Electricity Disruptors

Electricity Disruptors
でんきをとめるもの The Thing That Cuts Off the Power
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Type Special event
First run April 1 to 2, 2024
Featured sync pairs None

Electricity Disruptors (Japanese: でんきをとめるもの The Thing That Cuts Off the Power) was a one-day-only special event in Pokémon Masters EX to celebrate April Fools' Day 2024. It was focused on ghosts and Ghost-type Pokémon.

During this event, the Pokémon Center was shrouded in darkness, and the background music was changed to the Lavender Town theme from Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. All the normal Trainers visiting the Pokémon Center were replaced with special interactions, including Trainers reacting to the blackout and interactions with Ghost-type Pokémon. As a consequence of this, players could not receive items from talking to Trainers in the Pokémon Center for the duration of the event. All special interactions were included in one of two groups; one group of interactions was randomly selected each time the Pokémon Center was loaded. Additionally, the event conversation at Trista's counter was replaced by an event conversation with Volkner.

Unlike previous April Fools' Day events, no special log-in bonus was available alongside this event. However, players could take on a battle against Acerola to earn 300 Gems.


At the Pokémon Center in Centra City, the lights have all gone out, and Lear blames Volkner for tinkering with machines and causing a blackout again. Volkner points out that Lear reinforced Pasio's electrical systems specifically to avoid outages like this, so he thinks something else is going on. Agatha agrees with him, noting that large numbers of Ghost-type Pokémon have gathered in the Pokémon Center. Lear doesn't think that the power will be coming back on anytime soon if they don't know the cause, so Bertha and Agatha advise the player to be careful today, especially when speaking to other people.

Later, the player meets up with Volkner in the Pokémon Center, and he asks if they encountered anything strange. Regardless of the player's answer, he'll say that something weird happened here. He says that some Electric-type Pokémon chewing on power cables caused the blackout, and he invites the player to come with him to fix the cables. If the player refuses, he turns around and says that he's so lonely, while if the player accepts, he turns around and says in a weird way that they should go. Either way, the player gets a distinct impression that this person may not be Volkner at all.

Area info

Area name Unlock condition Completion rewards
 Be Careful of the Darkness Available from start  Gems ×10
 Challenge Acerola
 The Blackout Continues... Complete Challenge Acerola  Gems ×10


Name Difficulty Trainers Pokémon Stamina First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards
Left Middle Right
Challenge Acerola Hard  
15  Gems ×300
 The Blackout Continues...
 600 coins


Event banner


Situation Song key Song name Arrangement
In menu  No. 00004 Adventure Awaits Unknown
During battle  No. 00017 Battle! (Alola Elite Four: Acerola)
(Pokémon Masters EX Version)
Haruki Yamada (ATTIC INC.)
In the Pokémon Center
Be Careful of the Darkness
From start
The Blackout Continues...
From start
Lavender Town Theme Unknown
Song names without a song key listed are unofficial, as they have not been added to the Jukebox.


  • Be Careful of the Darkness
Name Text
(Lear, Volkner, Agatha, and Bertha are gathered in the Pokémon Center, which is shrouded in darkness; many Ghost-type Pokémon are gathered in the background)
Lear ... ... ...
You. Did. It. Again! Didn't you?!
Volkner W-Wait a second!
...OK, yes—I was fiddling with machines, but not even I would make enough mistakes to cause THIS many blackouts!
And weren't YOU the one who reinforced Pasio's electrical systems specifically to avoid outages like these happening?
Lear Well... Yes, I suppose that's true.
Volkner So yeah, this blackout isn't only on me. Something strange is going on.
Agatha You are correct, child.
I don't know where they're coming from, but unusual numbers of Ghost-type Pokémon are gathering here.
These old bones can feel it... Something's amiss.
Volkner You see? Even Bertha agrees with me.
Agatha Bertha? I'm Agatha! What a rude young man you are, mixing up people's names!
Volkner Oh, sorry about that. It's so dark in here, I can't see all that well.
Bertha At any rate... Is there no chance the power will come back on soon?
Lear Probably not... If it wasn't Volkner's tinkering that caused this, it may take some time to fix.
I'd expect us to be stuck in the dark for a while.
Bertha I see. We'd best be careful, then.
Agatha Indeed. After all, those you encounter in the darkness may not all be of this world...
Be very careful if you speak to anyone today, <player>...
(Fade to black; a Pumpkaboo's cry is heard)

  • Pokémon Center (event conversation)
Name Text
Volkner Something's off...
Volkner Pasio's electrical system has been well-reinforced. It shouldn't be so easy for blackouts to just happen like this.
Maybe this is just a prank played by some ghost Pokémon... I hope so, anyway.

  • One of the two interaction groups is present at a time in the Pokémon Center:
  • Pokémon Center (one interaction group)
Name Text
(Talking to Morty)
Morty I often train in darkness, so I'm used to situations like this.
Maybe we could make use of this opportunity to do some training in the dark. What do you say, <player>?
That friend of yours right behind you can even join us!
(Interacting with Dusknoir)
(Dusknoir cries out angrily, then pauses, then cries out happily)
(Talking to Brawly)
Brawly This darkness! I feel my fighting spirit surging up inside me!
I feel like any second now, a Gym challenger is gonna come take me on!
(Interacting with Gastly and Hoopa)
(Gastly cries out; Hoopa cries out happily and does a flip)
(Talking to the Hex Maniac, who is floating above the ground)
Hex Maniac ... ... ...
No, you're not the one...
(The Hex Maniac floats away and vanishes off-screen)
(Interacting with Cofagrigus)
(Cofagrigus cries out happily)
(Talking to Cheryl)
Cheryl Not too long ago...something pretty scary happened to me...
Oh... Won't the lights hurry up and come back on already?!
(Talking to Penny)
Penny You're wondering if I'm OK in the dark?
I keep the lights in my bedroom pretty low, so this is just business as usual for me, I guess...
(Interacting with Chandelure)
(Chandelure cries out happily and spins around)
(Interacting with the Poké Kid)
(Pumpkaboo cries out happily; the Poké Kid turns and walks towards it; after she passes it, Pumpkaboo follows her)
  • Pokémon Center (one interaction group)
Name Text
(Talking to Allister)
Allister ...Oh. Hi.
It's nice and relaxing in the dark...
(Interacting with Gengar)
(Gengar turns around, jumps out of the floor, and cries out)
(Talking to the Lass)
Lass Be cursed with me! Kwaaah!
Did I...just say something...?
(Talking to the Lass again)
Lass By the way, one of my relatives is a channeler.
Is being easily possessed by spirits considered a talent?
(Interacting with Haunter)
(Haunter cries out happily)
(Talking to Acerola)
Acerola This place is dangerous. You should get out... Right now.
... ... ...
Acerola? I told you to get out.
... ... ...
Get out.
??? Get out. Get out! Get OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!!!
(Talking to Acerola again)
Acerola Hm? What's wrong, <player>?
Did something happen...?
(Interacting with Runerigus)
(Runerigus cries out happily)
(Talking to Clay)
Clay Hrmph! Ya can't get into the tunnel-diggin' business if yer scared by this!
You know what? I'm lookin' FORWARD to whatever it is that'll come jumpin' out!
(Talking to Chase)
Chase Heeeey! Partner!
Aaah, where did he go?
If only I could use Secret Techniques like my partner can. With Light Up, I'd be able to see in here...
(Interacting with Petey, Pikachu, and Mimikyu)
(Petey cries out, then Pikachu cries out, then Mimikyu cries out, then the three of them cheer)

  • The Blackout Continues...
Name Text
(Pokémon Center; Volkner is standing in front of the side doors)
Volkner Oh, <player>. Well? Did anything strange happen?
Yeah, and it was scary...: I hear that. Something pretty weird happened here, too.
No, nothing happened.: Really? That's good.
Something pretty weird happened here...
Apparently it was some Electric-type Pokémon up to mischief that caused this blackout.
Chew marks were found on the power cables.
Sheesh... Those Pokémon are such a pain...
I'm about to go fix the cables now. Come along with me, <player>.

(Don't go.): Oh...
Volkner? So...lonely...
Volkner (Go along.): Right.
Volkner? Let's...go...
(Volkner walks away; fade to black)


In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese でんきをとめるもの
Mandarin Chinese 阻止電力之者
  French Une panne obscure
  German Störenfriede am Stromnetz
  Italian Corto circuito spettrale
  Korean 전기를 멈추는 자
  Spanish Desconexión paranormal

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