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Joined 29 January 2009


330.png This user identifies as male.
251.png This user is 14 years old.
AncientMewThePowerofOnepromo.jpg This user is a player of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.
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Pokédex BW art.png This user strives to complete the Pokédex.
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Trainer Info

493.png This user is a trainer of all types.
493.png This user trains legendary Pokémon.


Spr 4d 484.png This user is a player of Pokémon Pearl Version.
390.png This user's starter Pokémon is Chimchar.
Pokédex BW art.png This user has seen 380 Pokémon and obtained around 290 Pokémon in his Pokédex.
Spr DP Cynthia.png This user is a Champion!
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Contest Brendan.png This user has a Master Rank ribbon in the Coolness category!
Spr 4d 493 s.png ShinyIIStars.pngThis user has a three star trainer card!ShinyIIStars.png

Event Pokémon:

489.png This user has a Phione.
492S.png This user has a Shaymin.


Spr 4d 386D.png This user has a Deoxys.
491.png This user has a Darkrai.
493.png This user has an Arceus.

Legit Shining

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I'm Lance and I'm 14 years old. My brother Travis helped me create my Bulbapedia account/page. And mine is inspired by his. :D

Start: 10-08-07
Time: 397 hrs
Badges: 8
Hall Of Fame Debut: 10-27-07
Trainer Card: Silver
PokéDex: Seen=380, Obtained=293

Obtained Legendaries:
145MS.png146MS.png150MS.png; 379MS.png380MS.png382MS.png383MS.png384MS.png ; 480MS.png481MS.png482MS.png484MS.pngAni485MS.pngAni486MS.pngAni487MS.png488MS.png489MS.pngAni492MS.png Fake→ → 243MS.png244MS.png386MS.pngAni491MS.pngAni493MS.png ← ←Fake

Action Replay
I have an Action Replay but I use it lightly (not to max out everything or fill the National Dex instantly). I've only cheated a few Pokémon. To make the game more interesting I also cheated some items, berries, and different Poké Balls.
Pokémon: Palkia
Video Game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii).
TCG card: Flygon ex
Music: Country music
Drink: Coke-Cola
Food: Pizza
Books: Warriors and the Bible.
Signature: --Firestorm