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White—Victini and Zekrom (manga)

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Pokémon The Movie: White—Victini and Zekrom (Japanese: ビクティニと英雄ゼクロム Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom) is the manga adaption of the movie of the same name. It is adapted by 井上桃太 Momota Inoue. It was serialized in CoroCoro Comics.



Edition Country Company Date ISBN
First Edition by Shogakukan First
Japan Shogakukan July 16, 2011 ISBN 9784091413055
First Edition by VIZ Media First
United States VIZ Media March 6, 2012 ISBN 9781421549545
First Edition by Chuang Yi First
Singapore Chuang Yi ISBN 9789814372701
First Edition by Kurokawa First
France Kurokawa June 14, 2012 ISBN 2351427947
First Edition by Daewon C.I. First
South Korea Daewon C.I. February 1, 2012 ISBN 9788925292687
None.png First
Taiwan Chingwin Publishing Group January 9, 2013 ISBN 9789863104988


  1. The Mythical Pokémon of Eindoak
  2. Here Comes Zekrom

Differences between the anime and the manga

  • At the beginning of the movie Damon is able to convince the people in the desert village his intentions are noble after he summons Reshiram and saves the village from a twister and a stampede of Bouffalant. In the manga, the possible disaster is removed and Damon is able to convince the villagers of his honesty by simply summoning Reshiram.
  • Ash saves two Deerling at the beginning of the movie, while at the beginning of the manga he only saves one.
  • Mannes's Klink, Klang and Klinklang are not present in the manga.
  • While in the movie Iris enters the Eindoak Town tournament with her Emolga and Cilan enters with his Pansage, in the manga they simply cheer Ash on while he competes (thereby removing their most significant role from the story).
  • While Ash's Scraggy remains outside his Poké Ball throughout the Eindoak Town tournament in the movie (where he provides a lot of comic moments), in the manga he is only sent out to face Carlita's Hydreigon.

Translation edits


  • At the end of the translated version of the manga, the title is erroneously listed as Pokémon the Movie: White—Victini and Reshiram.

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