Riddle event

Riddle events[note 1] (Japanese: 謎解きイベント Mystery Solving Event) are a type of limited-time event in Pokémon Masters EX. These events contain missions that have questions instead of requests, with the requests hidden behind the questions.

Solve the mission riddles!

This event ran from April 7 to May 4, 2022. Players can solve the mission riddles to get Gems and other items to complete them.


Name Difficulty Trainer Pokémon First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards
Left Middle Right
Riddle Mission Battle Normal  
Lass Delilah
Gems ×30 None


Mission name Question Answer Total Availability
Blue and sparkly! I'd love to see a whole pile of sparkly, blue crystals... Obtain Evolution Crystal 10 April 7, 2022
Mingling is a must! Mingling with other Trainers is key to expanding your social circle. When's the last time you struck up a conversation? Talk to a Trainer in the Pokémon Center 30 April 8, 2022
Rock-solid role model! I wanna meet a guy with rock-solid willpower! And he better have a rock-solid Pokémon, too! Bring someone like that to a Riddle Mission Battle! Complete Riddle Mission Battle with Brock 1 April 9, 2022
Nature's beauty! I'd love to have a nice chat with a fellow nature lover. Could you bring someone like that to a Riddle Mission Battle? Complete Riddle Mission Battle with sync pair with Nature Lover theme skill 1 April 10, 2022
Strategic genius! Hey! Find me three sync pairs that are good at disrupting opponents, and bring them to a Riddle Mission Battle! Complete Riddle Mission Battle with three Tech sync pairs 1 April 11, 2022
It's all about cooperation! Show me you can battle with people all over the world! Complete a co-op battle 3 April 12, 2022
It's all about communication! Communicating with your teammates can sometimes be the difference between a win and a loss! How do you relay info to your team? Use an emote during the co-op 10 April 13, 2022
A spark of inspiration! If you don't handle certain moves with care, you might just get zapped! Show me some moves like that in a Riddle Mission Battle! Use Electric-type moves in Riddle Mission Battle 3 April 14, 2022
Fancy forks! Mommy says I have to be polite and ladylike, ’specially when we host fancy dinners at our villa. Can you find two people who know the right forks to use and bring them to a Riddle Mission Battle? Complete Riddle Mission Battle with two sync pairs with Fancy Lady theme skill 1 April 15, 2022
I need some healin'... Man, I’ve been feeling totally exhausted lately... *sigh* If only someone could lend me a helping hand... Hey, I know! Could you bring three sync pairs who know how to support their teammates to a Riddle Mission Battle? Complete Riddle Mission Battle with three Support sync pairs 1 April 16, 2022
I’ve always rooted for Rosa... Are you a big fan of any sync pairs in particular? Heh, with so many excellent Trainers to choose from, it may be worth reconsidering who your favorite is... Edit favorite sync pair in player's profile 1 April 17, 2022
Cookies are best with milk! Tee-hee! I just love milk! I'd drink, like, five gallons a day if I could! Do you know any sync pairs that could help me fulfill my milk obsession?! If you find one, bring them to a Riddle Mission Battle, ’kay? Complete Riddle Mission Battle with Whitney 1 April 18, 2022
Deftly dodge! I heard you're quite light on your feet! Show me how you dodge attacks. Any kind of attack will do! Evade an opponent move 3 April 19, 2022
Shout it out loud! It's fun saying hi to different folks around the Pokémon Center! I actually learned a new greeting the other day! “Alo...” Hmm... What was it again? Could you find someone who can help me remember the rest and bring them to a Riddle Mission Battle? Complete Riddle Mission Battle with sync pair with Alola theme skill 1 April 20, 2022
Three Pidgey... This one time, I took down three Pidgey with one stone. Can you do that? Complete the stage by defeating all opponents using the single move 1 April 21, 2022
The burning question! What happens if you touch a flame or spill boiling water on yourself? Show me you can defeat an opponent by inflicting a condition like that! Defeat an opponent with damage from being burned 1 April 22, 2022
Remember how you got started! Being able to depend on your friends is a beautiful thing, but training as an individual is important, too. Take on a Riddle Mission Battle yourself to see how far you've come since you began your adventure! Complete Riddle Mission Battle with Scottie/Bettie and Pikachu 1 April 23, 2022
The strength of your bond! Show me the power—the glorious manifestation—of your sync strength in a Riddle Mission Battle! Use sync move in Riddle Mission Battle 3 April 24, 2022
To a Riddle Mission Battle, duh! Slavir eerht em gnirb! Your hint is...like Mawile, this riddle has its back facing you! Complete Riddle Mission Battle with three sync pairs with Rival theme skill 1 April 25, 2022
Osu! Striking at your opponent's weakness doesn't make you a mean person. It's battle strategy, pure and simple! Show me some strategic maneuvers in a Riddle Mission Battle! Osu! Use three super effective attacks in Riddle Mission Battle 1 April 26, 2022


  1. Capitalized as "riddle event" in-game, "In this special riddle event, you can take on missions with riddle-like hints." "New missions added daily to the riddle event!"

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