Villain event

Villain events[note 1] (Japanese: 悪の組織イベント Villainous Organization Event) are a type of limited-time event in Pokémon Masters EX. These events are focused on the villainous teams.

List of villain events

In other languages

Villain event
Language Title
  Japanese 悪の組織イベント
Chinese Cantonese 邪惡組織活動 Chèh'ok Jóujīk Wuhtduhng
Mandarin 邪惡組織活動 Xié'è Zǔzhī Huódòng
  French Évènement de l'organisation maléfique
  German Schurken-Event
  Italian Evento gruppo malvagio
  Korean 악의 조직 이벤트
  Spanish Evento villano
Villain event prelude
Language Title
  Japanese 悪の組織イベント 序章
Mandarin Chinese 邪惡組織活動 序章
  French Évènement de l'organisation maléfique (prologue)
  German Schurken-Event (Auftakt)
  Italian Evento gruppo malvagio: inizio
  Korean 악의 조직 이벤트 전편
  Spanish Preludio evento villano


  1. Capitalized as "villain event" on the official Pokémon website, "Add this sync pair to your team as it arrives for the Rocket Execs Assemble villain event."

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