Berry fields (Alola)

Berry fields きのみ
Berry fields
"All Pokémon are welcome here!"
Berry fields USUM.png
Map description: A Berry field with soft soil. It is the pride and joy of the local Berry master.
Location: Route 2
Region: Alola
Generations: VII
Alola Berry fields Map.png
Location of Berry fields in Alola.
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The Berry fields (Japanese: きのみ Berry fields) are a location on Melemele Island in Alola, located east of Route 2.

Despite the name, the player cannot grow Berries here; they can instead be grown at Poké Pelago's Isle Aplenny. The current owners of the Berry fields came to Alola from Camphrier Town in Kalos to promote the use of fertilizer for growing Berries in Alola. However, they soon realized that, in Alola, Berries grow very well with only the help of nature and Pokémon, so they have stopped using the fields. Several Delibird roaming the farm are used to make deliveries.

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, when the player first travels through Route 2, a Delibird calls the player to the farm, where the owner is being harassed by a pair of Team Skull Grunts.


The Berry fields are a small farm with a house in the northeast and five fields of soft soil in the south. A natural Berry tree grows in front of the house, north of the fields.


Item Location Games
  Oran Berry From the old man for getting rid of the Team Skull Grunts  S  M 
  Oran Berry From the old man  US  UM 
  Sitrus Berry From the old man if the player wants to become a Berry Master and has a Persim Berry  S  M  US  UM 
  Silver Powder In the northeast corner, behind the house  S  M  US  UM 
  Revive From the Delibird by the couch inside the house  S  M  US  UM 
  Paralyze Heal In the pot on the west side of the soft soil fields (hidden)  S  M  US  UM 
  Big Mushroom In the southwest corner of the soft soil fields  S  M  US  UM 
  Repel In the basket next to the fertilizer box on the east side of the soft soil field (hidden)  S  M  US  UM 

Berry pile

The Berry pile yields three random Berries, regenerating daily. Unlike other Berry pile locations in Alola, Crabrawler do not spawn here.

Item Location Games
  Oran Berry From the pile of Berries by the Berry tree (random, daily)  S  M  US  UM 
  Persim Berry From the pile of Berries by the Berry tree (random, daily)  S  M  US  UM 

Totem Stickers

Item Location Games
  Totem Sticker On the south wall of the house  US  UM 
  Totem Sticker Inside the house, on the east wall  US  UM 


Pokémon Sun and Moon

Trainer Pokémon
Team Skull Grunt
Reward:  320
  Drowzee Lv.10
No item


Game Outside House
Ultra Sun    
Ultra Moon

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 樹果園 Syuhgwóyùhn
Mandarin 樹果園 / 树果园 Shùguǒyuán
  French Champ de Baies
  German Beerenfelder
  Italian Orto delle Bacche
  Korean 나무열매 밭 Namuyeolmae Bat
  Spanish Huerto de Bayas

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