is very important, so listen well!"
"That's a Celestica Flute that Mai just played. It's a precious tool that can be used to call on Wyrdeer so you can ride upon him!"
"It's said the Celestica Flutes were gifts from almighty Sinnoh itself...and now, this one's yours!"
"It's not that grand a gesture, really. I can't play the flute for the life of me."
"With Wyrdeer, you can gallop across the fieldlands in no time!"
Mission 8 - "Arezu's Predicament"
Galaxy Hall (Kamado's office)
"Let me explain."
"Lilligant, our clan's Lady of the Ridge, is in a frenzy... And Arezu knowingly kept this from me!"
Regardless of choice: "Yes—there are only female Lilligant, which makes this honored one our Lady of the Ridge."
"But this isn't the time for cultural lessons! I'd like to find out just what Arezu was thinking, but she's nowhere in Jubilife Village."
"Tell me, Commander. If we do end up in a struggle with the Pearl Clan, what will your people do?"
"Meaning what?"
"Right. Of course... After all the work you've put in to get us to treat one another as equals and keep us from fighting... I suppose it's no surprise you'd refuse to intervene if trouble were to break out again."
I could call Ursaluna: "Ursaluna? So he and Warden Calaba found you worthy? That's perfect, then. Ursaluna should be able to sniff out Arezu, wherever she's gone."
Not really: "I know—why don't we call in Ursaluna? He has a keen nose for tracking."
"I'll head to Lilligant's seat, then—Brava Arena, it's called. If you'll excuse me!"
Crimson Mirelands (Cloudpool Ridge)
"Well, then we'd better take care of our lady and get all this mess resolved first!"
"What were you thinking, doing all this yourself? Did you think I couldn't help you? one would blame you for thinking so. Not much of a leader, am I? I've never even seen almighty Sinnoh with my own eyes. And I failed to imagine that Lilligant might have become frenzied, too..."
"Listen up, <player>! I'll take the balms that Arezu made and meet you at Brava Arena!"
Crimson Mirelands (Brava Arena)
"So, you've come. I take it that means you're ready?"
Hold on a bit: "Fair enough—you are going up against a noble. You ought to prepare all you can."
Of course!: "Lady Lilligant's a sight to see, even in her frenzy. Behold her, and be grateful!"
"Calaba, ma'am. I'm deeply sorry we've had to lean on your help so much—especially as we're from different clans."
"That's right. If you keep on dodging, she might get tired out—and that'll be your opening! That's when you can bring out your own Pokémon and prove your might. Don't let me down!"
"Hey—thank you. You didn't just save Lilligant—you saved Arezu as well. I appreciate it."
"Arezu! You still owe someone an apology."
"We owe you one, ma'am."
"Well, I can hardly start yelling at you now after Calaba wrapped all that up so nicely."
"Just one more thing, Arezu. I know you were trying to do what you thought was right, and I approve of that. But from now on, do it without keeping things from me. Agreed?"
"Other than that, no need to change a thing. Except maybe to put in some training! If anything else happens to Lilligant, I need you ready to protect her like the warden you are!"
"Listen. You know me—I'm Adaman, leader of the Diamond Clan, and I worship almighty Sinnoh, the ruler of time. Time is all about change, and we can't live in fear of that—we can only try to help the time we live in change for the better."
"Something tells me helping you folks out will help me do that. I'm looking forward to it!"
Jubilife Village (Kamado's office)
  • After completing Mission 10
"Electrode has a propensity to store up electricity in its body, then unleash it. But since Electrode became frenzied, those electrical outbursts have become giant blasts."
"Melli! Where are your manners? We're having an important conversation!"
"There's no more to discuss. We've already asked <player> to quell the Lord of the Hollow."
"Commander, I'm sincerely sorry for this heedless interruption!"
"Hear that, Melli? The Security Corps will sob themselves to sleep tonight, thanks to you. The commander's sumo moves can send even boulders flying!"
Mission 11 - "Scaling Perilous Heights"
Galaxy Hall (First floor)
"Listen, Melli. The Galaxy Team—well, at least, <player>—is amazing, and we'll prove it. Follow me outside!"
Jubilife Village (Floaro Main Street)
  • Before battle
"All right, <player>! Go a round with me!"
You bet: "Melli, make sure you watch closely, now!"
Let's not: "Come on—just be a good sport and battle me! Look. If you don't...Melli will be completely insufferable about it."
  • After battle
"You see how good <player> is now, yes? No more sneering at him/her!"
"Now, I think our helper from the Pearl Clan was going to meet you at the training grounds once you're ready...?"
"Till later, <player>. Glad to have your help, as always!"
"Melli! Shift yourself, unless you want to get even more of an earful than you're already due for!"
Coronet Highlands (Sacred Plaza)
  • After the player defeats Melli
"Melli's really giving you the runaround, isn't he, <player>?"
"I guess it's my fault for not telling you in advance what Electrode likes. So here's the—"
"What now?"
"Use your eyes, Melli. Haven't you even looked at your frenzied lord? Don't you feel even a twinge at how it suffers, fighting to control the energy that's bursting out of it?"
"I'm sorry, Melli. I can't write off these frenzies as some trial from almighty Sinnoh. That's why I'm doing the best I can to help out <player> here. This is bigger than what team or clan we belong to!"
"Oh, and by the way? I wasn't just going to tell him/her that he/she needs Crunchy Salt—I was going to go right ahead and give it to him/her."
"Now it's time to make some balms. So lend a hand—both of you!"
"These balm things do smell pretty delightful..."
  • After the player quells Electrode's frenzy
"Is that how you see it? Electrode looks relieved to me. Glad its suffering's ended, probably."
"Interesting... Was your world like Ingo described too, <player>?"
It sure was: ""
I don't remember: "Pokémon and people working together in close harmony, huh... Could our nobles' frenzies be some kind of test, after all? To see if we can achieve that kind of harmony as we flail around trying to fix things?"
"All right, all right! Open your ears, shut that big mouth, and listen well, my friend! "Give not into sorrow. Give not into anger. Offer only friendship to those around you. Give not into sorrow. Give not into anger. Bring not almighty Sinnoh to sorrow. For that is when time's flow will cease." And there you have it."
"Can we find a way to honor our past while also forging a better future? Maybe that's what almighty Sinnoh really wants from us. After all, it rules over all time... and it created everything there is."
Jubilife Village (Floaro Main Street)
  • After completing Mission 11
"Isn't it nice getting up early?"
"Yes, it does! It opens possibilities...such as responding to Commander Kamado's invitation today in a timely manner!"
"Come on. No need to grouse so much over a nice little early wake-up."
"Are you coming, too? I'm sure we all can guess what the commander wants with us."
Galaxy Hall (Kamado's office)
  • After completing Mission 11
"Yeah, who would've dreamed some stranger who tumbled out of the sky would be our salvation? Life never does stop surprising you."
"Avalugg may be the Pearl Clan's noble, but my clan and the Galaxy Team will have to step up to resolve this, too—for the sake of a brighter future!"
Mission 12 - "The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra"
Alabaster Icelands (Snowfields Camp)
"How aren't you freezing?"
"You know, I'm beginning to think the problem between us isn't a Diamond clan thing or a Pearl Clan thing. It's just a you-and-me thing. We'll never see eye to eye on anything, will we?"
"Yes, yes. Believe what you want. Just tell us where we have to go."
"Which is? You're talking about that Gaeric fellow, right? Where do we find him?"
"Where else, indeed. Ready to go, <player>?"
Alabaster Icelands (Avalugg's Legacy)
  • Before the player battles Gaeric
"Well, that was a real slog, fighting through those miserable icy winds to reach this desolate bit of nowhere. Well done, us."
  • If talked to before battling Gaeric
"Come on—show him what you're made of, or we'll never get anywhere."
  • After the player battles Gaeric
"Eternal Ice, is it? For that, you'll have to be able to fly—which means you need Braviary. Long story short: you've got to seek out a young lady named Sabi!"
"Isn't Avalugg one of the Pearl Clan's lords? Seems a bit odd for me to do the talking..."
"But fine. Listen up: This Eternal Ice stuff can be found atop Avalugg's Legacy here. But to get there, you'll need my clan's help. Not even Sneasler can climb this surface, let alone a person, like you or me. You're going to have to approach by air—with Braviary's help."
"An, uh, about Sabi... How do I put this? Even when she's not flying with Braviary, she's got her head in the clouds. Well, you'll understand once you meet her. Head toward Snowpoint Temple, and you'll probably come across her sooner or later."
  • If talked to after Sabi arrives
"So, yep...that's Sabi. Good luck!"
Alabaster Icelands (Snowpoint Temple)
"Thanks, Sabi."
"Yeah? I'm glad. A world where people and Pokémon live and work together, huh..."
"Tell me—why do you think the lightning that comes from the rift would cause these frenzies?"
"Do you think this is all almighty Sinnoh's anger? Or do you think this is a trial it's putting to us?"
"If it is a trial—if we can prove ourselves worthy, and we quell the last noble, calm Avalugg... then the rift really ought to close. Right?"
"Even if the one who seems to be clearing this trial is a newcomer like you, not one of us who've been living here in Hisui for ages now."
"Hush, Sabi! I can feel history on the move."
"And as far as I can see, the one ushering in this new era is you. So if I stick with you, someday I might get to meet almighty Sinnoh myself!"
"But don't forget to get the Eternal Ice. That's why you needed Braviary in the first place, right?"
Alabaster Icelands (Icepeak Arena)
  • After the player quells Avalugg's frenzy
"I knew you could pull that off, <player>."
"You quelled every last frenzied noble! So is that space-time rift going to start closing up now or what?"
"Let's hope so, anyway."
"Well, with any luck, things will settle down now... Although even if the rift does start spitting out more of that strange lightning, we should still be all right as long as we've got <player>."
"You know something, Irida? We may never agree on who's got it right about almighty Sinnoh, but you Pearl Clan folk aren't all bad in my book."
"Anyway, now that we've quelled the last noble... I say we pay grim old Commander Kamado a visit and see if he'll finally crack a smile for us!"
Mission 13 - "Disaster Looming"
Galaxy Hall (Kamado's office)
"What's this about, Commander?"
"Hold on, Commander..."
"Exactly. And besides, do you really think he's/she's got the sort of fearsome power it'd take to make all this happen?"
"Come on—let's be reasonable. What is <player> supposed to do, then?"
Ancient Retreat
  • Upon arrival
"I've managed to reassure my people for now. The wardens are keeping a close eye on their nobles, too. Seems all's quiet for the moment. And we are!"
"But still...we'll never get away with openly aiding you."
"Long story short: we want to help but without drawing attention, so it'll be just one of us. Me or her—it's up to you. Though the answer should be obvious!"
  • If talked to
"Obviously you'll choose me, right? Who gave you that Celestica Flute in the first place? That's right—this strapping young man!"
If the player chooses him: "Thought so! You can count on me"
"Right—and we'd better get a move on! No time to waste!"
"I'll meet you wherever we decide to go. We'd be in hot water if we were seen traveling together."
If the player chooses Irida: "Leftover? Think again. <player> trusts me enough to leave the tough job up to me alone. I'll be keeping an eye on the commander, so I can let you all know if anything happens."
"All right, Irida... You and <player>... Well, you two do what needs doing."
  • Upon departing for one of the lakes
"So, where are you headed?"
Mission 14 - "The Trial of Lake Verity"
Obsidian Fieldlands (Lake Verity)
  • Outside Verity Cavern
"Let's do this, <player>!"
  • Inside Verity Cavern
"There's something about this place I can't quite put into words..."
"Trounce that thing, <player>! Prove to the Pokémon of the lake how strong you are!"
  • After the player defeats/catches the alpha Goodra
"That's the way, <player>! I can tell by watching that you and the Pokémon you've caught in those little balls truly understand one another. Now, let's see about the Pokémon of the lake..."
"So it speaks from its mind straight to yours... Makes sense for a Pokémon that embodies an aspect of the mind, I guess."
Mission 15 - "The Trial of Lake Valor"
Crimson Mirelands (Lake Valor)
  • Outside Valor Cavern
"In we go, <player>!"
  • Inside Valor Cavern
"Let's see what we're up against."
"Watch it, <player>! I've heard about this one from my grandfather. Those quills—they're venomous!"
  • After the player defeats/catches the alpha Overqwil
"That's my <player>!"
"Did those balms just...appear out of nowhere? I guess you're meant to throw them at Azelf..."
Mission 16 - "The Trial of Lake Acuity"
Alabaster Icelands (Lake Acuity)
  • Outside Acuity Cavern
"Let's go, <player>!"
  • Inside Acuity Cavern
"Now let's see what's waiting for us..."
"I know you don't need me to tell you this, <player>, but I've still got to say it... Be careful around that thing!"
  • After the player defeats/catches the alpha Zoroark
"Knew you could do it, <player>!"
Verity Cavern/Valor Cavern/Acuity Cavern
  • After the player completes the first lake trial
"Two more to go now!"
  • After the player completes the second lake trial
"I can't even imagine what that must feel like, having a Pokémon talk to you without words..."
"Well, the world's full of mysteries, I guess. I can hardly even be surprised at things like these after seeing the sky itself so warped."
"Still one lake left...This is taking more time than I'd expected."
  • After the player completes all three lake trials
"That's it! You've completed the trials of the three lakes!"
Lake Verity/Lake Valor/Lake Acuity
  • After the player completes the first lake trial
"Gotta admit—you sure know plenty about Hisui, Volo."
"i think we'd all like some answers on that. I don't properly know how we came to worship almighty Sinnoh in the first place. I've even got some questions about its...true nature."
  • After the player completes the second lake trial
"I guess I can think of two reasons: to keep the chain safe—and to test us."
"Though having said that—isn't the Red Chain for mending the world? What use would some villain have for it?"
"You could well be right. I guess we'll have no way of knowing until we get the Red Chain for ourselves."
Ancient Retreat
  • After the player completes the first lake trial
"I guess... But this all makes no sense to me. These Pokémon represent our minds, and they'll give us this thing...and it'll let us bind the world and solve all this mess? Why?"
"I get it even less now!"
  • After the player completes the second lake trial
"The Pokémon of the lakes are...strange. They seem to play on your mind somehow."
"That settles it, <player>. There's no time to lose!"
Crimson Mirelands (Shrouded Ruins)
"Showing up only when the time's right, huh? With age comes wisdom, I guess."
"Right. But how do we make this Red Chain?"
"Then what are we doing here? We don't have any more time to waste!"
  • After the Red Chain is forged
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"What's he thinking?! Even if he makes it up there, what can he do against a giant rift in space-time?"
"That's right! We've got to let him know that it'll be all right now that we have the Red Chain. Even the commander should see reason then and call off this foolhardy plan of his."
Mission 17 - "Atop Mount Coronet"
Jubilife Village (Front gate)
"There you are, <player>! Irida's already headed to Mount Coronet. How're things looking here?"
"He's already started up the mountain?! He must be more reckless than that dignified manner of his lets on. Not that I can blame anyone for wanting to avoid wasting time."
"Well, all right, then! Guess I'm going after him. Let me go first, <player>. If you were to show up with no warning, there'd probably be a fight! Time's a-wasting. See you there!"
Coronet Highlands (Temple of Sinnoh)
  • Before the player battles Kamado
If the player chose him during Mission 13: "That Pokémon that's apparently been sighted through the rift... I...I think it may be almighty Sinnoh. But Commander Kamado stopped us from heading toward the temple."
"What—do you think even the Red Chain is some trick on <player>'s part? He/She worked mightily to get that thing, and I should know—I was with him/her the whole time! I saw her rise to the trials set by the three Pokémon of the lakes! If he/she somehow concocted all of that on his/her own, then what hope do we even have anyway?"
"Then work together with us! Should something go wrong, I'll take complete responsibility!"
If the player chose Irida during Mission 13: "You'd better take that Red Chain up to the top of the mountain. That Pokémon threatening to descend on the peak at any moment now... I may be almighty Sinnoh. But all this has to be stopped, and you're the only one who can do it!"
  • After the player defeats Kamado
If the player chose him during Mission 13: "Commander..."
Regardless of who the player chose during Mission 13: "Don't you worry, Commander. We've got the Red Chain!"
  • If talked to before reaching the end of the temple
"I wonder just what is happening on the other side of the space-time rift..."
  • After reaching the end of the temple
If the player chose him during Mission 13: "Hold one a sec... My head... Something's talking...inside my head!"
""You hold...the Red Chain... Try to catch me, then, human!""
"Almighty Sinnoh? I-I think almighty Sinnoh just spoke to me!"
"It's telling me... "You hold...the Red Chain... Try to catch me, then, human! For the fight to come!""
If the player chose Irida during Mission 13: "Come on! Now's the time! Use the Red Chain!"
"Whoa, Irida! Do you hear what you're saying? Catch you?!"
  • After the player catches Dialga/Palkia
If the player chose him during Mission 13: "He/She caught it!"
"Wait—it's happening again! I can hear almighty Sinnoh... No! No, it's called Dialga! Mighty Dialga's speaking to me in my mind!"
""Space-time is torn... Awful power spills forth... The frenzied one...comes to fight! Now, human! Fight it with me!""
If the player chose Irida during Mission 13: "The Red Chain's been shattered, but...we've still got the Pokémon of the lakes to thank for getting this far!"
  • After Palkia/Dialga appears
"But, Commander—!"
Coronet Highlands (Summit Camp)
If the player chose him during Mission 13: "I can't believe there really were TWO almighty Sinnoh, after all. Guess that means neither of our clans was really wrong, huh?"
"Well, it's not like we could just sit back and ignore the space-time rift."
"That's the stuff, Mr. Professor! You'd rather face what's in front of us than dwell on the past, huh? Just what I'd expect from a real scientist!"
If the player chose him during Mission 13: "Yeah—thank goodness you were here, huh? We'd have had no chance getting through this disaster without you!"
"Relax. I've got a plan...thanks to what mighty Dialga told me!"
"Yeah—and along with its name, it also told me what we need. "The stone of creation's beginning. The chain of red. The vessel of humankind's invention. Unite these three, and calm the chaos now pervading space.""
"And finally, mighty Dialga said it wants to go with us back to the temple."
If the player chose Irida during Mission 13: "Whoa, whoa! Slow down! Did you forget that the Red Chain broke?"
""Palkia?" The Pokémon that talked to you?"
"Well, that "chain of red" is in pieces now, but if little bits will do, I gathered those."
"That's got to be it! But what about that "stone of creation's beginning" part?"
"Now that you mention it, that Volo fellow's come around the Diamond settlement asking about those plates before, too."
Mission 18 - "The Counterpart"
Coronet Highlands (Summit Camp)
"I'm your leader, Melli. Show a shred of respect, would you?"
"You want a job? Fine. Your job is to support the others! All the other wardens are busy looking after their nobles and keeping the people of our clans from panicking. Take a hint!"
"Melli, give it a rest and play nice with the Pearl Clan folks for once, would you? Bigger things are at stake here!"
"Warden Lian. If you would?"
Coronet Highlands (Primeval Grotto)
"Oh, come on... Who's there? We don't have any time to waste with—"
"Clover?! We haven't seen you since you walked out on the clan! Where've you been all this time?!"
"Enough. I don't care why any of you ran off to play bandit. But I won't let you get in Lian's way. There are three of you and three of us. Let's go. <player>? You take Charm."
  • After the player defeats Charm
"Come on, Clover... Why not come back to the Diamond Clan? Times are changing. We're changing. And we could really use someone as strong as you are."
"Honestly, those three... What did they even come here for? Oh well. I'll heal up everyone's Pokémon."
"Then they should've just said so! What a pain they are, hiding behind all that attitude..."
"That was surprisingly easy."
"Let's hurry back to Mr. Professor and show him what we got. That Laventon's got sound judgement, plus knowledge to spare, despite his silly streak!"
Coronet Highlands (Summit Camp)
"I've been meaning to ask since you brought that up, but...the origin of what exactly?"
Galaxy Hall (Laventon's office)
If the player chose him during Mission 13: "All right, Mr. Professor. It's all in pieces now, but this is what's left of the Red Chain."
Galaxy Hall (Entrance hall)
"Come on, Mr. Professor... Wish they'd hurry it up in there..."
"If sitting back and waiting actually solved things, I'd sit forever—because that'd be using time well, unlike this."
"It's interesting how catching a Pokémon in one of these things brings the two of you closer together."
If the player chose him during Mission 13: "Whoa! Hold on—it's that voice. I hear it in my head again."
"Yeah... Seems like mighty Dialga's willing to lend its strength to this fight. That's what it's telling me."
If the player chose Irida during Mission 13: "You mean Palkia?"
"Now that's what I like to hear! The Pearl Clan's almighty Sinnoh—well, I guess I should just call it Palkia—is one fierce Pokémon!"
Jubilife Village (Front gate)
"Excuse me? Is this the time for shopping?"
"Fair point."
Coronet Highlands (Temple of Sinnoh)
  • Before confronting Palkia/Dialga
If the player chose him during Mission 13: "Hey, <player>—let's meet tomorrow together."
"It's a saying we've got in the Diamond Clan. It means you hope you'll both stay safe."
If the player chose Irida during Mission 13: "What in the world does that mean?"
"So basically, you're saying not to feel nervous? I'm starting to see the appeal of how you Pearl Clan people think. In some situations, anyway."
  • After the player catches Palkia/Dialga
"My eyes aren't lying...right? He/She actually went and caught it?"
"So even the commander sheds a tear now and then. Never thought I'd see the day."
"Ouch! What gives, Commander? Not sure I deserved a sumo throw..."
"The two clans together, huh..."
"Well...since it turns out we were both following a true almighty Sinnoh of our own... I guess the times when we'd fight over whose was wrong or right are ancient history now!"
Mission 24 - "The Plate of Snowpoint Temple"
Alabaster Icelands (Snowpoint Temple)
"Oh! Wouldn't have expected to run into you up here, <player>, What are you up to?"
"You do tend get mixed up in all kinds of strange goings-on, <player>."
"This door here—well, they say behind it sleeps a Pokémon so great it could tow around the entirety of the continents that lie to the south."
  • After the player opens the door
"Wh-what in time is that thing?! It's colossal!"
"Now that was one solid Pokémon! Like a giant born of the very earth!"
"Yeah, I'm pretty curious to read everything Mr. Professor writes up, too."
Request 89 - "The Diamond Clan's Treasure"
Crimson Mirelands (Lake Valor)
"Hey, if it isn't <player>! Good timing. I found some treasure you'd be interested in."
"Did that make your ears perk up? Happy to fill you in, if you're curious..."
Yeah, I'm curious: "There's that Survey Corps spirit!"
I don't really care...: "Come on—don't be like that!"
"Curiosity's what moves science forward, according to good old Mr. Professor!"
"But come to think of it, what I've found seems too valuable to just let you in on it for free. You'll need to work a little!"
"Here's the deal. I want you to show me what's in your mind, your heart...your soul! In short: battle me!"
You got it!: "Then it's on! Time to see what you've got. Here I come, knowing full well how tough you are... For the future of the Diamond Clan!"
I'll pass: "What—oh, come on! I promise, this'll be exciting! Or did you run out of excitement after everything on Mount Coronet?"
  • After being defeated
"You're really something...and I'm a man of my word. So, here's that treasure."
"This used to be my grandfather's. He said it was somehow related to almighty Sinn—I mean, to mighty Dialga."
"So, now that I've put you through the wringer a little, it seems right to give it to you since you're the one who caught mighty Dialga!"
"Y'know, I ought to tell you...I'm glad it was you who fell out of the sky to us. You taught me another way to get along with Pokémon...another way to relate to the world!"
  • If talked to after
"Times started to move faster for Hisui when you arrived. I feel big changes coming—even to the very way humans and Pokémon relate..."
Request 100 - "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Highlands"
Coronet Highlands (Highlands, Mountain, or Summit Camp)
"There you two are. Hope your investigation's going all right."
Regardless of choice: "I heard folks in our clan and the Pearl Clan are all helping investigate these massive mass outbreaks, or whatever you call 'em. And I thought, what kind of leader would sit back and do nothing while you're all working?"
"So I figured I'd grab whatever supplies I could find that might come in handy for you. Here—materials for those Sticky Glob things!"
"Don't make fun, Mai. I'm trying to help!"
"Listen, <player>. I've been wondering..."
"Do you think these massive mass outbreaks could be some sort of trial from mighty Dialga or mighty Palkia?"
Regardless of choice: "It kind of feels like it, right? As if someone's telling us, "If you've got the guts to face a real test with your partners, take on these Pokémon. Otherwise, stand back.""
"Yeah, well, I'd love to stay and talk, but I've got an appointment to keep with that Beni fellow. I've been trying to get him to teach me his tricks."
Regardless of choice: "I want to know his recipes AND his ninja tricks! Once I do, I'll give you a proper demonstration. But in the meantime, stay safe as you investigate!"
Request 101 - "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Icelands"
Alabaster Icelands (Snowfields or Icepeak Camp)
"I've gotten word from Melli, too. Says he's about ready to wrap it up."
"It'd be nice if these outbreaks didn't put anyone in danger, but things rarely work out that easily."
"Yeah... I could get behind that idea."
Request 102 - "Daybreak"
Alabaster Icelands (Snowfields or Icepeak Camp)
"But for now, we'd better get going if we want to make it on time!"
Obsidian Fieldlands (Deertrack Heights)
"And we picked the perfect time."
"What do you think?"
"And this fleeting time mighty Dialga gave us."
"I heard these massive mass outbreaks trigger some kind of reaction in your Munchlax, Mai. Is he doing all right?"
"Thanks for that, Irida. Hopefully no more poor souls will wander into one unprepared and take a beating."
"Seems like our lives are going to keep on changing. And we'll keep adapting just as fast!"
They'll enter contests!: "Contests of what? Strength? Whoa-you're saying people would compete to see who's Pokémon's the most eye-catching? Sounds like a real sight to see! Bet you'd have to be plenty close with your Pokémon to win, too."
"You said it! Not that change is always good. And there'll always be people who don't want change at all. But hey, that's life. We'll just have to work hard and push on! And I'm glad we'll have you with us as we do it, <player>. Thanks for everything."
Request 106 - "Adaman's Hope"
Cobalt Coastlands (Ginkgo Landing)
"Y'know, time changes a lot of things—but the sea stays the same. The Celestica people must've looked out at this exact same view long ago!"
"I've got a favor to ask, <player>!"
Regardless of choice: "It's about something my grandfather told me... He said the Adamant Crystal has the power to change mighty Dialga into its otherworldly form!"
Regardless of choice: "I want to see if all the strength my partners and I have got is enough to take down mighty Dialga in that otherworldly form!"
  • If the player has only Origin Forme Dialga in their party
"Mighty Dialga gave us all the gift of time, and I want to see its real power in battle!"
Let's do it!: "Mighty Dialga! Let me stand before you as leader of the Diamond Clan, to find out in battle what I'm really made of!"
Wait...: "All right, but we don't have forever!"
  • If the player loses the battle
"C'mon—if anyone can show me mighty Dialga's true strength, it's you!"
  • After being defeated
"The sheer power of mighty Dialga... It's too much to comprehend. I'm still shaking, even now."
"But through our battle, I think I understood the will of mighty Dialga!"
"Isn't that amazing? When you battle all-out with someone, you really understand them!"
"Imagine if everyone in Hisui partnered up with Pokémon to express themselves through battle... Living here would be even more fun!"
"I think I'll have my clan's folk start training up at Jubilife's training grounds. Hope we can count on seeing you there, <player>!"
  • If talked to after battle
"If we can encourage others to understand each other better through battle, like I did with Mighty Dialga just now... Well, it'll have all been worth it!"
Jubilife Village (Photography studio)
  • By himself
"A photography studio for taking pictures with Pokémon? That's ahead of the times—both in thinking and in technology! Why don't we take on together?"
  • With Irida
"I know some in my clan still harbor doubts about being friendly with the Pearl Clan, and vice versa. So I thought we two leaders could take a photo together and show our people a symbol of Hisui's bright future! Care to join?"
Jubilife Village (Training grounds)
  • Upon starting the Path of Tenacity
"We each send out all our Pokémon at once, you know... But I guess you're here for the challenge!"
  • Before battle
"We and our Pokémon have always been partners. When we battle you and see what they're really capable of, we'll be unstoppable!"
  • After being defeated
"Well, you've done it again! Still, it feels like we as a clan came out of this stronger than when we went in. Next time we'll come at you even harder and give you a battle you won't forget!"
  • If the player loses
"So after all you've done, you can't handle the combined might of the Diamond Clan? Hah! Nah, I don't believe it! You and your Pokémon have more fight in you than that."

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Adaman (Masters)

Adaman's regular and Special Costume variants share their voice lines unless mentioned otherwise.

Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited for the first time
"I'm Adaman, leader of the Diamond Clan, if you want to be formal! But that's a mouthful. Just call me Adaman."
  • Subsequent recruitments
"Hey! I'll cut the greetings! We don't have any more time to waste!"
  • Sync pair viewer
"Time is all about change, and we can't live in fear of that—we can only try to change the time we live in for the better."
"Time wasted is lost, so we can't be wasteful."
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"You can count on me."
  • Selection screen (forming team with Irida)
"Wo-ow, you're on time, Irida!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Rei)*
"Counting on you again, Rei!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Akari)*
"Let's see what's become of the Survey Corps!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
"See ya later!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill
"No time to lose! Let's test this out!"
  • Upon leveling up
"No time to stand around!"
  • Upon reaching max level
"Our future awaits us at the top!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"The time we spent paid off!"
  • Increasing friendship level cap
"You're really something!"
  • Receiving EX style
"Time is all about change, and I won't live in fear of that."
  • During conversation
"Hm-hm-hm. ♪"
"You're really something."
"Well done!"
"You've got this!"
"Stop it."
"What a pain."
"Hhuh, hh hh."
"Oh, no..."
"No way!"
"Counting on you!"
"I see!"
"Ahh, heheh."
"See ya later!"
"Let's begin!"
"Let's get started."
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"Waking up early is great! It's an effective use of your time, and the early bird catches the worm!"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"Right, let's do what we have to while the sun's still out!"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"Is that the time already? Time flies so quickly..."
  • During special gift conversation
"Here, have this!"
  • During special gift conversation (Trainer Lodge)
"I found some treasure you'd be interested in!"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
  • VS screen
"Battle me!"
  • Sending out Pokémon
"We'll end it!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"Hang tight!"
  • Using item
"Got it!"
  • Using Trainer move
"Right there!"
  • Using sync move
"There's no time to waste!"
  • Using sync move (Special Costume)
"There's no time to lose!"
  • Unity attack / theme skill
  • Switching in
"I was waiting for this!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"You fought hard."
  • "Nice" emote
"That's the stuff!"
  • "Watch out" emote
  • "Let's do this" emote
"There's no time to lose!"
  • "Thanks" emote
  • Defeat
"We weren't strong enough..."
  • Victory
"I got to see what's in your heart!"
  • Victory (with Irida on the team, speaks first)
"Heh! Done in good time!"
  • Victory (with Rei on the team, speaks first)*
"I can hold my own, you know!"
  • Victory (with Akari on the team, speaks first)*
"Time for the next battle!"
Main Story - Mysterious Stones Chapter
  • The Creator of All Things
"Well, no matter how much time we spend talking to him, it won't get us anywhere."
"The creator of all things really is a massive presence, huh..."
Story Event - Travelers from a Distant Past
  • Two from Hisui
  • As "???"
"You just don't get it."
"We've obviously come to the future!"
"This has to be a trial from mighty Dialga, who controls time!"
"Huh? OH!"
"What? Rei's here, too?!"
"Hey, don't tell me you forgot this handsome face."
"Now's not the time for bad jokes."
"Huh? Different?"
"Now that you mention it, they kinda are, aren't they."
"So in short, these two aren't who we thought."
  • As Adaman
"I'm Adaman, leader of the Diamond Clan. I'm also from Hisui."
"Sorry for getting ahead of myself earlier."
"See? I told you we came to the future."
"This must be a trial from mighty Dialga!"
"The Diamond Clan I lead is a group that worships mighty Dialga, who controls time."
"We give our thanks for the time it's bestowed upon our world."
"In other words, the fact that time sped up and led us here to the future..."
"means this is a trial mighty from Dialga!"
"Now that you mention it, I don't remember."
"Actually, Irida and I are fuzzy on what happened just before and after we arrived here."
"Traveling to an unknown world in a distant time..."
"I never thought it would happen to us."
"Apparently, they suddenly fell from the sky one day. And if I remember correctly..."
"That's it! It was from a rift!"
"There was a rift when we showed up here, too!"
"See that over there? That's what we're talking about. "
  • Pokémon Are Dangerous?
"Back in Hisui, there was a rift similar to the one here..."
"Do you think this could be..."
"Yeah. It's a dangerous phenomenon that sometimes occurred back in Hisui."
"An unusual amount of wild Pokémon start to appear within the area it affects."
"I see. So that's how you perceive it."
"Correct. Only some folks use Poké Balls."
"Yeah. You shouldn't underestimate Pokémon's strength."
"If you plan on doing something about the distortion, we might be able to help."
"By the way, this rift in space-time we were talking about earlier..."
"When it appeared in Hisui, mighty Dialga and Palkia were a major cause."
"W-wow! I wasn't expecting to witness mighty Dialga!"
"But if mighty Dialga is already helping humans in this time, fixing this should go smoothly!"
"C'mon, we can't be indecisive! We don't have much time!"
  • Cyrus of Team Galactic
"I don't know what you're worried about, but it'll be fine!"
"Wh-what are those bizarre outfits?!"
"Arezu! What are you doing in that outfit?!"
" this is just another case of people looking alike?"
"Hey, hold on a second..."
"The Galaxy Team's mission is for people and Pokémon to coexist for the peace and safety of the world, right?"
"Yeah, it reminds me of someone..."
"My head... Mighty Dialga's talking...inside my head!"
  • Off-screen
"It's telling me to use the power of time and space to ease the space-time distortion..."
  • On-screen
"Yeah, sounds great!"
"So, what's the plan?"
"Sounds like a plan!"
  • People and Pokémon
"OK! Time to call upon mighty Dialga to lend us its power!"
"It's really over?"
"(Once again, people and Pokémon joined together...)"
"(and saved the world from destruction.)"
"Looks like it's time for us to make a decision."
"Don't worry. We were able to stop the worst of it, weren't we?"
"Well...we do, but we don't know how."
"Other people and Pokémon from Hisui might come here, too..."
"Yeah. Our minds are made up."
"As proof of how serious we are, we even have Leafeon and Glaceon in Poké Balls now."
"When someone from Hisui comes here, or when we eventually find our way back there..."
"We'll have to set the example and show them how people and Pokémon can live together in harmony."
"You got it! Since we'll be here a while, let's help each other out!"
Story Event - We Should Battle!
  • The Best Stage Ever!
"Are we really gonna battle with this huge crowd watching?!"
Story Event - Together in an Unknown Land
  • On an Island with Pokémon
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Hey! Long time no see, Galaxy Expedition Team!"
  • The Myth Researcher
  • After appearing, as Adaman
"Hahaha! Even you're surprised!"
"Apparently it's this Trainer's partner."
"Yeah, she does look similar, doesn't she?"
"Just as I expected! I'm glad I got to see your shocked faces!"
"Even a story that means nothing to us could be valuable in this era."
"It's funny how time flows, isn't it?"
"That reminds me: there are people here on Pasio who understand mighty Dialga and Palkia, and walk alongside them."
  • Off-screen
"Lucas is one of them."
  • On-screen
"We wanted to learn more about how people and Pokémon could coexist..."
"so we asked our Pokémon to stay in Poké Balls."
"Yeah. People and Pokémon in this era work in harmony and help each other."
"We've realized that using Poké Balls isn't wrong. We can still coexist with Pokémon."
  • The Next Daybreak
"Hm? That Pokémon is...!"
"Yeah, we can't fall behind either."
"Let's not waste any time, and get on with the battle!"
Story Event - Let's Go in Search of Wonder
  • Everyone Who Likes Eevee
"Hmm... An Eevee that talks..."
Costume Event - The Power of Dance
  • Ways to Communicate with Pokémon
"We've been found..."
  • In flashback
"By "deal with them," you mean..."
"Got it! Let's do this!"
"Don't you dare miss!"
  • Let's Dance Together!
"I see! So "danse" is..."
"So the bond between a sync pair can deepen just by dancing together? Fascinating!"
"It's decided, then!"
"I will dance with Ursaluna!"
"Sure, that works! Now let's start learning!"
"Ursaluna and I are going to build a deeper connection than you two!"
"I don't think you can keep up with the fast-paced dance moves of this era."
  • Wearing his special costume
"Maybe we need more time before they're ready to open up..."
  • Express with Your Heart and Body
"I think I've got it now!"
"I just can't get enough of this feeling of acceleration!"
"I wonder what he's feeling while he's roaring at the moon..."
"Asking...with a dance?"
"Is that so... I could try it with Ursaluna, I suppose."
"I'll hit him with everything I'm feeling right now!"
  • Your Place Has Found You
"He's reluctant to open up to me, but he is watching me dance..."
"Does the moon look different in Pasio than it does in Hisui?"
"Whether you're in Pasio or Hisui, the moon always looks beautiful, doesn't it? It illuminates people and Pokémon."
"I want to learn how Pokémon and people are able to live side-by-side on Pasio."
"Since you've come all this way, do you want to walk this path with me?"
"...No, that's not right."
"I need your help! Will you lend me your power so we can walk this path together?!"
"Thank you, Ursaluna!"
"Yeah! Ursaluna and I are raring to go!"
"Hahaha, it wasn't easy."
"At first, we were talking about which team was going to win, but now..."
"At this point, winning or losing doesn't matter."
"Wait! We can't just stay students forever."
"The beautiful dancing that connects the hearts of people and Pokémon..."
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Adaman
"We were waiting for you, <player>!"
"There's no time to waste, so I'll cut to the chase."
"Would Leafeon's playmate?"
You're asking me?: "Yeah! I'm asking both you and your partner Pokémon!"
Are you asking Pikachu?: "I'd be happy if you yourself would also be his playmate."
"I decided to put Leafeon inside one of Pasio's Poké Balls, but..."
"Back in Hisui, we were always hanging out together without a Poké Ball, so it feels a little strange."
"It seems he feels the same way, too."
"Rather than staying in his Poké Ball, Leafeon prefers to roam freely."
"That's why I wanted to ask you to be his playmate."
In that case, I'd be happy to!: "Thanks! That would be great!"
You care a lot about your partner Pokémon!: "I'm not doing anything special, really."
"That said...even though technology has evolved..."
"Poké Balls really do connect people and Pokémon."
"In my era, there were some people who used Poké Balls to help people and Pokémon coexist."
"At first, I thought it was strange...but it seems to be the norm here in the future."
"Using Poké Balls to coexist with Pokémon..."
"is something that I now know will be a good change for Hisui. Coming to Pasio taught me that."
"Now that I've seen all the different sync pairs and have become one myself..."
"I want to confidently recommend Poké Ball use to the naysayers in Hisui."
"That's why we need to get used to it, too."
"Oh, and also... There's another thing that's common in this world too, right?"
What do you mean?: "You know what I'm talking about!"
Do you mean Pokémon battles?: "Yeah! I like how quick you are to understand!"
"Pokémon battles are necessary to strengthen the bonds of sync pairs...correct?"
"If I can teach others about the things we learned here when we return to our era, that will accelerate the flow of time in Hisui!"
"After we play with Leafeon and finish our warm-up..."
"Let's have a battle, <player>!"
Pokémon Center
  • During sync background preview
"Time is all about change, and we can't live in fear of that!"
  • During sync background preview (Special Costume)
"Will you lend me your power so we can walk this path together?!"
  • Random conversation
"It seems people and Pokémon exist in close harmony on this island."
"Pokémon are not to be feared, but to be trusted, huh..."
"A world where people and Pokémon live side by side... Not bad."
  • Random conversation
"By knowing what happened in the past, you can build a better future."
"Time is something that flows continuously."
"The long accumulation of time has culminated in the two of us, here, standing beside one another."
"We shouldn't forget that."
  • Random conversation
"Throughout life, you'll often meet people who think differently than you."
"And sometimes you need to keep an open mind and accept those ideas..."
"But it's never good to change the core of what you believe in."
  • Random conversation
"I don't really like waiting..."
"I get overwhelmed with the feeling that I'm wasting my time, and I fear that I'm slighting mighty Dialga."
"You understand, right?"
  • Random conversation
"There are many ways you can spend your time."
"You can spend it on yourself or spend it on others."
"It seems like you spend a lot of time on others, <player>."
"It's good to see!"
  • Random conversation
"Time is limited—whatever you do, it'll get spent."
"That's why you shouldn't waste a single second of the time you've been given. You really need to treasure it."
"That's the Diamond Clan's belief, and we believe in almighty Sinnoh—I mean mighty Dialga!"
  • If spoken to again
"I believe mighty Dialga purposefully gave all life a limited amount of time."
"Time isn't infinite—that's why we need to find what we can do in the moment and give it our best!"
  • Random conversation
"I happened to hear..."
"that in this era, there are Poké Balls that become progressively more effective at catching Pokémon the longer you wait."
"Argh! Who did this?! Who made such a vexing Poké Ball?!"
  • If spoken to again
"What? There are Poké Balls that work best if they're used the moment you meet a Pokémon?"
"That's great! What an amazing invention—it doesn't waste time!"
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"This dance garb sure is, uh...modern, huh? I like it!"
"I wish I could give outfits like this to the rest of the Diamond Clan, too..."
"I can think of a guy this would really look good on."
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"Ursaluna's a Pokémon that evolves from Ursaring, you know!"
"Or at least it did back in Hisui."
"I'm not sure why the flow of time changed all that..."
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"Time sure flies in this era."
"Information spreads in the blink of an eye, and the world keeps on changing."
"It's exciting to watch unfold but pretty tough to keep up with!"
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"Nature has it's own kind of music, you know—and it's pretty good!"
"The sound of wind, the cries of Pokémon echoing through the air..."
"Try listening for its little melodies yourself sometime—you can hear them anywhere!"
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"If you just stand around waiting to strike it lucky, time will pass you right by."
"I believe that if you want to live without regrets, you need to make your own luck."
"But I'm sure I don't need to tell you that, <player>."
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"The dances of this era are certainly different from any of the ones I know."
"The speed—or maybe tempo?—is like nothing I've ever seen."
"But I like it! I can really get into the "groove"!"
  • If spoken to again
"The dances of the future might be even faster than the ones from this era..."
"That's an exciting thought—people pushing the speed of dance to the limit!"
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"Ursaluna seemed about as taken aback by this era as I was."
"It's taken some time, but I think he's gotten used to it."
"Me, on the other hand...I'm still trying to catch up."
  • If spoken to again
"If you really think about it, Pokémon and humans have a lot in common."
"Each has a unique potential to grow and change over time—in different ways, of course, but still!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Hey, <player>! You're here again."
"If there's something you need to do, let's get on it as soon as we can! Time is precious."
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Special Costume)
"You look cheerful, <player>! Me, you ask? Can't you tell just by looking?"
"Come on! Let's go liven up the dance floor!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (also used by Special Costume)
"Waking up early is great! It's an effective use of your time, and the early bird catches the worm!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (also used by Special Costume)
"Right, let's do what we have to while the sun's still out!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (also used by Special Costume)
"Is that the time already? Time flies so quickly..."
  • Special gift conversation
"Hey! Let me give this to you!"
  • After giving out item
"Don't hoard it—use it right away!"
  • Special gift conversation (Special Costume)
"Oh, you've come at the perfect time! This is for you!"
  • After giving out item
"Don't hesitate to use it—I can always bring some more!"
  • Special Travelers from a Distant Past story event blurb
"Sync pairs, huh..."
  • Special Travelers from a Distant Past story event conversation with Irida
"Yep! I guess I'll have to learn how people and Pokémon on Pasio get along!"
  • Special The Power of Dance costume event blurb (wearing his special costume)
"I like the dance of this era!"
"Dancing is wonderful! I can't get enough of these precise moves. It's like time itself is passing within my entire body!"
"Want to settle this with a battle, then?"
Trainer Lodge
  • When spoken to (friendship level 1-9)
"So, you've come."
  • When spoken to (friendship level 10-29)
"You want to chat with me? That's a great way to spend your time!"
  • When spoken to (friendship level 30+)
"Hey, <player>! Any time I spend with you is worth it!"
  • Special gift conversation (friendship level 1-9)
"This is just something I found, but would it be useful to you?"
  • After giving out item
"I'll watch you use it so I can learn!"
  • Special gift conversation (friendship level 10-29)
"There's something I want to give you, <player>. Will you accept it?"
  • After giving out item
"It will be satisfying to see you use it!"
  • Special gift conversation (friendship level 30+)
"You've always helped me, so this is a little thank-you."
  • After giving out item
"I want to build a good relationship with you...through mutual exchange."
"If you need help with anything, let me know!"
  • Chat (available from start)
"When I come here, I can talk to people who have different opinions."
"This is a valuable opportunity for me to learn how people on Pasio—and in this era—think."
"I'm thankful that you invited me here, <player>!"
  • Chat (after completing A Special Day with Adaman: Part 1)
"In my era, communicating with someone far away isn't easy..."
"I never would have thought that this small device could allow one to communicate anytime and anywhere one wishes..."
"Does that mean people from this era have a lot of spare time?"
  • Chat (after completing A Special Day with Adaman: Part 2)
"You need to regulate the way you use items and not be controlled by them. It's complicated, huh..."
"The way you use something can make it either convenient or inconvenient."
"But every item and device was made to improve the lives of people and Pokémon."
"I'm sure you know the right way to use items, so I hope you continue to teach me!"
  • When conversation is initiated (friendship level 1-9)
"Hey! Let's have a quick chat!"
  • When conversation is initiated (friendship level 10-29)
"I'm looking forward to hearing the stories you have for me today, <player>."
  • When conversation is initiated (friendship level 30+)
"Let's get started, shall we? Talking to you is something I enjoy."
  • If given a Pocket Watch or Good Pocket Watch
"A gift for me? Thanks! I'll treasure it."
  • If given an Awesome Pocket Watch
"Hey hey! Are you sure I can have this?"
"I must get you something extraordinary in return!"
  • After the conversation ends (Great / Excellent)
"I never get bored when I talk with you—and I've learned a lot, too!"
  • After the conversation ends (Wonderful)
"Time sure flew, didn't it. You always have something interesting to say, <player>!"
"Until next time, then!"
Friendship Story - A Special Day with Adaman: Part 1
"Hey, <player>. I'd like to ask for your help with something..."
"Could you teach me how to use a Poryphone?"
"I thought this was just some sort of proof that you've become a sync pair, but..."
"I learned the other day that you can use it to communicate with people who are far away!"
"I was genuinely surprised it can be used like that!"
"No matter how far away you are, you can talk right away... How convenient!"
"I want to use my Poryphone to talk to someone."
"So, please! Teach me how!"
(Ask why he's asking you.): "Well! There's a good reason."
(Offer to teach him how to use it.): "That would be great!"
"If the Poryphone is proof that you're a sync pair..."
"then it's preferrable that I learn how to use it from the best sync pair."
" do I use it?"
"I see... We exchange contact details, then... Hmm..."
"I think I have a rough understanding of how to use this. Thanks, <player>!"
"I might ask you for more help again!"
"Though, as Leader of the Diamond Clan, it's unbecoming of me to keep demanding you teach me things."
"I'll think of a way to thank you. Hang on a bit until then, OK?"
Friendship Story - A Special Day with Adaman: Part 2
  • Off-screen
"Hey, hellooo?! D-did the call connect?"
"Oh, sorry. You must've been sleeping."
"Do you have time right now? I want you to come immediately!"
  • After appearing
"As my thanks to you, I thought I could serve you food I've been learning to make."
"Good deeds should be done quickly, so I woke up early and started to prepare..."
"I was surprised at how well it turned out!"
"I really wanted you to have some, and before I knew it, I had my Poryphone in my hand!"
"I'm really proud of it! Please help yourself!"
(Say you're happy and thank him.): "R-really? I'm glad to hear!"
(Explain you were worried about him.): "S-sorry! I called you all the way here without explaining anything, didn't I?"
"While I was waiting for you, I was thinking that maybe I was being a bother..."
"It's certainly convenient to have an item you can use to call someone anytime you want, but..."
"If you're not careful, it might become an item that inconveniences others—since it can selfishly use up their time."
"I should control myself so I'm not swayed by the convenience of this item."
"Phew! Thinking about complicated things all morning has made me hungry."
"Let's eat, <player>."
"I woke you just for this, so eat it while it's fresh."
"Enjoy it to the fullest!"