Victor (game)/Quotes

These are Victor's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

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Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited for the first time
"Hello! I'm Victor, and I'm from the Galar region. I'm pretty confident when it comes to cooking!"
  • Subsequent recruitments
"Nice to see you again! I've just finished cooking something tasty... Would you like to have some with me?"
  • After being recruited (Palentine's 2024)
"Hello! I'm Victor, and I'm cooking up a new dish! Can you give it a taste test?"
  • Sync pair viewer
"Whoever becomes the Champion is the star of Galar! That's why I really admire Champions."
"It'd be nice if I could just lie in the grass, taking naps while soaking up the sun with my Pokémon."
  • Sync pair viewer (Palentine's 2024)
"Thorough preparation is important for both cooking and Pokémon battles."
"The most rewarding compliment for a chef is a smile that says, "This tastes great.""
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"Let me join you!"
  • Selection screen (forming team, Palentine's 2024)
"I'll show you what I can do!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Hop)
"Come on, Hop! Let's have a little competition!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Gloria)
"Our teamwork is as good as curry!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Marnie)
"Marnie! I'll yell and cheer for you too!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Bede)
"Let's give it our best shot, Bede!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Leon)
"Wow, Leon? This is bound to be exciting!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Sonia)
"I've got your back, Sonia!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
  • Selection screen (disbanding team, Palentine's 2024)
"See ya!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill
"This'll be exciting!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill (Palentine's 2024)
"It's nice to be able to do more."
  • Upon leveling up
"Brilliant! We've definitely gotten stronger."
  • Upon leveling up (Palentine's 2024)
"Guess I've improved."
  • Upon reaching max level
"Goooal! Time to kick off a new beginning!"
  • Upon reaching max level (Palentine's 2024)
"I've perfected these flavors!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"There's no limit to our potential!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (Palentine's 2024)
"The flavors are even deeper!"
  • Receiving EX style
"Whoa, that's impressive!"
  • Receiving EX style (Palentine's 2024)
"We can still move forward."
  • During conversation
"Got a sec?"
"Well done!"
"Good luck!"
"No way..."
"Leave it to me!"
"No way!"
"I'm counting on you."
"I see."
"I'm ready to go."
"Ready when you are!"
  • During conversation (Palentine's 2024)
"Hmm-hmm! ♪"
"Hm, heheh."
"Uh, heheh..."
"That was impressive!"
"That's great!"
"I got your back!"
"I'll get mad, you know."
"Stop it!"
"Gh, hh..."
"It can't be..."
"All right!"
"I'm grateful!"
"I got it."
"No way."
"Can I count on you?"
"See ya!"
"Prepped and ready!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"I'm a morning person. I used to get up early to explore the Wild Area back home all the time."
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"Here's the secret to making the best curry ever: don't over-fan the flames! And when you start mixing, do it nice and slow!"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"I like camping out at night in my tent. Looking up at the night sky sends me right to sleep."
  • During special log-in conversation (morning) (Palentine's 2024)
"Morning! I made breakfast. Would you like to have some with me?"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Palentine's 2024)
"I prepared desserts! Let's eat some and work hard this afternoon!"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening) (Palentine's 2024)
"I like to think about cooking. I probably cook in my dreams, too!"
  • During special gift conversation
"Here, I've got a present for you."
  • During special gift conversation (Palentine's 2024)
"I wanna give this to you!"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
  • Co-op match screen (Palentine's 2024)
"All right!"
  • VS screen
"Let's start the battle!"
  • VS screen (Palentine's 2024)
"Time to show my skills!"
  • Sending out Pokémon
  • Sending out Pokémon (Palentine's 2024)
"Taste that!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"Come on!"
  • Using Pokémon move (Palentine's 2024)
  • Using item
"On it!"
  • Using item (Palentine's 2024)
"This is it!"
  • Using Trainer move
"Let's try this!"
  • Using Trainer move (Palentine's 2024)
"The secret spice!"
  • Using sync move or max move
"Victory is ours!"
  • Using sync move (Palentine's 2024)
"This dish beats all!"
  • Unity attack / theme skill
  • Unity attack / theme skill (Palentine's 2024)
  • Uh-oh!
"I'm ready to go."
  • Switching in
"Our turn!"
  • Switching in (Palentine's 2024)
"Sorry to keep you waiting!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"Back to the drawing board..."
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon (Palentine's 2024)
"Rest up."
  • "Nice" emote
"Nice one!"
  • "Nice" emote (Palentine's 2024)
"Nice flavor!"
  • "Watch out" emote
"Look out!"
  • "Watch out" emote (Palentine's 2024)
"Be careful!"
  • "Let's do this" emote
"What's our next move?"
  • "Let's do this" emote (Palentine's 2024)
"The key is love!"
  • "Thanks" emote
  • "Thanks" emote (Palentine's 2024)
"I'm grateful!"
  • Defeat
"Didn't expect that..."
  • Defeat (Palentine's 2024)
"That's kinda bitter..."
  • Victory
"Yup! That's exactly how I planned it!"
  • Victory (Palentine's 2024)
"A perfect finish for the battle!"
  • Victory (with Gloria on the team, speaks first)
"Galar buddies unite!"
  • Victory (with Marnie on the team, in response to Marnie)
"You know it!"
  • Victory (with Bede on the team, speaks first)
"Yeah, we won!"
  • Victory (with Leon on the team, speaks first)
"Good work, Leon!"
  • Victory (with Sonia on the team, in response to Sonia)
"Brilliant as always!"
  • Victory (with Hop on the team, in response to Hop)*
"You too, Hop!"
Main Story Villain Arc - Galar - A Millennium into the Future
  • The Galar Region's Hero
"I-is that Chairman Rose?!"
"Could it be that..."
"they really haven't done anything wrong?"
"People who have come to Pasio have been saying..."
"that after they arrive, they sometimes remember or acknowledge things slightly differently than their friends..."
"Maybe, for some reason, there are people coming to Pasio from a slightly different time?"
  • As Quickly as Possible
"The sync stone converts the bond of a sync pair into power."
"Even if it's not NOW, as long as we work together, we should be able to find a solution..."
"I hope he agrees."
  • Whispering Shadows
"I hope he doesn't try to use force again..."
  • Repeated Mistakes
"So far, it looks like a normal event."
"(It shouldn't be easy to access the research data on sync stones!)"
"(How did he get his hands on it?!)"
  • Headed for the Same Future!
  • Off-screen
"Chairman Rose!"
  • After appearing
"How did you get ahold of the data on sync stones?"
"Who is this "business partner"?"
"Me too!"
"I don't want Chairman Rose to make the same mistake again!"
  • Rose's Methods
"Then Chairman Rose's "partner" must be..."
  • The Decisive Battle Begins
"No. I don't think that'll work."
"Chairman Rose said..."
  • Off-screen
""If it's for the sake of a prosperous future, I don't care who I work with.""
  • On-screen
  • Taking Sides
"Are you—?!"
  • A Small Step into the Future
"Instead of moving forward alone... If we all forge onward together, we can accomplish so much more!"
"So does that mean...?"
Main Story - Mysterious Stones Chapter
  • A Voice Calling Out to Rei
"Did something happen?"
"Yeah, sure."
Solo Event - Severely Strained Relations
  • Easy and Tough Opponents
"... ... ..."
"Gloria, let's take Flygon down first."
"Flygon's the one who can start the Sandstorm."
"After a while, the Sandstorm will disperse."
"Until we can make our attack, let's defend with Rillaboom!"
"That means..."
"If Rillaboom faints, it's up to you to take down Coalossal!"
"Welp, this is gonna be rough..."
Story Event - Chef's Heartful Delivery
  • Mightiest vs. Ultimate!
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Could I take on that role?"
  • The Judge from Galar
"Could I take on that role?"
"Yup. I was camping nearby with some Pokémon."
"The rumors about Applin?"
"Ohh! Haha! I didn't mean it like that!"
"I gave it to her because I thought Mallow would take good care of Applin."
"So, about the judges..."
"I may not look it, but I like cooking, and I'm confident in my sense of taste!"
"Thank you! It's an honor!"
"I won't play favorites, of course! I'm gonna judge fairly."
"Show me the harmony between Mallow and Appletun, the grown-up Applin!"
  • Ready to Bake!
"This is Chef Siebold's ultimate apple pie!"
  • A Chef's Path
"Half of it is sour, and the other half is sweet!"
"You must've used both sweet apples and tart apples... Am I right?"
"Your idea to incorporate both sweet and tart flavors was brilliant!"
"You even looked up a lot of information on Applin, too! Thank you!"
Neo Champions - Fight for the Future Together
  • Motley Trio, Champion Trio
"Those words are enough for me."
"That's why we took you up on your offer."
"But there sure is a lot of pressure, isn't there!"
"Yeah, I can definitely see that!"
"That's why we're gonna battle all out with no regrets!"
  • The Second Neo Champion Stadium
"We're here, too!"
"We can't let our opponents use the field to their advantage! Leon! Gloria!"
"I've no intention of losing!"
  • How to Beat a Champion
"They're after something... What is it?"
"If taking us down individually isn't the plan, then maybe..."
"Oh no! Everyone–"
"I knew it! They were after me from the start..."
Story Event - Galar's Poké Ball Enthusiast
  • Unfavora-ball Conditions
"Oh! Ball Guy's made it to Pasio, too!"
"Yeah, we met a few times in Galar."
"Even back in Galar, I never saw their true face because of the headgear..."
"But they're a fan of Poké Balls, so I got all sorts of round items and rare Poké Balls from them."
"I often saw Ball Guy cheering on Gym Challengers in front of the Galar Gyms, so I guess they can't be all that bad."
"I see! Then I bet Ball Guy knows him."
"Wh-whoa! An explosion?!"
  • Ball Guy Goes Ball-istic
"Ball Guy! What are you doing?!"
"You've never done anything like this!"
"What happened to you, Ball Guy?"
"Ball Guy may be suspicious...but they wouldn't do this sort of thing!"
"There must be a reason!"
"... ... ..."
  • Ball Guy, Caught!
"That's not the right way to cheer people on, Ball Guy."
"I know you wanted to help, but you caused just as many problems."
"Most importantly, if people started to hate you for what you did, it would all be for nothing!"
"It's simple!"
"You have a wonderful partner Pokémon, right, Ball Guy?"
"This is Pasio! Everyone has the right to be the best sync pair!"
"So you should aim for the same goal as us!"
  • Official Mascot Aspirations
"Wait, how did you make the color bright red?"
"You're working hard in a lot of ways, Ball Guy."
"Right, you're still unofficial at the moment..."
Special Sync Pair Event - Victor & Spectrier
  • A Mysterious Horse Pokémon
Who's that Pokémon?: "Oh, <player>. Well, actually..."
What are you doing?: "Hey, <player>!"
"I was just showing Sonia my Spectrier! It's my new partner Pokémon."
"It came to Pasio from somewhere else and was running amok. I managed to calm it down somehow."
"So the "bully in white" is the Pokémon that Leon's Calyrex rides on..."
"and the "bully with a ghostly gloom" must be talking about Spectrier!"
"Do you love Shaderoot Carrots, then?"
"It seems like it'd be difficult to find vegetables from the Crown Tundra on Pasio..."
"But I'll definitely find you some Shaderoot Carrots one of these days!"
Is it happy?: "No... I have a feeling it still wants to blow off some steam."
Is it angry?: "Nah, I think it just wants to cut loose right now rather than eat carrots."
"So let's battle right now, Sonia!"
A Jolly Trio!
  • A Galarian Nice to Meet You
"We're going to be researching Pokémon Eggs from Galar with Professor Bellis!"
"Let us introduce you to the Pokémon that'll hatch from the Eggs!"
"That's Grookey, the Chimp Pokémon! It's soothing—like a nice, long walk in the woods."
Story Event - Victor's Cooking Class!
  • A Request from Candice and Friends
"I see..."
"You want to show your gratitude to people precious to you for Palentine's Day."
"Got it! If that's the case, let me help!"
"Let's work together so we can express our gratitude through tasty dishes!"
  • Everyone's Dishes
  • Wearing his Palentine's outfit
"Now then, let's begin our cooking lesson!"
"To start, I'd like everyone to tell me what kind of feelings you'd like to express through your cooking and to whom."
"The dish and the advice I suggest will change depending on what you answer!"
"So why don't we make a box lunch for Janine that's full of love?"
"I see... Understood!"
"For you, let's try and make sweets that are a bit more complex, Caitlin!"
"Then for you, Gordie, let's try sweets that are easy to make in large amounts!"
"So you've already decided what you want to make?"
"Definitely looks like you're ready to go!"
"By the way, I noticed that partner Pokémon of yours."
  • Too Much Focus?
"Does that mean...?"
"Would you be able to help me teach everyone, Melony?"
"It-it's all dried food..."
"But there's more to a box lunch than just dried food, Koga..."
"Try to remember the box lunch Janine made for you."
"Let's work on making it tastier and more colorful!"
"I see..."
"But the most important thing is your feelings, Caitlin. Not the price of the ingredients."
"There have to be flavors that only you can create since you know Darach so well. That's the key!"
"Wow, Gordie! As skillful as expected! These cookies are so tasty!"
"I don't think there's much more I can teach—"
"OK, how about this..."
  • Off-screen
"Only Candice left..."
"Wh-what is this?!"
  • On-screen
"Is this meal Dynamaxed or something?!"
  • What Maylene Likes
"If it makes Maylene happy, this might work, but..."
"If you just want to fill her stomach, couldn't she just go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant?"
"Why don't we think a little more about the feelings that only you can show to Maylene?"
"Nice! A simple but effective method!"
"Don't worry! No food will go to waste!"
"Counting on you, Greedent!"
"Greedent always taste-tests my cooking, so I know that no matter how much food there is, he can eat everything."
"Now then, shall we go to where Maylene—"
"Actually, wait... Maybe you should change into normal clothes before you go?"
  • Relishing Heartwarming Memories
"Seeing people smile when they eat your food is the best kind of happiness."
"That's why cooking is so fun!"
Special Sync Pair Event - Sweet and Fancy
  • Flavor and Decoration
  • Wearing his Palentine's outfit
"Hey! Welcome, <player>!"
"If you ever befriend a Milcery, you should give it a Sweet. That'll make it happy!"
"When a Milcery holds a Sweet and evolves into Alcremie..."
"its appearance will change, just like the ones here!"
"But after it evolves, you can't swap its Sweet for a different one to change its appearance..."
"So, when you give Milcery a Sweet, you better think carefully!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Victor
"Of course! Balancing the spices and preparing the ingredients is important when making a curry."
That was really nice!: "Thanks, <player>! A dish isn't complete until people have enjoyed it!"
I bet you can make it even better!: "Haha, you're a harsh critic, <player>! But honest feedback helps me get better!"
"I've been cooking a lot since I was in Postwick in Galar."
"Postwick's full of pastures, with clean air and beautiful nature."
"We're able to grow a lot of our own stuff, so I think that's where I started to enjoy cooking."
"Yeah! I'm always impressed when I find a new combination to try out."
"I also really like thinking up new recipes."
"I used to lean on Wooloo at the ranch on sunny days..."
"I'd look up at the sky and think stuff like, "Hey, that cloud looks like a Slowpoke tail, so today I'm making baked tail curry!""
That sounds fun!: "Yeah, those were the days."
I'm jealous!: "Yeah, it sure was a productive time for me!"
"And I didn't just use that time to think about food..."
"When you look into the wide sky, it's like your vision widens up, and you can think things through calmly."
"I think that may be the reason why I tend to think a lot during Pokémon battles."
"Rillaboom listens to my orders and accurately executes them."
"It's interesting how each person has a different style."
"Hop, Gloria, and I are all different..."
"And <player> has a style perfect for <player>."
"I feel like I understand that more since coming to Pasio!"
"I managed to learn so much from training with you three today."
"Let's camp, eat curry, and battle again sometime!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Bede (Champion)
What's going on?: "Oh, you're here! I guess you heard the shouting earlier, huh."
I heard someone shouting.: "That was probably Gloria."
"We all came here to do some special training."
"Bede and Gloria started a battle to warm up, but..."
"they kept getting more and more serious."
"Yeah, they really are similar..."
"I see... If you do that, you'll be even harder to beat."
"Oh yeah? Well, we're gonna train hard and get just as strong as you!"
Pokémon Center
  • During sync background preview
"Victory is ours!"
  • During sync background preview (Palentine's 2024)
"Seeing people smile when they eat your food is the best kind of happiness. That's why cooking is so fun!"
  • Random conversation
"Pasio is built just like a natural island, so I couldn't believe it was artificial at first."
"I wonder how they made such large mountains and wide forests."
  • Random conversation
"This bag is a hand-me-down from my dad! It's nice and chic, right?"
"But I saw it being sold in a place called Wyndon, which is a city in Galar."
"It may have been the same bag, but for me, my dad's bag is my number-one treasure."
  • Random conversation
"Do you like curry?"
"I recommend the curry with the Smoke-Poke Tail. It's tasty and very nutritious!"
"Apparently it's made from Slowpoke tails, but they're able to grow new ones if they fall off!"
  • Random conversation
"When you're in a meadow and the wind blows, the grass and trees make a gentle rustling sound, right?"
"It feels just like the pastures back in Postwick..."
"So sometimes, I just stand still and close my eyes."
  • Random conversation
"My goal is to be like Leon! He's also my rival!"
"And you, <player>... You're my goal AND my rival!"
"Hang on a minute. That's exactly what I just said for Leon!"
  • Random conversation
"There are many different types of relationships between people. There's family, mentors, students, masters..."
"But there's something special about my peers. I feel like we're equals."
"We went to the same Gyms at the same time, so I definitely don't want to lose to them!"
  • If spoken to again
"When Hop said he wanted to become a Pokémon Professor, I genuinely wanted to support him."
"Everyone chooses their own path and has to keep on moving."
  • Random conversation
"I used to live in a little town called Postwick."
"So it was a great experience to fly out of there and go on an adventure around Galar."
  • If spoken to again
"I discovered the joy of traveling, and I was able to grow with the help of many people."
"So now it's my turn to help someone."
"Then that someone will help someone else, and..."
"I think that's how the world goes round."
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2024)
"The recipes I think up are so tasty that people want to eat them again and again...or at least, I hope so!"
"It's best to only use ingredients that are easy to get your hands on."
"I'd be so happy if I could cook something that anyone could make. Something that becomes a household dish everywhere!"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2024)
"I think cooking is similar to Pokémon battles in some ways."
"You have to work toward your goal and think about the steps you need to take to succeed."
"It often doesn't go as planned, but that's what makes it interesting!"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2024)
"Whenever I cook for Greedent, he always eats up so happily that I can't help but make more."
"It's not good for him to eat too much, though. I really need to rein him in..."
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2024)
"Sharing a meal has the power to bring people together, don't you think?"
"When I was camping back in Galar, sitting with other folks around a pot of curry..."
"I could feel us all becoming fast friends!"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2024)
"Are there any foods you don't like, <player>?"
"Even ingredients you're not fond of can go down much more easily depending on how they're cooked."
"If you do have a least-favorite food, maybe I can change your mind about it by cooking it for you!"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2024)
"I haven't always been good at cooking, you know."
"I just wanted to help out with the household chores and make things I like to eat, so I learned pretty naturally."
"I think that's often how people steadily get better at the things they enjoy doing."
  • If spoken to again
"There's nothing wrong with working really hard to be the very best..."
"but it'd be a shame if that made you start to hate cooking."
"I plan to take it slow and enjoy cooking to the fullest!"
  • Random conversation (Palentine's 2024)
"Cooking is meant to be shared!"
"So in some ways, it's the people around the cook who help them hone their skills."
"That feeling of wanting to cook something that meets their expectations is really important!"
  • If spoken to again
"Cooking is a form of happiness that's always nearby."
"Food is so important—we can't live without it! That's why I want to get better at cooking!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Hey, <player>! You're training today, right?"
"Can I come along as well? I wanna study how you battle!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Palentine's 2024)
"<player>! Great timing!"
"I just finished cooking up a new recipe! Please try it and tell me what you think!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"I'm a morning person. I used to get up early to explore the Wild Area back home all the time."
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"Here's the secret to making the best curry ever: don't over-fan the flames! And when you start mixing, do it nice and slow!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"I like camping out at night in my tent. Looking up at the night sky sends me right to sleep."
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (Palentine's 2024)
"Morning! I made breakfast. Would you like to have some with me?"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Palentine's 2024)
"I prepared desserts! Let's eat some and work hard this afternoon!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (Palentine's 2024)
"I like to think about cooking. I probably cook in my dreams, too!"
  • Special gift conversation
"Here, have a present! I think you'll like it!"
  • After giving out item
"Use it wisely!"
  • Special gift conversation (Palentine's 2024)
"Here's a present for you. I really put my heart into it!"
  • After giving out item
"I wasn't sure what to give you at first, but I'm glad you like it!"
  • Special Severely Strained Relations solo event blurb
"A family quarrel, huh..."
  • Special Severely Strained Relations solo event conversation with Gordie and Melony
"Er...this doesn't seem like something an outsider can resolve..."
  • Special Type Team-Up (2023) Daily Type Rotation event blurb
"A home vegetable garden might be nice!"
  • Special Type Team-Up (2023) Daily Type Rotation event conversation with Erika and Ramos
"Nice! Maybe I could ask if it's OK to build a garden somewhere and give it a go!"
"With focus and love... That's a nice phrase!"
"I'll do my best to support you so you can convey those feelings!"