Kingdom of the Vale

Kingdom of the Vale
大地の王国 Kingdom of the Earth
Kingdom of the Vale.png
Kingdom of the Vale
Region Unova
Debut White—Victini and Zekrom and Black—Victini and Reshiram

Kingdom of the Vale (Japanese: 大地の王国 Kingdom of the Earth) is an anime-exclusive location mentioned in White—Victini and Zekrom and Black—Victini and Reshiram. It was once the home of the "People of the Vale".

A thousand years ago, the Kingdom of the Vale was once ruled by a beloved king who had twin sons. The two sons became known as the Hero of Ideals, and the Hero of Truth. Each prince raised great dragon Pokémon; the Hero of Ideals had Zekrom, and the Hero of Truth had Reshiram.

One day, a fight broke out between the two princes, and they became enemies. Their anger erupted into a massive war which angered the Dragon Force that supplied the Kingdom with power. With the Dragon Force in turmoil, the king asked his good friend Victini to help him move the Sword of the Vale so that it could calm the rage of the Dragon Force. He gathered the People of the Vale on top of the castle and successfully moved the sword to a new location. With his task completed, the king passed away, telling Victini that should the Sword of the Vale be moved again, it will unleash the rage of the Dragon Force. Overcome with remorse for their actions, the two princes hid the Dark Stone and the Light Stone beneath the castle.

In the present day, Damon's goal was to revive the Kingdom of the Vale by once again using the Dragon Force. To accomplish his goal, he contacted Glacine of the tundra village, the desert village's leader Ravine, and Mannes, the Eindoak Town mayor, to bring together the tribes that once made up the People of the Vale. To move the Sword of the Vale back to its original location, he captured Victini, which helped power the castle. While Damon succeeded in moving the Sword of the Vale, the corrupted Dragon Force was released and began to destroy the natural environment, forcing him to abandon this part of the plan. The People of the Vale then set about restoring the lands.

In other languages

Language Title
  Italian Regno della Valle
  Polish Królestwo Doliny
  Russian Королевство Дола Korolevstvo Dola

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