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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
These pages follow the original Game Boy Advance iteration, not Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The guide for those games can be found here.

Fallarbor Town

Fallarbor Town

The small town of Fallarbor is located between Routes 113 and 114, and features rich soil perfect for gardening. A third Contest Hall, which accepts registration for Super Rank Contests, is located here. The town is also home to a Move Maniac and Professor Cozmo.

Meet Lanette

Inside the Pokémon Center, you find the PC in use by a woman named Lanette. She upgraded the previous version of the Pokémon Storage System, adding a user-friendly graphical interface, the ability to store over 400 Pokémon, and the ability to change the wallpaper of each Box. As she leaves, she invites you to visit her home on Route 114.

Move Maniac

The Move Maniac lives in the northwest house. This helpful guy knows every move a Pokémon can learn as it grows, and is able to teach forgotten moves to any Pokémon, for a price. He charges a single Heart Scale for each move relearned. While a few can be found on the beach as invisible items right now, you will need to wait until you encounter wild Luvdisc later on to be able to collect a more steady supply.

Route 114

Route 114

Pockmarked by fallen Meteorites, the lengthy Route 114 leads up the mountainside to Meteor Falls. The Fossil Maniac lives up north, while Lanette's home stands on the water's edge.

Fossil Maniac

The Fossil Maniac's house stands on the outskirts of Fallarbor Town. Head inside and talk to his little brother, who kindly gives you TM28 (Dig). When used in the field, Dig can be used while in a cave to return to the entrance. If you visit the cave at the back of the house, you will find the Fossil Maniac hard at work. He won't give up any Fossils, but hints that others may be uncovered by Route 111's raging sandstorm.

Lanette's House

Go south across the bridge to reach Lanette's house. Inside, you find the woman struggling to organize her clutter. She is happy that you stopped by, but embarrassed by the state of her home. If you promise to keep her messiness a secret, she will give you a Seedot DollR/Lotad DollS in return.

A Berry A Day

Speak to the boy outside Lanette's house and he will give out one random Berry every day. Visit him every day to receive either a Razz Berry, Bluk Berry, Nanab Berry, Wepear Berry, or Pinap Berry.

Meteor Falls

Meteor Falls, 1F (front)

Nestled in the mountains between Routes 114 and 115, Meteor Falls is said to have been the site of a meteor shower in the distant past. The cavern's rushing rapids prevent novice Trainers from fully exploring the area, as doing so requires certain field moves.


Head west over the bridge to find two Team MagmaR/Team AquaS Grunts who have just stolen a Meteorite from Professor Cozmo. Soon after they notice you, the leader of the opposing Team AquaR/Team MagmaS enters, flanked by two of his subordinates. The thieves don't seem to care, and flee with the Meteorite to Mt. Chimney. The team leader introduces himself as ArchieR/MaxieS, and tells you that his group intends to thwart the villainous team's plans at any cost, as they have committed many destructive acts in their bid to enlarge the landmassR/seaS. The three then leave to pursue the thieves to Mt. Chimney.

Route 115

Route 115

Meteor Falls' western exit opens to Route 115, a seaside locale that links back to Rustboro City. The harsh terrain hinders overland travel, making Surf a necessity to fully explore the area.


Though it was possible to visit Route 115 when you first reached Rustboro City, by traveling to the area through Meteor Falls, you can now explore the route more thoroughly than before. Fight a few Trainers as you comb the hills for a Great Ball and a few Berries. You can also use the Itemfinder to uncover a Heart Scale on the beach. But where are the Pokémon? With no tall grass on the route's south side, the only species to be found are those that can be hooked with the Old Rod. Return once you can Surf outside of battle to reach the north side, where more Pokémon and items await!

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