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Pink Slip
VS Merlarva
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Series Pokémon Adventures

Pink Slip (Japanese: VSメラルバ VS Merlarva or ピンク・スリップ Pink Slip) is the 541st chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Roused awake by his students, Cheren comes to at the Marine Tube alongside Roxie. A new figure shows up, revealed to be Benga and his Volcarona and Gabite, having brought along firewood to help everyone warm up. Cheren and the students finally recognize Benga as a student at the Pokémon Trainer School who was suspended for picking a fight and starting a highly destructive Pokémon battle against Hugh, Leo, and Blake on the first day of school. Marlon shows up, advising Benga against starting fires in the tunnel, and Cheren recognizes that Marlon was recently appointed as the Gym Leader of Humilau City; in return, Marlon points out that Cheren is in a much better state compared to their previous encounter. Benga adds that he had been living with Marlon during his suspension until a day prior, and returned to school to find it deserted as the students had gone to visit Castelia City. Just before he reached the harbor, Benga witnessed the Plasma Frigate attack Castelia City with its freeze ray, and rescued Cheren and his classmates with Marlon's help upon recognizing them. Marlon confirms Benga's story and admits that they've been trying to gather people to mount a resistance, but haven't been able to reach anyone else save for Iris. As Cheren and the others realize that Whitley, Blake, Leo and Hugh are missing, Rood's subordinate Team Plasma Grunts and a disguised Zorua show up to help everyone warm up. Yuki, Maya, and Yuko wonder if Hugh's accusation of Whitley is true, but reason that she wouldn't be here helping them if she was truly a bad person. Marlon asks Roxie and Cheren to help them in the resistance, but Cheren insists on confirming the safety of Blake and the others first.

In Aspertia City, Looker anxiously looks for the Magician, finding the enigmatic man having packed his belongings and equipment, and is about to depart. Looker points out that he's lost track of Blake and thus considered asking the Magician for help, but the Magician explains that Blake has been fired from the International Police for various actions: namely giving the Magician illegal access to the police's classified database, retrieving Genesect from police storage without permission, and asking the Magician to create additional Drives to use with Genesect's Techno Blast, including a Burn Drive that Blake took with him before it could be safely completed. The Magician adds that the International Police have located his base of operations and he is thus also on the run, but informs Looker that Blake was last sighted at the sea near Castelia, and the Pokémon he'd left behind to fight the Shadow Triad have all been defeated at the Pokémon World Tournament construction site. At the site, the Shadow Triad look over Blake's defeated team and decide to regroup with the Plasma Frigate at Undella Town.

At Fennel's laboratory, the Professors Juniper listen to a radio broadcast, confirming that Lentimas Town has also been attacked and frozen over. With 70% of Unova frozen, Cedric assesses that based on what he heard from Drayden, Team Plasma has likely gained full control over Kyurem. He adds that Drayden hasn't been able to contact any of the other Gym Leaders, including Marlon, Roxie and Cheren. The news brings Bianca to tears as she admits she would be completely devastated if she lost Cheren after Black, until Amanita shows up to inform the group that Fennel has had a breakthrough. Having studied Dream Mist for two years and collaborating with Professor Burnet, Fennel believes she has located the Pokémon Dream World and identified a connection between it and the Light Stone, meaning that Black is still alive. She adds that the Entralink in the middle of Unova is the place with the strongest connection to the Dream World, and she's already asked White to go there.

Over the phone, White confirms that she's reached the Entralink. Falling to her knees, she picks up the Light Stone and hugs it tightly, only to flinch as N and Zekrom arrive from overhead.

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  • The first part of this chapter was released on August 29, 2017. The second part was released on September 22, 2017.

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PS540 : Flying Ship
Black 2 & White 2 arc
PS542 : N Returns
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