Jack (Detective Pikachu)

ジャック Jack
Jack Detective Pikachu.png
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Leaventown
Region Unknown
Relatives Unnamed mom

Jack (Japanese: ジャック Jack) is one of the characters of Detective Pikachu. He is Tim Goodman's childhood friend from Leaventown and is portrayed by Karan Soni.


At the beginning of the movie, Jack tried to assist Tim in catching a wild, lonely Cubone, hoping it would help Tim open up more. However, the attempt went awry, and the Cubone broke free. When Tim left for Ryme City after hearing about his father Harry's death, Jack remained in Leaventown.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 梶裕貴 Yūki Kaji
Indonesian Hardianto
Polish Patryk Czerniejewski
European Spanish Daniel Morales


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