Tim Goodman

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Tim Goodman
ティム・グッドマン Tim Goodman
Detective Pikachu Returns Tim.png
Artwork from Detective Pikachu Returns
Age 18 (Detective Pikachu)[1]
20 (Detective Pikachu Returns)[2]
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Relatives Harry Goodman (father)
Irene Goodman (mother)
Sophia Goodman (younger sister)
Generation VI, VII, IX
Games Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu Returns
English voice actor Khoi Dao
Japanese voice actor Yūma Uchida

Tim Goodman (Japanese: ティム・グッドマン Tim Goodman) is the player character in the game Detective Pikachu and its sequel Detective Pikachu Returns, and one of the protagonists of the movie of the same name. He is the partner of Detective Pikachu, and the only one who can understand Pikachu's words.

In the games

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Detective Pikachu

Tim is a young man who has talent as a detective. Prior to the events of the game, he passed the admissions test to attend Ryme University in the fall.

Tim arrives in Ryme City to look for his father, Harry Goodman, who had disappeared in a car accident two months prior. He soon meets Detective Pikachu, a Pikachu who speaks like a human; however, no one else seems to be able to understand him. He teams up with Pikachu to retrieve a necklace that Aipom stole from a little girl.

After retrieving the necklace, Detective Pikachu brings Tim to the Baker Detective Agency, where his father used to consult. Tim asks the head of the agency, Mike Baker, about his dad's disappearance, but all Mr. Baker will say is that Harry got into a car accident while investigating a case involving Pokémon. Tim decides to go to his father's apartment to look for more clues, and Pikachu tags along - after all, he wants to find Harry, too. At the apartment, they find a map marking all the locations Tim's father had been investigating and decide to visit one of them - a place called Litwick Cave.

In the cave, they meet Meiko Okamoto and Emilia Christie, two women who work for the news station GNN. The pair are being attacked by a wild Glalie, and Tim and Pikachu work together to drive the Glalie away. Unfortunately, the entrance to the cave collapses in the ruckus, forcing them to look for another way out. With the help of a wild Drifblim, Tim and the others manage to escape the cave.

After escaping, Pikachu reveals that he found a vial on the floor of the cave that might be connected to the case somehow. Tim and Pikachu decide they need to figure out where it came from. They decide to investigate PCL, the research facility that it seemed Harry had been visiting before the accident. Tim gets a part-time job as an assistant at PCL, using the pseudonym Tim Ottman, so he and Pikachu can investigate the facility. They eventually find the same type of vial that Pikachu found in the cave, confirming that it came from someone at this facility. While trying to determine who exactly the vial came from, they discover that it was being used as a container for a substance called R which causes Pokémon to go berserk when ingested. They learn that the researcher who was making R, Carlos Hernando, worked for the man who had Harry's car tampered with because he knew too much, which caused the car accident. Carlos is arrested, but they know that there's still someone out there who bought R from Carlos and caused Harry to go missing.

Detective Pikachu Returns

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After living in Ryme City for two years, Tim and Pikachu have become rather famous for their crime-solving work. Mayor Howard Myers gives them medals in honor of all the work they've done to help the people of Ryme City, as part of Pokémon Friendship Week. A wild Corviknight disrupts the ceremony by stealing Pikachu's hat, so Tim and Pikachu work together to retrieve it - and help a Pidove that was injured in the attack along the way.

Personality and characteristics

Tim is exceptionally compassionate, taking the time to help virtually every person and Pokémon he meets. Even after meeting him only a couple times, Emilia and Meiko are confident that he would never hurt a Pokémon. He is strongly self-motivated to find his father. He is observant and persistent, qualities that are very useful in his investigations. However, his persistence also causes him to be a bit reckless in his decision-making.

He comes from someplace far away from Ryme City. His hometown does not have any Pidove, but it does have Litwick.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 内田雄馬 Yūma Uchida
English Khoi Dao
Russian Филипп Лебедев Philipp Lebedev



Official artwork from
Birth of a New Duo
Official artwork from
Detective Pikachu
From The Mystery of the Missing Flan

In animation

Tim in Detective Pikachu & the Mystery of the Missing Flan

Detective Pikachu & the Mystery of the Missing Flan

Tim appears in the animated short Detective Pikachu & the Mystery of the Missing Flan. His flan goes missing while he is on his morning run, and he blames Detective Pikachu for eating it. Pikachu insists he didn't eat it, though, so the two work together to solve the mystery of what really happened to the flan. After Tim comes up with the idea to check the video footage Pikachu had been taking of his morning routine, Pikachu deduces that the culprit is a wild Applin that had gotten mixed up in the fruit they bought at the store.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 上村祐翔 Yūto Uemura
Indonesian Nugraha Sukma Ramadhan
Italian Andrea Oldani
European Spanish Roberto Rodríguez

In the movie

Tim Goodman
ティム・グッドマン Tim Goodman
Tim Goodman in POKÉMON Detective Pikachu
Age 21
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Hometown Ryme City
Leaventown (originally)
Region Unknown
Relatives Harry Goodman (father)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Unnamed grandmother
Live action debut POKÉMON Detective Pikachu
Live actor Justice Smith
Max Fincham (young)

Tim Goodman is one of the protagonists of POKÉMON Detective Pikachu.

Tim was once an aspiring Pokémon Trainer, but in his own words, it "didn't really work out". Haunted by painful memories, Tim feels that he does not need a Pokémon partner. While in Ryme City, at the home of his missing father Harry, Tim meets Detective Pikachu and, after discovering a mysterious ability to communicate with him, reluctantly teams up with him to find Harry, eventually joining forces with a journalist named Lucy Stevens and her partner Psyduck.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 竹内涼真 Ryōma Takeuchi
Cantonese Chinese 方力申 Alex Fong
Czech Jiří Köhler
Jan Köhler (young)
Indonesian Richard Miracle Rehabeam Toelle
Italian Manuel Meli
Polish Krzysztof Chodorowski
Ignacy Kłoczewski (young)
Portuguese Brazil Fred Mascarenhas
Arthur Salerno (young)
Portugal Rui Porto Nunes
European Spanish Jon Samaniego
Rodrigo Vallejo (young)
Thai กริน อักษรดี

In other languages

Language Title
  Arabic تيم Tim
  Basque Tim Goodman
  Bulgarian Тим Tim
Chinese Cantonese 提姆‧古德曼 Tàihmóuh Gúdākmaahn
Mandarin 提姆‧古德曼 Tímǔ Gǔdémàn*
蒂姆·古德曼 Dìmǔ Gǔdémàn*
  Danish Tim Goodman
  Dutch Tim Goodman
  Finnish Tim Goodman
  French Tim Goodman
  German Tim Goodman
  Greek Τιμ Γκούντμαν Tim Goúdman
  Hebrew טים גודמן Tim Goodman
  Indonesian Tim Goodman
  Italian Tim Goodman
  Korean 팀 굿맨 Tim Goodman
  Lithuanian Tim Gudman
  Norwegian Tim Goodman
  Polish Tim Goodman
Portuguese   Brazil Tim Goodman
  Portugal Tim Goodman
  Russian Тим Гудман Tim Gudman
  Spanish Tim Goodman
  Swedish Tim Goodman
  Thai ทิม กู้ดแมน Thim kū̂dmæn
  Turkish Tim Goodman
  Ukrainian Тім Гудман Tim Hudman
  Vietnamese Tim Goodman


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  2. Frank Holiday : "Look at how far you've come in the two years since you moved to the city in search of your father." (Detective Pikachu Returns)

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