Vigilance (Skill)

Vigilance (Japanese: 急所無効 No Critical Hit) is a skill in Pokémon Masters EX.

Vigilance 急所無効
No Critical Hit
Flavor text
Passive Skill
Protects the user against critical hits.



Vigilance prevents the opponent from landing a critical hit, even if they would usually always land one such as with Frost Breath or if granted by passive skills like Clutch Critical.

However, this skill's effect can be ignored by attacks or other passive skills that are stated to do so in their descriptions, such as Sunsteel Strike, Moongeist Beam or the passive skill Piercing Blows.


Sync pairs (innate)

Egg Pokémon

Sync pairs (sync grid - yellow tiles)

Lucky Cookies

Lucky Cookie Appearance Rate
  1★ Creamy Lucky Cookie 0.57%
  2★ Creamy Lucky Cookie 1.16%
  3★ Creamy Lucky Cookie 12.5%
  1★ Deluxe Lucky Cookie 0.41%
  2★ Deluxe Lucky Cookie 0.83%
  3★ Deluxe Lucky Cookie 8.33%
  Guaranteed Lucky Cookie 8 100%


In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese 急所無効
Mandarin Chinese 擊中要害無效
  French Immunité Critique
  German Volltrefferschutz
  Italian Barriercolpo
  Korean 급소무효 Geubso Muhyo
  Spanish Inmunidad Golpes Críticos
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