Quiz professor

The quiz professor
クイズハカセ Quiz professor
Detective Pikachu Returns quiz professor.jpg
The quiz professor and her partner Toucannon
Gender Female
Eye color Gray
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Ryme City
Region Unknown
Generation IX
Games Detective Pikachu Returns

The quiz professor (Japanese: クイズハカセ Quiz professor) is a reoccurring character in the game Detective Pikachu Returns. She is a Pokémon studies major at Ryme University.

In the games

Detective Pikachu Returns

The quiz professor is an infamous student at Ryme University, the university that Tim attends. She loves sharing the knowledge that she's learned in her major, Pokémon studies, by quizzing people about Pokémon, earning her nickname. Her real name is unknown. In addition, she enjoys writing the daily crossword puzzle in Ryme City's daily newspaper.

She first appears in Serenity Park after Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu have interviewed Pawniard. She's honored to meet Tim and Pikachu, and she's shocked that they don't know her. She appears again at the southern ruins, Second Avenue, and Bamboo Borough.

Each time she appears, she quizzes Tim about three species of Pokémon that can be found somewhere in the area. She describes something about the Pokémon's appearance or characteristics, and Tim has to figure out which Pokémon she's talking about. This is accomplished by finding the Pokémon and talking to it after the quiz professor gives the hint; talking to the Pokémon before getting its hint from the quiz professor does not allow the player to immediately answer the question. If the player answers all three of the quiz professor's questions before completing the current chapter, the daily crossword will appear in the newspaper the following day, with each hint and answer being identical to the ones in the quiz professor's last quiz.

The following table lists all the quiz professor's questions and answers for each chapter.

Chapter Hint Answer
The Missing Jewel This Pokémon catches prey with its long tongue. Lickitung
This Pokémon uses its cute looks to put you off your guard so it can steal from you. Purrloin
This Pokémon always moves together in a well-coordinated group. Falinks
The Fabled Aurora This Pokémon has a blocky body and impressive jaws. Charjabug
This winged Pokémon has adorable eyes and a perfectly round body. Rowlet
This Pokémon is covered in fluff. Eldegoss
Detainee Pikachu This aromatic Pokémon has a beautiful flower blooming on its head. Lilligant
This Pokémon has fluffy fur around its neck, loves to stay clean, and lives as it pleases. Delcatty
This Pokémon prefers secluded places. Hatenna
Memories of the Bamboo Forest This Pokémon bites and eats anything it comes across. Deino
This sharp-eyed Pokémon keeps watch from above. Noctowl
This agile Pokémon has leaves growing on its arms and head. Grovyle


The quiz professor's partner Pokémon, and only known Pokémon, is Toucannon.


In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese クイズハカセ Quiz hakase
Chinese Cantonese 猜謎博士
Mandarin 猜謎博士*
  French Docteure Quiz
  German Die Quiz-Professorin
  Italian La regina dei quiz
  Korean 퀴즈 박사
  Spanish La Preguntóloga

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