Roger Clifford

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Roger Clifford
ロジャー・クリフォード Roger Clifford
Roger Clifford.png
Roger Clifford in the game
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Ryme City
Region Unknown
Relatives Howard Clifford (father, movie only)
Generation VI, VII
Games Detective Pikachu
English voice actor Xander Mobus
Japanese voice actor Hiroki Touchi (game)
Shin-ichiro Miki (movie)

Roger Clifford (Japanese: ロジャー・クリフォード Roger Clifford) is the main antagonist of Detective Pikachu and a supporting character of the film adaptation. In the movie, he is portrayed by Chris Geere.

In the games

Roger is a producer at the GNN television network. Although he at first appears as a helpful, friendly figure, he is actually the mastermind of the conspiracy involving the mysterious chemical R. He plans to release R in great amounts at Ryme City's Pokémon Carnival, creating mass chaos that GNN will be able to cover exclusively, thus giving the network domination over broadcast news media. He is ultimately defeated when Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu disarm the R dispersal device in Ryme City's clock tower and defeat his Noivern, leaving Roger to be arrested for his deeds.



Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 東地宏樹 Hiroki Touchi
English Xander Mobus

In the movie

Roger in the movie

Unlike his video game counterpart, Roger is not the main villain of the film adaptation; that distinction belonging to his father: Howard.

In the film adaptation of the game, Roger is the president of both CNM and Clifford Industries, having inherited these positions after his father's resignation. He first appeared in a public service video viewed by Tim Goodman on a train en route to Ryme City, in which he gave commentary on his father's work and the history of the city.

When Tim and Detective Pikachu traveled to the CNM building to search for Lucy Stevens, they found her involved in a promotional shoot for Ryme City's upcoming parade, which was being presented by Roger and Howard. The shoot itself went well, but as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, Roger grew angry and argued with his father over one of Howard's lines, even though his employees wrote the script. Howard left, and Roger turned his irritation on Lucy. Later on, Tim and Pikachu were brought to Howard's office by the elder Clifford's assistant Ms. Norman, where Howard asked them to find Mewtwo, warning them that Roger was dangerous.

Tim and Pikachu recruited Lucy, and together, they broke into the PCL. Roger, traveling there as well with numerous henchmen, monitored them without their knowledge from a laptop computer. He released several genetically modified Greninja in the laboratory, setting off a chain of events that led to Pikachu being badly injured. He followed the group to Mewtwo, ambushing it with machines that restrained it. Before leaving with Mewtwo, Roger looked down into the canyon and smiled at Tim and Lucy.

Tim and Lucy raced back to Ryme City to warn Howard and the public, believing Roger intended to attack the parade as revenge against his father. While Tim headed to Howard's office, Lucy stole a press pass and tried to talk to the mayor of Ryme City. Roger boarded the float and menaced her with his presence, making her flee. Meanwhile, Tim discovered Howard wearing Dr. Ann Laurent's neural link device and realized that he, not Roger, was the mastermind of the conspiracy. After Howard merged his mind into Mewtwo's body and left to spread the R chemical throughout the city so he can merge all the humans and Pokémon together, Tim discovered Roger tied up and gagged with duct tape in the office closet. The "Roger" who captured Mewtwo arrived and shapeshifts into Ms. Norman before removing her sunglasses, revealing her true identity as Howard's genetically modified Ditto. Tim fought Ms. Norman, but was overwhelmed and nearly dropped from a window until Roger, who freed himself from his bonds, struck Ditto out the window with a pole. After Roger pulled Tim back into the office, Ms. Norman returned in the form of a Braviary before shapeshifting into a Bouffalant and headbutting Roger, knocking him out.

Once Howard was separated from Mewtwo and arrested by the police, Roger expressed disgust at his father's actions and blamed himself for not being there for Howard. He vowed to reverse the harm Howard inflicted on both humans and Pokémon, then granted Lucy a promotion to on-camera reporter, tasking her with anchoring the report on Howard's crimes.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 三木眞一郎 Shin-ichiro Miki
Indonesian Rudi Sukistiyono
Brazilian Portuguese Manolo Rey
European Spanish Javier Bañas

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