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Rampage is a battle state induced by a move that locks the user into using that move for several turns. The user will then get confused at the end due to fatigue.

Axew being forced to attack


If Pokémon uses either Thrash, Outrage or Petal Dance it will be forced to use that move for 2 or 3 turns (3 or 4 in Generation I) and will get confused at the end. While a player's Pokémon is rampaging, the player will not be given an option to select a move before each turn. In battles against multiple opponents, the user selects itself as the target, but will hit any adjacent opponent at random each turn.

Generation I

In Generation I only, Rage deals damage, and it will not be possible for the player to do anything other than let the user continue to use Rage, who will only stop using Rage when it faints or the battle ends. Every time the user is damaged by an attack or is targeted by Disable, its rage will build, causing its Attack stat to increase by one stage.

Generation II

If the rampage is disrupted (such as by full paralysis, hurting itself due to confusion, or infatuation), it will immediately end. The user will only become confused if the rampage is fully executed, without its duration being disrupted. Sleep, freeze, binding, and flinching will pause but not disrupt the rampage.

Generation III

A message is now displayed when the user becomes confused due to fatigue.

Generation V to VIII

Rampaging is disrupted if it is not successful due to missing, sleeping, paralysis, freeze, flinching, a protecting target, or a type immunity (including Wonder Guard). If a disruption occurs on what would have been the final, confusion-inducing turn of the rampage, the user will become confused.

Generation IX

Disruption now causes confusion, even if the rampage is ended prematurely.


Games Description
LA The Pokémon rampages and attacks for two to three turns. It then becomes confused.
SV The Pokémon rampages and attacks for two to three turns. It then becomes confused.*

The Pokémon is rampaging and attacks for two to three turns. It then becomes confused.

List of moves that cause rampaging

A Pokémon will be thrashing when using any of the following moves.

Move Type Category Power Accuracy Notes
Rage Normal Physical 20 100% Only in Generation I
Thrash Normal Physical 120 100%
Outrage Dragon Physical 120 100%
Petal Dance Grass Special 120 100%
Raging Fury Fire Physical 120 100% Starting in Generation IX

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