Ethan Graham

Ethan Graham
イーサン・グレアム Ethan Graham
Ethan Graham.png
Ethan Graham
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Gray
Hometown Ryme City
Region Unknown
Relatives None
Generation VI, VII
Games Detective Pikachu
English voice actor Paul Stewart
Japanese voice actor Michio Hazama

Ethan Graham is a character in the game Detective Pikachu.

In the games

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Detective Pikachu

Ethan is the president of GNN. He is generally a kind man and often talks to members of his staff, but he is very concerned about ratings and gets very upset if something happens that could jeopardize the company's financial stability or reputation. He doesn't want to keep around staff members that are useless or could cause harm to the company, so lower-ranking employees are often worried that he's thinking about replacing them when he stops by their studio. In addition, he is well-respected in the entertainment industry, having apparently "created his own era on TV" back when he was a producer.

Ethan first appears when Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu visit GNN in Chapter 6. He is pleased to finally meet Tim, as he heard lots of great things about him from Emilia Christie, Meiko Okamoto, and Roger Clifford. He thinks very highly of Roger, as Roger came up with the idea for the Yanma cameras that have helped set GNN's footage apart from all the others. When Olga Ellison's Purugly goes missing, he asks Tim to show off his detective skills and find it.

Later, he is seen with Roger in the sub-control room, watching the rehearsal for Maximum Music.

Ethan has several entries in Tim's case list:

Case List Entry
Important info He is the president of GNN. When he worked as a producer in the past, he created his own era of television. He is constantly worried about ratings.
Chapter 6 He is the president of GNN. He said something about putting me in a movie, but he must have been joking. He told us he wants us to look for Purugly.


  • When Ethan first meets Tim, he jokes about making a documentary about Tim's life called Great Detective Tim. This is a reference to the Japanese title of the game, Great Detective Pikachu, and it may also be a nod to the game's live-action movie adaptation.

In other languages

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