Brad McMaster

Brad McMaster
ブラッド・マクマスター Brad McMaster
Brad McMaster and Manectric.png
Brad McMaster and his partner Manectric
Gender Male
Eye color Teal
Hair color Blond
Hometown Ryme City
Region Unknown
Relatives None
Generation VI, VII, IX
Games Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu Returns
English voice actor Bill Rogers
Japanese voice actor Kenji Hamada

Brad McMaster is a reoccurring character in the games Detective Pikachu and Detective Pikachu Returns. He is a lieutenant in the Ryme City Police Department.

In the games

Detective Pikachu

Brad is first mentioned at the beginning of Chapter 4; when Frank Holiday recommends that Tim Goodman visit Cappucci Island, he mentions that Brad is on the island as well and can give Tim backup if needed. When Tim meets him for the first time, though, he is trying to arrest Dr. John Waals, the person that Tim came to the island to talk to. He's convinced that Dr. Waals is responsible for the strange fog that has been covering the nearby lake for the past week and all the injured Pokémon that have been found coming back from the lake. Milo Green insists that Dr. Waals would never do something like that, so Tim tells Brad that he's going to investigate himself and prove Dr. Waals's innocence. In response, Brad sets out to prove Dr. Waals's guilt.

Eventually, Tim proves that the fog at the lake was caused by wild Masquerain, who were using it to try to hide their friends from the wild Crawdaunt that had been injuring Pokémon at the lake. Brad does not take this as proof of Waals's innocence, insisting that Waals could have been the one to bring Crawdaunt to the lake in the first place. When Tim finally discovers that the culprit was Louise Mulligan, Brad concedes that Tim discovered the truth and arrests Louise. Afterwards, he takes the time to bring the wild Crawdaunt back to its home.

Brad reappears in Chapter 9. He has been informed by Inspector Holiday that R has been planted at three locations around the central square, so he and Manectric are helping search for it. Since the documents Tim found say that R has a slight but distinct scent, Brad thinks Manectric's nose will be acute enough to sniff it out. He's still annoyed that Tim is helping with police business, but since it's an emergency, he is willing to help Tim and told all officers to help as well.

When Tim finds a location that he thinks might contain R, he calls Brad and Manectric to come sniff it and determine if there's R there. Brad and Manectric help Tim corner the man who is going to disperse capsule R, allowing them to retrieve it. When Tim asks Brad for help, he agrees without complaint, demonstrating that he has gained some level of respect for Tim. Brad then leaves to conduct the interrogation of the man who was going to disperse capsule R.

Brad's Pokémon partner is Manectric. It has a very acute sense of smell, and it does not get along with Detective Pikachu.

Brad has several entries in Tim's case list:

Case List Entry
Important info He is a lieutenant with the Ryme City police. He is Inspector Holiday's subordinate. He does not seem to get along with Pikachu. He is an acquaintance of Amanda's.
Chapter 4 He is a lieutenant with the Ryme City police. Does not think highly of detectives. Has made up his mind that Waals is the culprit of the fog situation. Apparently, he knows Amanda.
Chapter 9 He is a lieutenant with the Ryme City police. He received word that an incident may be about to occur and came with Manectric to search for R.

Detective Pikachu Returns

Brad appears as the head investigator in the case of the jewel theft at the Denis residence. He believes that the culprit is Denis's butler, Brandon Barnes, and he is determined to prove Barnes's guilt. Meanwhile, Tim Goodman is also investigating the case, determined to prove Barnes's innocence. Tim eventually proves that the culprit is Larry Turner, so Brad takes Turner into custody.

Brad reappears later to arrest Detective Pikachu for destruction of public property. The Slowpoke statue in Fountain Plaza was vandalized the night before, and the PPB has photographic proof that Detective Pikachu was responsible for the crime, so Pikachu is detained at the PPB. While he will not admit it to Tim, Brad thinks there is something suspicious about Pikachu's arrest, so he begins his own investigation into Pikachu's case as well as several other recent incidents of Pokémon being detained to find out the truth. Eventually, Tim discovers that the chief of the PPB, Will Butler, has been using a Ditto to frame Pokémon for crimes so they can be detained and then sent to a mysterious organization called Unitas. He explains his discovery to Brad, and Brad agrees to assist Tim in exposing Butler's crime. Once Butler has been exposed, Brad takes him into custody.

Personality and characteristics

Brad is very dedicated to his work and works passionately to bring peace to Ryme City, but he's often not very flexible in his thinking. He can hold a grudge, and he thinks very highly of himself at the expense of others. He has also been shown to jump to hasty conclusions, assuming a suspect's guilt based on circumstantial evidence. However, he does not detain the suspect until he has irrefutable proof of their guilt, and he has been seen to further investigate a case even after a suspect has been detained.

He has a bit of a rivalry with Tim Goodman. He initially looks down on Tim because Tim is a detective, but he eventually grows to respect Tim's skills.


This listing is of Brad's known Pokémon in the games:


In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese ブラッド・マクマスター Brad McMaster
Chinese Cantonese 布萊德‧邁可馬斯特 Boulòihdāk Maaihhómáhsīdahk
Mandarin 布萊德‧邁可馬斯特 Bùláidé Màikěmǎsītè *
布拉德·麦克马斯特 Bùlādé Màikèmǎsītè *
  French Brad McMaster
  German Brad McMaster
  Italian Brad McMaster
  Spanish Brad McMaster

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